Basic Set
Solar Prince / Verlaat
The most renowned leader in the history of the Solar Kingdom. A pure boy who wished to bring peace to the world, he was said to radiate light and have the divine protection of the sun. When fate turned against him, he became known as the Fallen Sun.
Light Chaser / Advent
In this world, there are beings disconnected from the limitations of mundane living things. They are known as Mazoku. Even amongst Mazoku, Advent is said to hold a special interest in humans.
Dragonrider / Wasseir
Partnering with his best friend, the Assault Dragon Sfida, he became the world's first dragon knight. Together, they became legendary for their constant struggle against evil.
High Priest / Abel
The founder of the first organized religion. At its peak, his god was worshiped more than any other in the world. No one could deny the reality of his miracles. However, his theocracy could not hold true to his vision after he passed on.
Lion Baron / Zagar
The military leader of the Solar Kingdom of Folrart. Folrart is ruled by Solar Prince Verlaat, and opposes the armies of the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi. Lion Baron is not a royal rank, but a nickname earned by fighting ferociously from behind his signature mask. He never lets up against the forces of chaos, believing Prince Verlaat will unify the world.
Saber Saint / Lapierre
The commander of the Solar Kingdom's cleric army. She is known for calling herself the Saber Saint. She fights with the sword Lantylit, which can only be wielded by the strongest warrior priest. The blade is made of pure light, and changes shape according to its owner's will.
Holy Light
A miraculous light said to radiate from heaven. Those who bathe in it have their wounds healed instantly.
A miracle that nullifies spells and curses. Its effectiveness depends on the power and faith of the practitioner.
Folrart Paladin
A young knight of the Solar Kingdom of Folrart. In addition, any soldier granted a holy blessing can be given the title of paladin. Young men newly ordained as paladins quickly have their naivety challenged by the harsh realities of war.
Folrart Shield Knight
A knight of the Solar Guard, one of Folrart's proud bands of knights. They protect themselves from enemy attacks with towering shields as tall as they are.
Rapidshot Magic Archer
An archer of the Solar Kingdom's magician corps. Through magic they can fire two arrows simultaneously.
Light Spearwoman
A special branch of the Solar Kingdom's magician corps. Their spears, fashioned by magic, are said to penetrate any armor.
Cassowary King
Said to live far to the north. All creatures that fly naturally lower their heads before him.
Guardian Sphinx
A magic stone statue used to protect the tombs of kings from an ancient, prosperous kingdom. Any who intrude into these tombs are pursued mercilessly.
Defensive Maneuvers
A knight's duty is to protect weak citizens. They guard their people at the cost of their own lives.
Ancient Spear Knight
A wandering knight who found a spear left by an ancient civilization. Now that the spear has accepted him, what is his fate?
Boy Combat Priest
Young military priests of the world's most widespread religion, the Church of the True God. Bound by doctrine from birth, they become excellent and loyal soldiers.
Brutal Inquisitor
A priest of the world's most widespread religion, the Church of the True God. Their duty is to execute penal regulations without fail. The divine punishment they wield is driven by the doctrine they carry within themselves.
Blessed Acolyte
A foot soldier in the Solar Kingdom's cleric army. His body is protected by a divine blessing and empowered by his faith.
Ruby Carbuncle
A gem beast with a crimson stone in its forehead. Legends say that when the stone shines, a mysterious protection is granted.
Will o' the Wisp
One of the six great spirits. It's the manifestation of the power of the light that makes up the world.
Kesaran Pasaran
Fey creatures that bring good luck. Said to multiply in number overnight.
A type of bird monster that goes through many stages of development. Legends say that even if it dies, it will rise again from its ashes.
Raise Shield
Magic that generates a protective barrier. Of all fears, the most basic is a fear of being hurt.
A spell used by the cleric armies to mend wounds. Any kind of wound can be treated instantly.
Death Incarnate / Proposition
In this world, there are beings disconnected from the limitations of mundane living things. They are known as Mazoku. Proposition is feared for leading all those who approach him to the realm of death.
Ruler of Crest / Eskatia
The princess of Crest. She started the war for world unification, her armies leading the hosts of the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi. At the end of the war, she married the Solar Prince and became known as the Moonlight Princess.
Abyss Centaur / Dical
A close associate of the princess of the Duchy of Crest, Eskatia. He is a remnant of the forgotten race of centaurs. As he conceals his entire body in an armor and helm, no one knows what he looks like. Only in battle does he feel alive.
Chaoslady / Annarose
A mysterious woman in the good graces of the Duchy of Crest's royal family. She's an agent of the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi, and her goal is to sow the seeds of war and destruction.
Zombie Lord / Zugateroza
The lord of a race of giants that were wiped out in times long past. Through necromancy, he remains in this world even though his flesh has fallen apart. He is the quintessential undead master, commanding the forces of the dead.
Killing Machine / LeBeau
The attendant of Annarose. In actuality, he is her personal assassin. Once he has his orders, he will not hesitate to slay any living being.
Soul Bind
The chains of darkness. They bind all people, great and small.
Merciless Death
Death is an inescapable fate. Another life ends too soon.
An assassin who lives in the world of shadows. She hides her face with a mask, and never reveals her true identity.
Elite Crest Knight
A member of the Knights Elite, composed only of Crest's top soldiers. These knights carry out any order issued by the duchy without question.
Mad Priest
Countless religions exist in the world. Among them are many that practice human sacrifice.
Lycanthrope [Leonardo]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. A boy was violated by these demons of disease, losing all it means to be human.
Lycanthrope [Lilith]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. A girl was violated by these demons of disease, and reborn as something neither man nor beast.
Castle Wight
An evil spirit that lives in an old castle. Long ago it was a noble of high rank. It pursues human warmth, absorbing the life force of those who fall prey.
On the battlefield, soldiers must never let down their guard when they have the enemy cornered. Such negligence will likely mean death.
Moonlight Warrior
A warrior who fights under the light of the moon. Being highly skilled at blending into moonlight, he exhibits notable fighting prowess at night.
Magic Doll
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. However, instead of being animated by magic, it has been brought to life using human souls.
Skeleton Master
A practitioner of necromancy who considers human souls to simply be materials for his experiments. These souls are only used for evil purposes.
Crest Regenerator Knight
Knights who have unwillingly had their flesh rebuilt by order of the evil Annarose. So long as they are not burned or completely crushed, they always regenerate. This addition to the battlefield changed the face of warfare.
Invisible Druid
A druid who has used a forbidden incantation to become permanently invisible. This incantation also warped his mind, leading him to commit acts of wickedness.
Girl Spectre
An evil spirit who wanders the streets in the guise of a young girl. Despite its innocent appearance, this being is unimaginably evil and frivolously takes peoples' lives.
Animated Dead
These are dead human bodies inhabited by animal spirits and the like. They burn with hatred and attack the living without provocation.
One of the six great spirits. It's the manifestation of the power of the darkness that makes up the world.
Flesh Recycle
Forced, unnatural bodily regeneration. Healing can cause as much agony as getting hurt in the first place.
Turn to Dust
Before the eyes of one who cannot appreciate something truly valuable, the greatest treasures are nothing more than trash.
Strike Samurai / Thunderbolt
A swordsman from the east. He's traveling the world, looking for powerful opponents. A strike from his sword crashes like thunder and gleams like a flash of lightning.
Bounty Hunter / Elena
A remarkable bounty hunter. She's never failed to catch her prey, and as a result, bounties from all over the world try to get her before she gets them. The surprising thing is, she's a woman.
Roaming Predator / Asuet
A mercenary wielding two giant swords. He is known as the Roaming Predator, as he wanders from battle to battle, tearing into his enemies like a wild beast.
Wise Swordsman / Steel
An old man known far and wide as a great swordsman. Still active, he possesses techniques for using every weapon ever made, and enough insight to win any battle. Master swordsmen seek him out, looking for the glory of taking his place.
The Red Mantle / DeFau
A mysterious phantom thief who travels the world. All he seeks are the treasures of an ancient civilization from the age of the gods. No one knows his true objectives.
Bellydancer / Kurina
A dancer who travels from kingdom to kingdom. Her dance commands a mysterious magic. The stories say she can unleash her powers simply by performing her graceful steps and moves.
Panther Soul
A secret art used by sorcerers and the like for possessing people with animal spirits. Those possessed are empowered by their instincts.
Fire Tornado
Magic that creates a tornado of fire. It burns everything around it to nothingness.
Magic Sword Dual-Wielder
A swordswoman who is also learning the craft of the magician. Her combined skills allow her to use the reciprocating powers of fire and ice.
Brave Soldier
A young swordsman. He still lacks experience and is a little rough around the edges, but he has much potential.
Archer Scout
A treasure hunter, focused on ancient ruins. She is still a novice, but she owns a magic talisman with mysterious powers.
Revolver Knight
A small kingdom can even the odds by employing gunmen. Gunmen knights carry pistols instead of swords, and attack from afar.
A demon of fire. Controlling flames at will, he reduces everything in his path to ash.
Fire Storm Wyvern
A winged dragon born from the flames of a volcano in which nothing else could survive. With each flap of their wings, fire rains down on the countryside.
Triggers a direct assault without any thought for defense. The fighting charge of those who are prepared for death cannot be stopped.
Blitz Soldier
A mercenary who makes his living through war. Combat is his reason for living, so he has no interest in good or evil on the battlefield.
Bear-Killing Axeman
A warrior with superhuman physical strength. He doesn't need technique, because he can crush all enemies with brute strength alone.
Combat Monk
An unarmed fighter who is constantly working to build up his kung fu. Using his skills, he can overwhelm opponents with a flurry of fists.
Lightning Archer
A skilled archer. Specializing in firing from unthinkable distances with a common bow, you'll likely be dead before you ever see him.
Exploding Spores
An unidentified life form. If one is struck, its body explodes and obliterates the attacker to preserve its fellows. The larger its body, the stronger the explosion.
One of the six great spirits. It's the manifestation of the power of the forests that make up the world. Perhaps they often come in contact with humans, as they assume their shapes.
One of the six great spirits. It's the manifestation of the power of the fire that makes up the world. It takes the form of a dragon.
A warrior from a land that has been isolated from civilization. He wouldn't think twice about giving up his life to win his take.
Magic Weapon
An incantation that enhances the abilities of weapons. A weapon with this magic cast on it will be as sharp as a renown smith's masterwork.
Fire Arrow
An incantation that summons an arrow of flame. Its might depends on the skill of the spell user.
Peregrine Paladin / Larut
One of the six paladins who protect the Wizard Kingdom. Known as the Guardian of the Sky, he has guarded the kingdom flawlessly since the day he took up his sword.
Witch Queen / Catherina
A witch who lives in an old mansion that cannot be found on any map, even by one who's been there before. Legends say she is able to make strange drugs with powers that can surpass magic potions, and even grant eternal life.
Lightning Girl / Rubia
A great wizardress who could control lightning. All alone she developed a spell to bend lightning to her will, but the side effects made her unable to pass on this knowledge.
Black Cat / Fellana
A woman who is known as an elite witch. Some say the title Black Cat was only given to her because of her appearance. But she continues her research, convinced she has supernatural bad luck caused by a magic curse.
Azure Dragon - East / Vordore
Known as a genius strategist, he is the kind of man who can make the impossible possible. He is known far and wide as the prodigy of the Wizard Kingdom. The tactics and techniques he invents may change the face of warfare forever.
Aqua Sorcerer / Mystere
A great wizardress who controls water magic. Her magic powers were innate from birth, so she never learned wizardry as a craft.
Spell Lock
This arcane spell is a wizard's worst enemy. Many magic users take great pains to protect themselves from losing the ability to speak incantations.
A gigantic storm that swallows everything it touches. Should you get too close, even just for a moment, there is no way to escape.
Magic Scythe Soldier
A magician soldier who answers only to the Wizard Kingdom. He kills his enemy with a powerful blade forged by magic. In an army created almost entirely for defense, he is one of the few charged with eradicating the enemy.
Swan Cavalier
A magician warrior of the Wizard Kingdom. She fights both with her magic skills and well-trained abilities as a fighter. She controls a large swan that allows her to attack her enemies from above.
Expert Sorcerer
An aged wizard who has long studied magic. His knowledge truly is power, as he can use spells younger wizards find much too difficult.
A demon who controls the wind. Legends say that wherever he goes, the blast of a hurricane follows.
Sea Hunter
Giant crabs said to be the predators of the ocean floor. They catch prey by stabbing with their sharp claws. Their right claw is a giant shield, big enough to deflect any attack.
Deep Squid
A monster from the deepest reaches of the sea, it looks like a squid, only much bigger. It has twelve long tentacles, which it uses to prey upon creatures as far up as the surface.
A cyclone born of nature, engulfing everything. If it begins to move, it can change the balance of power as easily as it changes the weather.
Eagle Soldier
A swordsman of the Wizard Kingdom. He possesses the ability to command avians, and his specialty is to use them for surprise attacks from above.
Sorcerer Guard
The magician guards of the Wizard Kingdom. The magic shields they create are nearly impossible to sunder.
Haste Soldier
A shock trooper of the Wizard Kingdom. He uses magic to temporarily augment his physical strength and sprints up to his enemies before they can react.
Song Sorceress
A special enchantress who manipulates magic songs. When she sings, soldiers push themselves past their limits and exhibit great force of arms on the battlefield.
A young witch. She only just started learning at the magic academy, so she cannot use any powerful spells. But, her enthusiasm can lead her to great achievements.
A savage half-human, half-bird monster. It has a woman's face, but hardly any intelligence.
One of the six great spirits. It's the manifestation of the power of the wind that makes up the world. It takes the shape of a human surrounded by swirling winds.
One of the six great spirits. It's the manifestation of the power of the water that makes up the world.
An elementary magic spell. Mastering this spell is a necessary foundation for learning stronger magic.
A spell of retreat. It is a handy, effective, and easily applied incantation.
Dragon Emperors Revive
Holy Emperor / Retear
One of the Dragon Emperors told of in the Legend of Lavato; the mightiest of all beings created by the gods. Retear was born to supervise the other Emperors, and doesn't fight on his own. Living among humans, he's revered as a blessed creature. However, once he begins to move, the terrible might of the strongest Dragon Emperor will be revived.
Knight of Luminance / Ernst
A leader of knights in the Solar Kingdom. Clad in white armor, the sight of him charging through the enemy like a beam of light earned him the name “Knight of Luminance.” He's a close friend of Zagar.
Judge of Heretics / Bardia
A member of the world's most widespread religion, the Church of the True God. He is the highest ranking judge of heretics. His immovable faith allows him to oppress unbelievers and pass judgment without a second thought. If you are brought before him, it is no better than being brought before Death himself.
Realm Guardian / Mayleen
A priestess who guards the hidden domain known as the Holy Realm. Her family has protected it for generations, but even amongst them only those given the duty of guardian know its true nature.
Time Reader / Lavende
A blind soothsayer and attendant to the prince of Folrart. She and her power were hidden away in a secret castle room. Her divination is flawless, and it is clear that even into the coming age, future generations will look to her prophecies for guidance.
Fountain Knight / Elneith
A young female knight and attendant to the prince of the Solar Kingdom. She was hand-picked for this honor from the kingdom's elite knights. Her power was concentrated into an enchanted weapon known as the Fountain Sword. When fortune turned against the prince she was unable to prevent his fall, so she took her own life.
A miraculous power that bestows a holy blessing. One who receives this divine protection can stand toe to toe with the heroes of the battlefield.
Judgement Hammer
Divine punishment from ages past when the acts of man were closely watched from the heavens, and gods would wield their power to smite individuals. Any struck by this light from above will fall, be they weak or strong.
Folrart Shrine Knight
One of the Shrine Knights, a military order made up of consecrated priestesses. They advance to battle by order of their leader, Lapierre.
Lycanthrope [Seraph]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. There are all manner of lycanthropes, and these “Seraphs” and “Angels” are activated by exposure to sunlight. There are countless cases of seraphs gestating in young children.
Holy Dragon
One of the legendary Dragon Kin, the most powerful type of creatures on Lavato. This particular breed is gentle and dislikes conflict. They even try to understand human life and coexist with the civilizations of man.
Priestess of the Holy Weapon
A member of the orders granted permission to fight while remaining wholly within the priesthood. The weapons they hold are under a powerful blessing, and a layman could never wield them.
Amethyst Carbuncle
A gem beast with a violet stone in its brow. Legends say when the stone shines, it brings down terrible curses.
A gigantic demon known to lore as a solar envoy. Its body contains a mysterious toxin, and any poisoned by it become immobile, as solid as stone.
Burning Sun
In this world, it's a rare thing for the sun's power to increase enough to cause a drought. Is it the wrath of heaven? Or is it just the nature of the world?
Priest of the Holy Word
Priests who practice the secret art of the True Way. This art imparts various powers through nothing more than a simple word.
Lycanthrope [Angel]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. Some forms of this disease can reach more advanced stages after exposure to sunlight. As with other forms of lycanthropy, it corrupts the consciousness of the victim without fail.
Inquisition Raid Leader
Inquisitor priests of the world's most widespread religion, the Church of the True God. Their duty is to execute penal regulations without fail. They locate those who oppose their doctrine, and dispose of them in secret.
A creature with a lion's torso, but an eagle's head and wings. It possesses a level of intelligence that is alien to natural creatures, viciously attacking and feeding on settlements bordering its territory.
Folrart Spear Knight
Spear Knights serve as the Solar Kingdom's vanguard. It's said that their grim black armor serves as warning of their conviction in battle.
Folrart Spiked Shield Knight
One of the divisions of knights from the Solar Kingdom. When they hurl the special shield they carry, it slashes the enemy to pieces. Their power and training allows them to cut down targets even if they are laden with armor.
Armed Citizens
There are countless regular citizens living in towns under the protection of the Solar Kingdom. Caught up in the conflict with the Duchy of Crest, they have no choice but to take up the sword.
Legendary Unicorn
Demons who reside in remote forests. They are easily identified by the huge horn on their foreheads. Their wild disposition makes them very aggressive, especially toward anything more powerful than themselves.
Magic Bolt
A spell that collects concentrated magical energy and strikes with it. The more magic energy collected, the higher the destructive output of the spell.
Recovery Powder
A specially mixed wound-healing medicine. Even though it only heals simple wounds, its ease of use and availability to every soldier strengthens the morale of the entire army.
Dark Emperor / Zu-jyuva
One of the Dragon Emperors told of only in the Legend of Lavato. As the strongest of the Dragons of the Mercurial Night, this Emperor is also known by the name Nightlord.
The Solar Eclipse / Alphonce
Solar Prince Verlaat's older brother by a different mother. He was raised in the shadow of Verlaat, but then suddenly vanished without a trace. When they meet again it will be under the decree of fate, and they will be arch enemies.
Black Dragonrider / Millia
The top pupil of the world's first dragon knight, Wasseir. Her friend, the black dragon Gladeel, once lived to spread war and conflict across the world and was therefore known as the Chaos Dragon.
Soul Keeper / Phimilliar
A spirit who guards the Soul Catcher Tree, said to exist somewhere in Lavato. The sole meaning of her existence is to protect this enormous tree.
Chaos Ogre / Dalos
A member of the rare Oni race. He tears apart humans casually, for his own amusement and nothing more.
Broken Iron Soldier / XXXX
A giant soldier made from a mysterious form of iron and recently excavated from ancient ruins. Perhaps because it was immobile for so long, it often seizes up without warning.
Something sacrificed, something gained. This is a magic rite from ancient times. Legends say the bigger the sacrifice offered, the grander the effect.
Pure Terror
An enchantment that creates the illusion of what its victims most fear, from the depths of their souls. The result is always death.
Magic Doll -Melee-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. Specializing in close quarters fighting, it excels at independent physical combat.
Lycanthrope [Scylla]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. Scylla is recognized as being an especially ferocious strain.
Ancient Zombie Lord
The founder of an ancient and glorious kingdom, reduced to an evil spirit. He demanded his subjects be bound to him forever, and he holds their souls even now. His only goal is to be revived in the modern world.
Dragon of the Mercurial Night
One of the legendary Dragon Kin, the most powerful type of creatures on Lavato. They have the most vicious instincts of any dragon. They lurk in shadows, striking suddenly and then vanishing completely. Because of this, many still consider them to be a myth.
Magic Doll -Support-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. In pursuit of magical ability, it uses diverse spells in the form of programs.
Lycanthrope [Fenrir]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. Unlike other forms of lycanthropy, Fenrir completely assimilates with its host. Maybe for this reason, victims are said to be uncommon.
Even saints can lose their way due to one simple misstep. That is the nature of humanity.
Lycanthrope [Legion]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. With Legion, the lycanthropy runs wild and infests a person instantly. Then, it destroys that human just as fast.
Cutter of the Cord
Members of a clan known as the Death Lords. It's said they're able to see the silvery cord connecting human souls to their vessels.
Skeleton Warrior
A skeletal soldier created by magic power. Quicker than a mundane walking corpse, it is more than suitable for combat.
Crest Mindsoldier
An enhanced type of soldier created by Annarose. With their amplified psychic powers, they can manipulate objects without even touching them.
Elder Druid
One who has long made his living through sorcery. He's dealt with all kinds of spells, and uses them only to bring pain and suffering to others. But he does not know his own time of death, so he lives his days in fear.
These spirit beings roam old castles and other cursed places. Their true nature is a mystery, but they are always aggressive towards the living.
Black Hound
Large dogs who possess uncanny intelligence and often attack human dwellings. Their howls have been known to drive the weak-hearted to their knees.
Lost souls cut off from human life and entranced by evil. Drinking up human vitality gives them sustenance and increases their power. They descend on the streets when night falls, indiscriminately attacking the townspeople.
Life Conversion
A forbidden spell for stealing life energy. Because the procedure is simple and helpless sources of life energy are easy to come by, there are many who still use it.
Soul Pact
This spell allows you to obtain sinister powers in exchange for your soul. But, there is no guarantee that you alone will benefit.
Flame Emperor / Allind
One of the Dragon Emperors told of only in the Legend of Lavato. He is one of the mightiest of all beings created by the ancient gods. As a Volcano Dragon, he is the strongest in battle. However, the legends say his return is one of the signs of the end of days.
The Crusher / Extension
In this world, there are beings disconnected from the limitations of mundane living things. They are known as Mazoku. Extension is a Mazoku covetous of knowledge, so he appears before well versed scholars to engage them in conversation. However, few of these scholars survive the ordeal.
Fire Storm / Bander
A mysterious boy with a long-standing grudge against Asuet and a talent for manipulating flames. He stays on the mercenary's trail, looking to satisfy the intense hatred smoldering in his heart.
Gunner Girl / Yuni
A girl owning two expertly smithed rapid-fire revolvers. Later in life she founds Heierrat, known also as the Mercenary Nation. Possessing a strong sense of justice, she holds a deep hatred for those who oppress the weak.
God Lance / Estoma
A man who seeks battle using the God Lance he's named for. He does not wield this power for evil, but he is driven to find those mightier than himself. Therefore, he often issues a challenge without considering the implications.
Steel Bladesman / Bazgar
A mercenary who wanders from place to place. To him, weapons are just a vehicle to deliver the strength of his body to his enemies and pulverize them. He fights like a beast, not a man.
Fairy Dance
An annual festival for fairies. It's said when you join the ring, your body overflows with energy.
A spell to instantly send a person beyond the normal limitations of human ability. However, few survive long after the use of this magic.
Fire Dragon
One of the legendary Dragon Kin, the most powerful type of creatures on Lavato. With enormous wings on their back they fly, and with raging breath from their mouths they bring fire. They're ferocious and extremely territorial.
Earth Dragon
One of the legendary Dragon Kin, the most powerful type of creatures on Lavato. They live in the forests as carnivores, devouring any creature they can fit in their mouths.
Monk of the Single Strike
A martial artist who strengthened just one part of his body, training it continuously. Now he can easily kill in a single strike while unarmed.
Volcano Giant
A giant made of rock. His hard skin and huge body bring fear to adventurers.
Salamander Soldier
Swordsmen excelling in the use of fire spirits. They use the power of the Salamanders as if it was their own. This is a path only for those with belligerent personalities.
Dryad Soldier
Swordsmen excelling in the use of wood spirits. They use the power of the Dryads as if it was their own. This is a path only for those with the drive to protect others.
Rapid Growth
A spell to instantly stimulate growth in the target. This effect has no limit to its usefulness.
Lethal Archer
An archer who falls into the assassin camp. To be sure to kill the intended target, she never moves from her attack point once she's chosen it. Not picky about the target, she'll take any job even if it means killing the elderly or children.
Highland-born Hunter
A member of a clan that survives by hunting in mountainous areas. They can move nimbly and engage their enemies even in areas with poor footing.
Unwilling Hero
A man who has been unable to become a hero. Within him smolders a heart of strength, but he has no direction.
Dragonscale Sword Warrior
A swordsman who wields a special Dragon Scale Sword. Its cutting edge is very sharp, and ordinary armor won't withstand it.
A man who aspired to be a martial artist, but tried to make up for his lack of skill by depending on strength. Since his body is conditioned to the limit, he is just as effective as men equipped with weapons and armor.
Giant Ork
A monster that looks like a humanoid pig. It is not very intelligent, and its only instinct is to consume everything.
Rifleman Knight
A knight of the Mercenary Nation, she specializes in sniping with a unique gun. She accurately downs key enemy figures, one after another.
Devouring Lizard
A giant lizard, many times the size of a man. With its giant mouth it swallows everything whole, even humans. Then it slowly digests them internally.
A mysterious magic smoke that makes living bodies as hard as stone. According to rumor, it arose from forbidden alchemy experiments, but the truth is still unknown.
Gravitational Sphere
A gravitational sphere born from ancient magic. Those within range of the sphere's effects are pulled to the ground by its power.
Water Emperor / Legrye
One of the Dragon Emperors told of only in the Legend of Lavato. It is one of the mightiest of all beings created by the ancient gods. The stories say it remains dormant in the deep, and if it ever appears on the surface, it will wash the world away.
Guard Leader / Renally
Leader of the Wizard Kingdom's royal guards. Her mastery of shield spells gives her many more tricks up her sleeve than the standard magic shield.
Mage Paladin / Distrier
A leader of knights in the Wizard Kingdom. Equipped with a unique enchanted armor named Rambar, he can activate it to unleash considerable battle power.
Swan Swordswoman / Alna
A leader of Wizard Kingdom troops. Well versed in both the sword and magic, she possesses a high degree of combat prowess.
Pirate King / Dub Rido
The leader of the pirates who ravage the seas around the Wizard Kingdom. He fears neither magic nor the authorities. When the mood takes him, he pillages both ships and coastal towns.
Wind Sorceress / Femiel
A sorceress who has mastered wind magic, successful even to the point of employing Djinn. She lives like the wind does, never staying in one place for long.
Wrath of the Constellations
The anger of the heavens. The world is a divine creation and so are the cosmos, but for reasons unknown they rain their fury down on the land.
Shear Winds
The fury of the wind manifested as a sudden gale. Not even the strongest or fastest creatures can resist being blown down.
Azure Beastmaster
The practitioner of a unique craft originally bequeathed to mankind by the goddess Falkow. Falkow excelled in the invention of mysterious arts, and occasionally conveyed those arts to humans. Practitioners now pass on the knowledge from one generation to the next.
Wizard Soldier of Regus
A swordsman of the Wizard Kingdom, Regus. He fights with weapons produced by the power of magic.
Water Dragon
One of the legendary Dragon Kin, the most powerful type of creatures on Lavato. They lurk in the ocean, quietly seeking prey. Despite their power, they care little for territory and rarely rampage.
Sylph Sorceress
Swordswomen excelling in the use of wind spirits. They use the power of the Sylphs as if it was their own. This is a path only for those with freewheeling personalities.
Undine Soldier
Swordsmen excelling in the use of water spirits. They use the power of the Undines as if it was their own. This is a path only for those calm and collected enough to carefully assess situations.
Owl Sage
A sage in charge of the study of writings in the Wizard Kingdom libraries. It's said no document exists that he does not grasp.
A magic spell that forms clouds capable of emitting deadly lightning. There isn't much that can be done to defend against its power.
Silvern Wing
Demons with silvery glittering bodies. Their slight form is not easy to spot. Even if you do see them, living to tell about it is the hard part.
Wizard Archer of Regus
Archers of the Wizard Kingdom. They fire at their enemies with magically endowed bows. These enchantments can pierce any target and bind its movements.
The biggest monster bird in all of Lavato. Its length exceeds 10 meters from tail to tip, and when it spreads its wings it blots out even the light of the sun.
Swallow Scout
The flying scouts of the Wizard Kingdom. Their quickness is unmatched throughout the lands.
Wizard Soldier Apprentice
A newly recruited swordsman of the Wizard Kingdom. A soldier who fights well in his first battle is likely to become elite someday.
Magic users who enhance weapons through enchantment spells. Their magic provides a great advantage in battle. Those who doubt that may not live to regret it.
Rapidly Flying Apprentice
Young flying soldiers of the Wizard Kingdom. They can fight well if they remain calm and use their magic carefully, but that's not as easy as it looks.
Sea Claw
A demon lurking on the ocean floor. Its giant claws can tear an entire ship to little pieces.
Invisibility Edge
A blade fashioned through magic. It's not visible, but it retains all the power of one that is.
Meaning of Failure
Magical failure, experimental failure... Such things happen all the time, but through these failures great things can be achieved in the future.
Wrath of the Four Gods
Proxy of Light / Limier
This is the entity of Refess that appeared when the world's balance of magical power collapsed. It is able to draw pure light even from the deepest darkness.
Right-hand Shield / Garfath
A knight endowed with Roahn, a shield said to be made by a god of old. He's on a journey to find the one he calls his other half, Kafhar the Left-hand Shield.
Blessed Knight / Orfen
A young man who was granted divine protection at birth. Because of the power radiating from him, any who stand before him in combat feel as if they are fighting a god in person.
Final One / Arius
An ordinary boy born in a small village on the outskirts of the Solar Kingdom. One day, the divine sword Nachtom appeared at his bedside, changing his life forever.
A spell to make the sun rise at night. For the forces of darkness, this is truly a power to be feared.
Will o' the Wisp Soldier
Sword priestesses excelling in the use of will o' the wisps. They use the power of the wisps as if it were their own. This is a path open to priestesses who are kind-hearted women.
Star Dragon
One of the legendary Dragon Kin, the most powerful type of creatures on Lavato. They live so far beyond the clouds, it is believed they originally came from the stars.
Folrart Knight Captain
A captain who leads a band of knights in the Solar Kingdom. His prowess in battle has earned him respect even from the Paladins, but his most important attribute is his mind.
Emerald Carbuncle
A gem beast with a green stone in its brow. Legends say that when this stone shines, it enhances the strength of its master's mind.
Instant Revival
The priests of the Solar Kingdom wield many miracles, but this is by far the least understood. It can return the soul to the body after death.
Folrart Guardian
Specially trained bodyguards who protect the royalty of the Solar Kingdom. Their power rivals that of the strongest assault knights, but their true potential only manifests when they are protecting others.
Healing Priest
A corps of priests who wield the holy power of healing on the battlefield. Soldiers can continue fighting thanks to their willingness to stand by them in the terrible darkness of war.
Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier
A swordswoman who fights in the regular armies of the Solar Kingdom. She equips swords in both hands, and fights as if dancing.
A white horse with huge wings on its back. It uses its wings to fly in the sky, and has a natural affinity with avians and magic power.
Holy Shield
This creates an enormous magic shield. Its strength is proportional to the power of the spellcaster.
Proxy of Soul / Animus
This is the entity of Lawtia that appeared after the world's balance of magical power collapsed. Legend has it that it exists only as as the opposite of the Proxy of Light. It is an incarnation of destruction.
Left-hand Shield / Kafhar
A knight endowed with Wock, a shield said to be made by a god of old. He uses the great powers of his shield to spread conflict across the world. Also, he awaits the arrival of Garfath, the Right-hand Shield.
Darkness Mirror / Aegis
A boy magician who has become bonded to the ancient magic mirror, Aegis. Guided by the machinations of Annarose, he appears in Crest.
Nightwalker / Riza
It is said that if you've caught a glimpse of this man, it's already too late to get away. To gain the power to destroy the wicked beings of this world, he embraced the darkness.
Punishment Hole
A spell that creates a pit deep into the earth of Lavato that can swallow up anything, even the minds of its victims. However, using this magic can warp the caster's mind and twist his thoughts.
Magic Shade Soldier
Mage swordswomen excelling in the use of Shades. They wield the power of the Shades as if it were their own. This is a path for those with strong will who can look into the deepest darkness and not lose themselves.
Crest Paladin
The paladins of Crest. Even though these knights carry the official title of 'Holy Knight,' the power they wield is tainted with corruption.
Dragon Zombie
One of the legendary Dragon Kin, the most powerful type of creatures on Lavato. This is a Holy Dragon, its body distorted and consumed by an ancient curse, and now it's not even permitted to die.
Lycanthrope [Dagon]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. Dagon is an aggressive condition associated with water. Once the victim is infected, he or she will flee to the ocean or the nearest river. His presence will also twist and corrupt the natural flow of magic in the area, tempting local wizards to delve into forbidden magics.
Warning Knife
A dagger with the demonic power to siphon its user's hatred into its hilt and out through the blade like a poison. It's said this venom can even poison a soul.
Crest Halberd Soldier
Crest-employed soldiers who fight with specially designed halberds. Their pragmatic ideology allows them to ignore the so called rules of war and fight dirty when they have to. They are not the most feared division of the Crest army, but perhaps the most avoided.
Cemetery Rats
Small, repulsive animals that eat corpses. Their appetites are so voracious, it only takes a moment before there's nothing left.
Girl Druid
A girl raised by druids. A life of vile curses has burned all manner of images into her mind, but she doesn't think of them as wicked. They are her life, and all she's ever known.
Novice Assassin
A woman who aims to become an assassin in order to survive in the world of shadows. The techniques of her mentor are unrivaled, and she learned everything she could.
Criminal Edge
This spell amplifies a person's criminal mind, tearing him apart from the inside. The greater his crimes, the more terrifying the result.
Proxy of Flame / Pullermia
This is the entity of Gowen that appeared after the world's balance of magical power collapsed. It only looked on as the Proxies of Light and Soul battled, and then cleaned up after them. It possesses the power to purify everything.
Shield Coat / Fierte
A close friend of the Gun Princess, and she has sworn to protect her. She is wrapped in the protective cloth, Calkul, which defends against any and all attacks.
Mad Beast / Dandan
A natural prodigy at unarmed fighting who has earned the name 'the Mad Beast.' He doesn't so much practice martial arts, as he does unleash mayhem. He lives by his instincts, like a wild man.
The Magician / Primrose
A wandering mage. Her power is great, and she's considerably famous amongst magic users. However, her difficult personality makes her a hard woman to handle.
Falkow Pike
To find new magic spells that could be quickly and easily used in combat, wizards from the Mercenary Nation studied in Regus. What they brought back let them channel the destructive force of magic energy on the battlefield.
Quick Draw
The gun is out in an instant, and the target is shot. They don't call it quick draw for nothing.
An all-female tribe that settled deep in the jungle. The stuff of rumors and tall tales, their combat prowess lets them cut down highly trained armies in no time.
Der Freischutz
A user of special thrown weapons called the 'Freikugel.' It is said that to use them, one must make a deal with a dark power.
Gaia Anaconda
A giant serpent that lurks underground. It can sense what is above through its connection to the magic of the world, then it appears directly below its prey and swallows it whole.
Sword of Mysteries
A spell that surrounds a weapon with a mysterious divine fire. Its destructive power is magnified by the piety of the one carrying it.
True mercenaries only do exactly the work they're paid for. In fact, it is said that the higher the fee, the physically stronger the true mercenary gets.
Knight Apprentice
A young man who traveled to the royal city in the hopes of becoming a knight like his father. His power is still untested, but with enough experience he will become strong enough to handle anything.
Samurai Girl
A swordswoman from a country far to the east. Since the samurai Thunderbolt came to the Continent, the reputation of Eastern techniques has been spreading.
Blitz Beetles
Large insects that fly at high speeds, filling anything in their path with holes. Either nature or magic has refined their form for assault.
Ball of Flame
An intermediate spell that creates a ball of flame. The initial damage is nothing impressive, but it's designed to quickly start fires. The spreading flames have been known to destroy entire towns.
Proxy of Sea / Oseon
This is the entity of Falkow that appeared after the world's balance of magical power collapsed. It is the final Proxy, who appeared to submerge the intense power of the Proxies and restore the balance.
Evangelical Hymn / Gospel
In this world, there are beings disconnected from the limitations of mundane living things. They are known as Mazoku. Gospel is a Mazoku with an aptitude for what she calls 'the art called the hymn.' She's investigating the art of human music, but when she sings, it drives terror into the hearts of all who hear.
Fire Sorceress / Addition
A sorceress who controls flame spells, which are forbidden in the Wizard Kingdom. Her mastery of her craft is overwhelming, and even Efreets bow to her will.
Red Phoenix - South / Snaf
A master strategist of the Wizard Kingdom. The unfathomable complexity of his thoughts is reflected in his eccentric mannerisms. He's the ultimate tactician, if you can just manage to put up with him.
A spell that brings forth a rift in space and time by intentionally colliding huge waves of magical power.
Mage Knight of Regus
The standard knight of the Wizard Kingdom. Because of their knowledge of magic, they are trained to rush into the opposing ranks and disrupt the enemy wizards before they can complete casting their spells.
Spell Lancer
Through a type of magic called enchanting, these lancers create and maintain their own magic weapons. Their lances can extend and shrink as needed, driving through ranks of soldiers.
A colossal monster that lives in the deepest oceans. It's so big, it is often mistaken for an island. Simply by moving, it can cause tremendous waves that swallow up local fishermen.
Sea Wyvern
A wyvern that swims effortlessly through the sea, and can break the surface to fly up over the water. Their hunting range extends over land too, so escaping them is next to impossible.
Magic that instantly freezes all the moisture in the air. It can quickly put on ice even the most nimble of enemies.
Rapier Fencer of Regus
These are the pure sword masters of the Wizard Kingdom, among the most respected in Lavato. With a lightning-fast lunge, a fencer can impale the enemy before he gets the chance to move.
Magic Musician
A musician who plays an enchanted instrument. It is said that music is magic to the soul, and these enchanted melodies can enhance holy powers.
Battle Mage of Regus
A sorcerer of the Wizard Kingdom. Despite her studies, she's a military woman at heart and uses her magic only to wage war.
Giant Ancient Tortoise
A tortoise that's grown to be enormous over the centuries. It's like a walking mountain. Because there is no way to force it to change direction, when there's a town in its path nothing can be done. The residents can only watch as their homes are flattened.
Magic designed to help your comrades escape. Thanks to this power, the most difficult and dangerous places can be teleported out of.
Beasts on Sacred Ground
Fallen Moon Child / Miffyre
She betrayed the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi, who controls the Duchy of Crest from the shadows. Now, she's come to spread the truth about him along with three Beasts who protect her. After being taken into custody in Folrart, she was hidden in an ancient shrine called the Holy Realm.
Beast Soldier / Orthos
One of the three Beasts escorting and protecting the Fallen Moon Child, Miffyre. His roar alone can send the weak-hearted to their knees.
Inquisition Nun / Cynthia
One of the inquisitors from the Church of the True God. During times of peace, she works to make life miserable for the Shrine Knights. She and their leader, Lapierre, are on the same level, but they fight like cats and dogs.
2nd Shrine Leader / Shathia
The leader of the second unit of Folrart's most famous knights, the Shrine Knights. Her eyes stay cold in the heat of battle, earning her the nickname “Ice Lady”. She idolizes her superior, Lapierre, a source of endless gossip amongst her knights.
Mirror of Light
A spell that bends light and creates a copy of what it reflects. The created copy harbors a deep hatred for its original.
Folrart Charge Knight
A knight of Folrart. With lance in hand he assaults the enemy, his goal is to destroy the enemy's formation by charging through the front lines and eliminating captains and archers.
Sunlight Knight
A special division of Folrart knights assigned to protect the shrine called the Holy Realm. They don't follow the True God Church, but are part of an order that still worships Refess, the goddess who governs light and the stars.
Light Magic Archer
Elite magic archers fielded by the Kingdom of Folrart. Their magic arrows can wound the enemy or even heal allies.
Diamond Carbuncle
A gem beast with a clear jewel in its forehead. This creature's power has become the stuff of legends. It is said that when the gem releases a blinding light, the world itself will tremble.
Sunbeam Cage
To contain the enemy, a magic spell creates a cage of light. However, it has no effect against those who are protected by the Sun.
Blessed Armor Knight
Soldiers fielded by the kingdom of Folrart. Their armor is blessed by the oracles to protect them and drive away evil spirits.
Folrart Flying Cavalry
Flying troops fielded by the kingdom of Folrart. Their main purpose is to spot enemy troops, but if they must fight they will. With their flying ability, they are masters of flying in, striking, and then escaping.
Shadow Spirit
A side effect of experimenting with powerful light spells, magic shadows are cast that can trap evil souls inside. Officially, doing such a thing on purpose is forbidden, but shadow monsters are used to protect churches all over the Solar Kingdom.
Folrart Slash Knight
A knight of the Solar Kingdom of Folrart. They fight with blessed swords and can also use healing magic. They are well known for their willingness to sacrifice themselves to protect others.
Shield the Weak
A divine shield that protects the weak. It's created by the merciful love of the oracles.
Beast King / Scarrion
One of the three Beasts that protect Fallen Moon Child Miffyre. He is the leader of the three beasts, and people call him the Beast King. He is very loyal and would never betray his master. Strangely, he is looking forward to meeting Rivera, who's been pursuing him on a quest to avenge her family.
Beast Soldier / Belus
One of the three Beasts that protect Fallen Moon Child Miffyre. Belus is the most calm and logical of the three, however his terrifying appearance can paralyze all but the most powerful enemy in fear.
Dance Macabre / Lelein
A spy who answers only to Annarose. She poses as a dancer to get close to high-ranking officials in different principalities and collect information. It also helps her achieve her ultimate purpose, assassination.
Lady of the Megiddo / Belfyna
A noblewoman who works for the one who has been scheming behind the scenes in the Duchy of Crest, Annarose. She has the title of Lady Belfyna, and often appears at social events. However, her true duty is to lead suppression troops made up of Magic Dolls.
Soul Return
A lost spell that can collect souls in exchange for others. It is said that some Crest troops prepare sacrifices to bring back fallen comrades.
Moonlight Assassin
Assassins who are protected by the goddess of souls and death herself, Lawtia. They leave to do their grisly work when the moon rises, and do not return until dawn.
Magic Doll -Fencer-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. The ribbon on her dress is enchanted, it can snap out into a straight blade and harden instantly, to be used as a deadly weapon.
Magic Doll -Heavy Shield-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. Her assault capability is much weaker than other magic dolls. However, her willingness to take any attack allows the archers behind her to fire with abandon.
Magic Doll -Grappler-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. She uses no weapons and is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
Night Wing Wyvern
A nocturnal wyvern that hunts all night. It's strangely well-tempered, and can even be tamed by humans.
Soulblade Swordswoman
Swordswomen who fight with cursed magic swords that only show their true power by draining the soul of the wielder. These swords can only be used by women worthy enough to sacrifice themselves.
Living Armor
Armor that is controlled by magic. It can only complete simple tasks, but if its source of magic is not cut off, it's almost unstoppable.
Crest Cursed Swordsman
Swordsmen are used by the Duchy of Crest in their major offensives. A normal man is given a cursed sword, and when he draws the weapon he becomes a tool of slaughter. There is no way to stop him, so when the operation is over one of his fellows is assigned to kill him.
Magic Doll -Defective-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. These types of magic dolls have an incomplete thought system and can backfire on their owners. Generally they are created by mistake, and destroyed immediately.
Curse Spell
The Word exists only to curse others. It is said that nothing can seal the Word's power.
Beast Hunter / Rivera
Rivera lives to avenge her family, which was attacked and eaten by a beast. The object of her hate is none other than Beast King Scarrion, who protects Miffyre. Rivera has yet to learn her true potential, or the power of her destiny.
Gun Princess' Sword / Mizalio
A close associate of Gunner Girl Yuni. He is a skilled fencer and serves as her sword in battle. He loves war, and eagerly requested to join the Battle for the Holy Realm.
Brave Mercenary / Dilate
When he was young, he was just an unknown soldier. But after countless battles, he's grown up to be brave and powerful. He still uses the same sword as before, and can always be seen fighting on the front lines.
God Hand / Diosaur
He is a legendary martial artist. His fist can punch through a mountainside, but his true value is what he can teach others.
Forest Child / Athira
It's a mystery where this boy came from. The locals say he was born in the forest and raised by trees. He can hear the voice of the wind through the leaves, and his behavior can be very puzzling. It's not clear why he's decided to join the Battle for the Holy Realm.
Heierrat Army
Once a mercenary, but now a soldier for Heierrat, a nation founded by Gunner Girl Yuni. The soldiers of this nation are not knights who hide behind armor or castle walls, they only carry their swords... swords given to them by Yuni herself.
Soldier of Gaia
Soldiers blessed by the forces of Gowen, the god of earth and fire. Their special swords and armors are unique throughout Lavato.
Fighter Pixy
Palm-sized fairies who fight as warriors. An old folk tale says if you judge them by their size, they will burn the tips of your fingers in your sleep. In reality, they are much more dangerous.
Tree Giant
Some trees that have lived for great amounts time possess the will and power to become a Tree Giant. They usually ignore human wars. However, they will spring to life when the world itself is in danger.
Miracle Fruit
If the food of the gods is eaten by mortals, it has a profound effect on them.
Gaia Gem Monk
These martial artists train for years to sync with special gems that enhance their powers. These gems are found deep in the earth, and are said to hold a portion of the power of Gowen himself.
Girl Mercenary
A female swordsman who wanders from battle to battle. In times of war she appears, ready to fight and be paid well for it.
Giant Forest Snake
A serpent that hides deep in the forest. Entire armies have been divided by its resting coils, unable to reach each other.
Magma Golem
A gigantic rock soldier formed in nature when discarded and broken arcane instruments meet fire and rock. Formed by nature, it acts as a force of nature and can be helpful or harmful.
River of Fire
A spell that causes volcanoes to erupt, used to rout enemy armies and destroy siege equipment. Just make sure your soldiers are out of the way first.
Chase Wing / Volfied
A mysterious dragon that aids Rivera's revenge from the shadows. He swore to lead Rivera to the Battle for the Holy Realm no matter the cost. If he knows Rivera's true destiny, he will not speak of it.
Sea Lord / Vonderam
Living in the lightless depths of the ocean, he is known as the 'God of Seas.' He is connected to Volfied, but the truth behind this is unknown. At the great Battle for the Holy Realm, he controls the mermaids in order to prolong the battle between the Kingdom of Folrart and the Duchy of Crest.
Mage Librarian / Bernet
A young librarian in charge of the Magic Library in the Wizard Kingdom. She has a book that is said to hold all the magic of the world, but it is not so easy to use.
Forest Sorceress / Anttila
A master class wizard from the Wizard Kingdom. She uses her magic to control nature and bring out the potential of its power.
This is an ancient spell for destroying magic bonds specifically for disrupting summoning magic.
Sorcerer Monk of Regus
A division of martial artists who fight for the Wizard Kingdom. With magic spells, she can increase her attack power and her speed in an instant.
Mermaid Aquamancer
Aquamancers are extremely powerful wizards protected by Vonderam, sent join the Battle for the Holy Realm. Her magic uses different principles than the magic of humans.
Mermaid Spear Fighter
These soldiers of the sea are protected by Vonderam. They trap ships with their nets from underwater, and spear soldiers as they leap into the waves.
Absolute Wall
This spell creates a massive magic wall to repel attacks. Physical blows are useless against it.
Sweeping Tidalwave
A huge tidal wave created for use as a weapon. Its true advantage is from the speed of the waves.
Sky Staff Sorceress
The Sky Staff is a very powerful type of magic item created by priests of Falkow for use by master wizards. However, sometimes an inexperienced apprentice will get her hands on one.
Mermaid Sorceress
They are sea sorceresses protected by Vonderam. Under the order of Vonderam, they bind the strongest enemies with their magic and fight to prolong the war between the humans.
Enormous Frog
An overgrown frog, so large it can swallow anything whole. Many an adventurer has had to cut his way out of a giant frog's stomach.
Lost Tome
A magic book with a missing page. The missing page can never by recovered, not even by magic. The spell it held is considered to be lost forever.
Frozen Lance
Lances of water created by magic. Anyone struck by one will be paralyzed for a short time, giving their enemies a chance to get the jump on them.
2nd Dragonrider / Resource
An apprentice of the Dragonriders Wasseir and Millia. After Millia went missing, he was taught to protect the peace of Lavato. However, he couldn't agree to sacrifice lives to preserve the peace. Finally, he ignored Wasseir's orders, and joined the battle for the Holy Realm.
Holy Realm Knight / Sergis
The true protector of the Holy Realm. Legends call him the secret weapon of Mayleen's family. Existing between Lavato and the world of the Old Gods, the Holy Realm is believed to have been created after the battle with Batora. Sergis appears when the Holy Realm is threatened.
3rd Shrine Leader / Ridrea
The leader of the third unit of Folrart's most famous knights, the Shrine Knights. She's very easygoing and is even pushed around by her subordinates. However, when a battle begins, she takes the field with the demeanor of a warlord. She keeps horrifying notes in a journal with 'My Secrets' on the cover.
Servant of the Sun / Safiria
An assistant to the Solar Prince, Verlaat. Her talent in political and military affairs has earned her the nickname: 'Verlaat's brain.' On behalf of Verlaat she's on a secret mission, beyond the scope of the War of the Sun and Moon.
Key to the Holy Realm
An ancient magic artifact in the possession of Mayleen. It can be used to enter the Holy Realm, or seal it away.
Knight of Shrine Zero
Unlike the other shrines, Shrine Zero answers directly to the Church of the True God and its existence is kept hidden from the general populace. Their knights serve as a regular unit when they have no special orders.
Knight of the 1st Shrine
The Knights of the 1st Shrine are elite soldiers, led by Captain Lapierre herself. One of them alone may not be a threat but their true power is revealed when they're deployed in the proper formation.
Knight of the 2nd Shrine
The Knights of the 2nd Shrine are one regiment of the Shrine Knights. They're led by Shathia. They're famous for their devotion to their leader, and will follow her orders without hesitation.
Knight of the 3rd Shrine
The Knights of the 3rd Shrine are one regiment of the Shrine Knights. They're led by Ridrea, and are legendary for their mobility.
Hero's Strike
When Lapierre was surrounded by the enemy, it was her old rival Cynthia who came to save her.
Elite Folrart Acolyte
Warrior priests from the Kingdom of Folrart. Their virtuous hearts and dedication to training make them stand out among the other acolytes. Standing on the front lines with broad shoulders and even broader grins, their confidence puts fear in the hearts of the enemy.
Elite Folrart Dual Wielder
The most skilled of the dual-wielding Folrart soldiers are like a whirlwind on the battlefield.
Pegasus Knights
Knights of the flying cavalry of the Solar Kingdom. Each team of knights rides a special large Pegasus, called a Tenba. Because the knights always fight in pairs, they are very talented at coordinated attacks. The full force of Folrart's flying cavalry was dispatched for the battle of the Holy Realm.
Folrart Monk
A monk who has mastered serenity as a member of the Church of the True God, and became a martial artist. He doesn't use his fists, but the energy he releases from his body does great harm to the enemy.
Over Soul
A holy power that frees the souls of those who have been bound by evil forces. The path of these souls will lead the people on their way.
Hellspawn / Zalzagul
One of the three servants of Envoy of Chaos Elgandi. He came to help Annarose when her plans began to unravel. On Lavato he is a totally unique being, brought from another world by the power of Batora in the distant past.
Vile Swordsman / Afel
A servant of Annarose who is known as LeBeau's big brother. Not a single one of his targets has ever survived. Now, he's received a new order from Annarose: eliminate Belfyna, who has failed in her mission.
Command Unit / Violet X2
A custom Magic Doll able to think on her own. She's one of the three commanders of Belfyna's doll army. But when Belfyna is elsewhere, she reports to her true master.
Command Unit / Scarlet Rose
A custom Magic Doll able to think on her own. She's one of the three commanders of Belfyna's doll army. Belfyna herself named her three commanders after flowers.
Command Unit / White Lily
A custom Magic Doll able to think on her own. She's one of the three commanders of Belfyna's doll army. She speaks for all three commanders, and makes the final decisions.
Crest Devil Knight
When undergoing the ritual to gain dark powers and become a Crest Paladin, sometimes things go wrong. In this case, the subject gains even more twisted powers and a truly disturbed mind.
Death Knight
When a paladin filled with true virtue dies, the body can become corrupted with an evil miasma. The Undead that arise from such corruption are among the strongest ever seen.
Hell Smoke
The aggregate of negative energy born from evil souls. If struck it disappears into a cloud of smoke, but then simply reforms and attacks again.
Priestess of Madness
A priestess who lost her mind when she came face to face with an evil force. Perhaps she was touched by the ultimate evil beyond Lavato itself. Now she desperately hunts through forbidden tomes, looking to learn about the evil god.
Parts Recycle
Very young children are forced out onto the battlefield, collecting the parts of fallen Magic Dolls so they may be used again.
Magic Doll -Sniper-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. Because of its complicated attack logic, it takes longer to create Snipers than regular magic dolls.
Broken Priest
A priest whose mind snapped after he came face to face with Envoy of Chaos Elgandi. Many who learn the truth behind the servants of chaos share this fate. Perhaps this is why no one has discovered Annarose's true identity.
Crest Veteran Swordswoman
Not all of Crest's armies are made up of dark magicians and Magic Dolls. Their veteran troops are some of the strongest on Lavato, trained to disrupt enemy wizards before they can use their magic and disable larger opponents with a well-placed strike.
Night Soul
When souls cannot rest in peace, they collect evil energy and become semi-solid. In their envy, they attempt to suffocate living beings.
Exchange of Souls
A spell to mutilate the many energies that a soul possesses, and use that power to decrease the magical resources of an enemy.
Beast King / Rivera
This is the true identity of Rivera, who had been hunting down Beast King Scarrion to avenge her parents' death. But her past memories were false, planted by Scarrion. He did this so she'd slip through the fingers of the servants of Chaos. However, she's having a difficult time accepting the truth.
Forest Hero / Athira Shin
A mysterious boy who appeared to help protect Miffyre... He was sent by the power of gaia within Lavato to fight alongside Rivera against the servants of Chaos. When he activates his true power, nothing can stand in his path.
Katana Dual Wielder / Sakura
A bounty hunter from the Far East. He's famous for only going after the highest bounties. However, his real purpose for traveling across the world is to find the one who killed his younger sister... his own brother.
God of Anger / Dista
An unstable martial artist who is not always at the top of his game. He ended up working as a trainer in Heierrat, insisting that by pounding his pupils day in and day out, they'd toughen up. His former students are known for their endurance on the battlefield.
The amazing power of nature can restore anything.
A plant monster that developed when a field of special flowers was trampled in a battle and bathed in human blood. Now she lures men to her so she may continue to feast.
Heierrat Broadsword Soldier
A swordsman of the Mercenary Nation. He and his team have been fighting side by side for a long time, and as long as he has them, he's unbeatable.
Volcano Wyvern
A wyvern that lives in the volcanic tropical region of Lavato. It excretes highly flammable bodily fluids through its pores, and then keeps them ignited with its high body temperature.
Heierrat Revolver Bladesman
Swordsmen of the Mercenary Nation. They use special weapons called Revolver Blades. Ready to challenge an experienced troop on the battlefield, they're surprised to see the enemy is an army of Magic Dolls.
Mage Pixy
The magic of the faerie world is beyond human understanding. Faerie magicians have been known to appear before great heroes, binding them outside the fabric of Lavato as important events transpire without them.
Boulder Drop
Magic to teleport large boulders above your enemies. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective.
Heierrat Mage
Mages from the Mercenary Nation. Usually they are the apprentices of magicians who have left the Wizard Kingdom. Their spells are simple, but their experience in working in tandem with the rest of their mercenary company makes them formidable in battle.
Boomerang Fighter
A warrior that fights with an unusual throwing weapon called a boomerang. It is extremely difficult to master a boomerang for use in actual battlefield conditions.
Feline Kin Fighter
It's very rare, but some feline kin have the dedication to become trained fighters. Feline kin are very athletic and are excellent at physical combat.
Vicious Raptor
Possibly a long-lost relative of the Earth Dragon, these fast, ferocious carnivores hunt in packs. Armor does little to protect against their strong jaws and it's believed the glitter of the metal even attracts them.
Lady Paladin / Mirelia
One of six paladins who protect the Wizard Kingdom. She fights with a magic sword named Bandalt. Its power is affected by the spells used around her. She may look young and cute, but her real age is unknown.
Mermaid Princess / Emana
A royal mermaid princess. She is the only mermaid who is willing to argue with Vonderam. She can't help but distrust Vonderam since she learned that he's been working to restore the Beast King. She is destined to encounter Solar Prince Verlaat, a meeting that will change her path forever.
Mermaid Wizardess / Faytis
As the most powerful of the mermaid sorceresses, she was given direct control of the mermaid armies by Vonderam himself. Without thinking twice, she heads out for the battle of the Holy Realm.
Frost Sorceress / Rasam
A master-class sorcerer of the Wizard Kingdom. She's known as the 'Icy Smile of Regus,' and is considered to be the most terrifying of all the master-class sorceresses. However, most of the time she acts like a completely average person.
Forbidden Book
A book with immense magical powers, but no one has figured out how to use it. For now wizards use the magical energies radiating from it to power their own experiments.
Ice Sorceress
A sorceress enlisted in the army of the Wizard Kingdom. She uses ice magic to freeze the enemy. Some take particular pleasure in freezing attacking soldiers, but not all ice sorcerers are this heartless.
Teleportation Soldier
A magician soldier who uses teleportation magic to fight on the battlefield. Not only can she transport herself behind the enemy, she can also take someone with her.
Magic Greatsword Soldier
Enchanted weapons are in heavy use throughout the armies of Regus. Because they are made entirely of magic, making them bigger is just a matter of spellcraft and focus. Even an experienced soldier would have trouble wielding one the size of a greatsword.
Bog Wyvern
A type of wyvern that lives in the Swamps of Death on the outskirts of the Wizard Kingdom. No one knows what kind of power it has, but it's believed that the failed magical experiments dumped in the swamps have distorted it in some way.
Time Stop
A space-distorting magic that creates a pocket dimension where only wizards can move. Black Cat Fellana came up with the theories this magic is based on.
Mermaid Soldier
A soldier in the mermaid army that is under the protection of Vonderam. She was ordered by Vonderam to take the field and help prolong the war between the humans. However, she sees no good reason for fighting and is even starting to doubt Princess Emana's words.
Mermaid Archer
An archer in the mermaid army under the protection of Vonderam. Her unit was ordered by Vonderam to take the field and prolong the battle between the humans. Now, she follows Faytis' commands without question.
Mermaid Girl Sorceress
A young sorceress in the mermaid army under the protection of Vonderam. The sorceresses were ordered to use their magic to churn up the ocean and also defend Emana and Faytis. She looks up to Faytis, but she's starting to have doubts about the purpose of war.
Frost Bow Archer
An archer of the Wizard Kingdom, she uses a special magic bow to freeze the enemy in their tracks rather than hurt them.
This spell creates an enormous waterspout capable of knocking back any enemy. This is one of the strongest water magic powers ever seen in the Wizard Kingdom, and it was created by Mystere herself. However, without her to guide it, the waterspout can get out of control easily.
A Prelude to Battle
True Holy Emperor / Retear
This white dragon is the true form of the king of the legendary Dragon Emperors. He has returned to his true glory to fight against the Envoy of Chaos and his three servants.
Unknown Knight / Aano
She fights as an elite member of the Zero Shrine Knights, but she's actually an undercover agent working for the True God Church. However, she's unsure about the plan of her masters, and her suspicions are making her second guess her loyalties.
Star Lord / Bastandorra
The king of mysterious 'Star Dragons' has flown in from above the heavens of Lavato. His appearance overhead is menacing, but he makes no move to strike. Instead, he offers to save the land of Lavato which he someday wants to claim as his own.
Wandering Priest / Raste
Once a high ranking priest of the True God Church, now he wanders the lands of Lavato. Why did he throw away his status and choose to become a wanderer? The truth is hidden deep within the secrets he knows of the True God Church.
Like the Hand of God
The law of heaven is like the hand of god, hovering above. A high-ranking priest can call down this power to extinguish an evil creature instantly.
Sapphire Carbuncle
A gem beast with blue stone in its forehead. It is believed that people's hopes for peace in this world reflect off the stone and make it shine.
Folrart Hammer Soldier
A division of soldiers in the Solar Kingdom's armies who fight with giant battle hammers. They aren't quick, but they only need to hit you once.
Unwanted Charity
Sometimes money gets involved when people are trying to be charitable. It never ends well.
Folrart Lady Paladin
Young female paladins of the Solar Kingdom. When they were blessed with the honor of becoming paladins, they believed that their power would be used only for justice. They have no idea of what future that awaits them.
Lycanthrope [Brahma]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. Brahma Lycanthropes transform when exposed to morning sunlight, and are known to appear in cities, causing total chaos.
Folrart Standard Bearer
To commemorate peace, the flag bearers of Folrart were sent throughout the kingdom in ceremonial armor. Many are civilians recruited to help show the power of Folrart.
Lycanthrope [Hanuman]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. Hanuman Lycanthropy spreads very slowly through the body. Because of the extended period of pain, most die before becoming an ape.
Girl Combat Priest
A young priestess of the world's most widespread religion, the Church of the True God. The faith of women is stronger than that of men, and that strengthens their holy powers.
Novice Folrart Acolyte
Members of the Solar Kingdom's cleric army. They are priests who are trained to fight and serve as the first wave of an attack. However, because of their inexperience they sometimes forget to keep their heads down.
Metal weapons are weak to rust, but holy magic can make all swords unbelievably dull.
Doll Master / Sumer
Then infamous twisted witch who invented the Magic Dolls. She was friends with Black Cat Fellana. When they were studying for Fellana's theses, 'The Principles of Bad Luck,' together, she was inspired to create a golem in the shape of a girl. It's very hard to tell what she's really thinking, but it's clear she's as temperamental as she is brilliant.
War Incarnate / Inside
In this world, there are beings disconnected from the limitations of mundane living things. They are known as Mazoku. Inside is said to be an incarnation of the fear war causes in each and every citizen as they try to fall asleep at night. One night, he fell in love with a songstress and has appeared before her every night since.
New Magic Doll / Astaforse
A completely new model of Magic Doll created based on several older Magic Dolls. The data collected from Esria was used to improve this second generation prototype. However, she was ordered to kill Esria who escaped from her master.
Night Singer / Miandela
A subject confined to a lab somewhere in the Duchy of Crest. She used to be a daughter of a noble family, but it was believed that her voice possessed mysterious powers. Her parents were deceived, and she was taken to the castle so they could do experiments on her.
Her love was so strong that she lost control of herself. Her grace became something dark and corrupt, a bane to lovers throughout the ages.
When a high-ranking priest or wizard turns evil after death, it becomes a high-ranking undead, a Lich. It can think more logically than other undead and possesses strong magic powers.
Cursed Armor Knight
Armored dolls sewn together from the bodies of the undead, filled with the hate and grudges of fallen soldiers. They combine the skill of soldiers in war with the power and menace of undead.
Lycanthrope [Echidna]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. Echidna is a very violent strain and needs to be exterminated with extreme prejudice immediately after detection.
Death's Embrace
The life of a woman who is seduced by a devil will end the moment he embraces her. There is no way to bring her back.
Crest Orderly
Messengers from the Duchy of Crest. They deliver reports from the battlefield, or intelligence delivered by spies. They don't use spells to deliver their information because other wizards might be able to intercept them.
Haste Assassin
A specially trained assassin, as fast as the wind and able to take down the enemy with one strike. People call them by many names, but their assassination skills live up to all of them.
Consuming Grudge
The grudges the dead hold against the living are gathered by necromantic power and became a creature with a shape. No one can survive its soul-shattering touch.
Magic Doll -Healer-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. Magic Doll Healer's duty is to gather Magic Dolls that were damaged in battle and restore them to fighting condition.
Crest Spy
A special agent reporting directly to the spy master of the Duchy Crest, Annarose. They sneak into the Solar Kingdom to collect information and perform acts of sabotage.
This rotten corpse can move and attack with great speed, powered by various dark energies. Any who expect undead to be slow and plodding will be slain before they can even react.
Dragon Slayer / Bringer
A legendary mercenary, said to be the strongest single combatant in Lavato. Hired as a guard for his raw power, it's rumored that he possesses the strength to kill a dragon in one strike. His determination to fight can make anyone fear for their life.
Revolver King / Shelby
The brave king of a small kingdom. He leads his famous gunner knights into battle to support Heierrat. His flashy cape is meant to attract attention away from his riflemen and snipers.
Attendant / Feria
A young swordsman from the Far East who's been trailing Yuni. He expertly wields a sword as tall as he is, and he always waits for the enemy to engage before striking out with his blade.
Last Hunter / Cassandra
The only survivor of a proud tribe of hunters that lived on the far reaches of the Grand Surface wasteland. She's been seen carrying two swords, one a Holy Sword, one a cursed Soulblade, looking for the man who annihilated her tribe. She's been traveling with Dilate ever since she met him on the road.
Rain of Arrows
On the battlefield, the master archers are used to fire over the rank and file to take out enemy leaders. This especially dangerous magic is designed along the same principle.
Giant Gorilla
It's said that this monster dwells in the dark depths of the forest. Local tribes worship it and bring food. It's believed that its power is as strong as that of a dragon.
Forest Rhino
There are monsters that have been living deep in the eldritch forests since ancient times. They're very territorial, and attack anything that enters their domain.
Ancient Mage Pixy
The fairy civilization has been around since long before humankind. And while they are small, the magic they have mastered throughout the ages is like nothing people have ever seen before.
Heierrat Spy
Special agents from the Mercenary Nation. They sneak into many different countries to collect information. They can be used to insure the safety of Heierrat, or even check up on the good intentions of a prospective employer.
The Forest of Hate
When evil men, wizards or even undead are buried in the ground, the plants that grow up around them absorb their negative energy. When a whole forest grows like this, it can uproot itself and swarm local villages.
Man-Eating Tiger
When a tiger grows large by feasting on humans, it becomes a real monster. Its appetite and ferocity are terrifying compared to regular tigers.
Dual Axe Wielder
These warriors have a very muscular body and can use an axe in each hand. Their power is so great that even accomplished swordsmen and armored knights are no match for them.
Heierrat Horseman
A highly mobile strike force from the Mercenary Nation. They rush from one end of the battlefield to another to lend their support to any division in danger of being wiped out.
Archer Pixy
Archer pixies can appear in the most unexpected of places to fight any enemies that threaten nature.
Dragon Breath
The fiery breath of dragons has many different abilities. Wizards can channel the power for an extremely quick burst of fire.
Abyssal Strategist / Galdirea
He is one of the three emissaries directly under the Envoy of Chaos and a master manipulator. His favorite methods involve corrupting his enemies and taking control of them. The specific mission given to him is to take over the Wizard Kingdom.
Spell Analyst / Diondora
A wizard prodigy who can see everything about the world through her magical mathematical formulas. She calculates that a great danger is creeping toward the Wizard Kingdom, and decides to help Dilate.
Cursed Siren / Metia
The former captain of the guard for the Mermaid Kingdom. An evil manipulator put a curse on her and corrupted her mind. She now leads other corrupted mermaids to attack Vonderam.
Black Tortoise - North / Ladol
One of the four highest ranking strategists of the Wizard Kingdom. He's a genius and the youngest of them. He always sounds like he's looking down on others, but he just lacks good communication skills.
Flanking Attack
Strong warriors in the front and wizards in the back. Even with a textbook formation, an ambush from behind can easily rout their lines.
Strike Sorcerer of Regus
A special tactical team used by the Wizard Kingdom army. Not only do they have lightning fast attack capabilities, but their enchanted gauntlets let them attack with spells from a great distance.
Mermaid Transformation
A spell that mermaids use when they go up on dry land. Unfortunately, they have to lose their beautiful tail in exchange for getting a human body.
Elite Fencer of Regus
The strongest Fencers of Regus have mixed magic into their sword fighting. With their magic strikes they can immobilize opponents or enchant their blades.
Mermaid Dancer
Many ancient forms of magic are practiced in the Mermaid Kingdom, including this form of dancing. Its magic can fill nearby Mermaids with power.
A convenient spell for traveling, but when it's used by an inexperienced wizard, the effect might be a bit different from what it's supposed to be.
Mermaid Shield Soldier
The main unit of Mermaids assigned to defense. When the twisted Carrier Mermaids attacked, they were among the only ones to resist corruption and hold back the waves of evil to protect Vonderam and their sisters.
Deep Sleep
A spell that will put people into a deep sleep, and is known to give them good dreams. It's said it was developed by students at the Regus Academy for pulling pranks during finals.
Carrier [Singer of Friendship]
One of the types of corrupted Mermaids. An evil manipulator put a curse on her, turning her into a horrible monster and driving her to hunt down and slaughter all of her closest friends.
Carrier [Singer of Love]
One of the types of corrupted Mermaids. An evil manipulator put a curse on her, turning her into a horrible monster and driving her to murder the ones she loves the most.
Sea Serpent
An enormous sea monster with a long neck that can snatch a bird flying out of the air with one strike. However, it's cold blooded and begins to slow down after some time out of the warm waters in which it lives.
The Paladin's Sin
Solar Princess / Aliria
The princess of the Solar Kingdom and younger sister of Verlaat. Her smile shines warmly over the people of the Solar Kingdom, who all love her. Aliria has no training, but the sun has given her a gift of power that rivals a high priestess. She is like the bogeyman to sentient undead, who whisper of her as 'the other half of the sun.'
Aura of the Holy Emperor
The aura used by the True Holy Emperor, Retear, king among dragon kings. It was witnessed in the fight against the army of undead at the end of Battle for the Holy Realm. This aura has the power to save anyone from perishing.
Twin Wing Knight / Bistya
An elite member of the royal guard of the Solar Kingdom. He always serves as the watchdog of his competitive tomboy of a sister, Glosfiea. They each wear magic armor that allows them to share and reinforce each other's power.
Twin Wing Knight / Glosfiea
An elite member of the royal guard of the Solar Kingdom. She always tries to protect her timid brother, Bistya. They each wear magic armor that allows them to share and reinforce each other's power.
Peace Negotiations
After fighting through many hardships and piercing many veils of treachery, Verlaat and Eskatia finally make peace. However, the forces of chaos are not about to take this lying down and the war reaches a new level.
Battle-Worn Lady Paladin
The Lady Paladins of the Solar Kingdom were sent on a reconnaissance mission under the direct order of The True God Church. However, they were ambushed by a mysterious army from Crest and driven into a battle that made the innocent into veterans in an instant. Fighting off absolute despair, they still hope to survive.
Veteran Folrart Paladin
The most experienced unit of paladins from the Solar Kingdom. They know how to hit the enemy and hit hard, but the real reason they've survived this long is that they put their priority on healing themselves instead of others.
Agate Carbuncle
A gem beast with an agate stone in its forehead. Legends say that when the stone begins to glow, it borrows the power from its fellows and uses it to defend them without hesitation.
Cait Sith
A rare type of fairy that can walk on its own two feet. It uses a cat's body to travel around the world of mortals, and legends have it that seeing one on your travels will bring you good luck.
Light Flash
This spell produces a spear light that can penetrate the target with absolute accuracy and come out the other side.
Beneficent Priestess
A beautiful priestess who runs an orphanage in a little town on the outskirts of the Solar Kingdom. She takes in and raises the children who have lost their parents in war.
Brutal Mammoth
A strange monster that appears to be a giant hairy elephant. They appeared in the northern areas of the land of Lavato and grew huge. Normally they're very well-tempered, but once one becomes upset, nothing can stand in its way.
Folrart Lady Monk
A believer of the True God Church. From her unique training she's mastered fighting in hand-to-hand combat. Because of her unwavering faith in the True God Church, her focus is far superior to that of other martial artists.
Folrart Berserker
A soldier of the Solar Kingdom who has been caught in a fierce battle. While his allies die all around him, he'll do whatever it takes to survive.
Cure Light
A miracle power that can heal simple wounds in an instant. Folrart Priests rarely have the time to use their strongest healing spells in battle, but this one sees a lot of use because it's instantaneous.
The vicious sword once used by Afel, servant to Chaos Lady Annarose. It controls the murderous intent of whoever wields it, and transforms them into a perfect killer who must obey Annarose.
Guard Captain / Afeemina
The captain of the guards that protect Princess Eskatia and the castle in the Duchy of Crest. She also serves as one of Eskatia's most trusted advisers. When Verlaat approached Crest and tried to negotiate for peace, Afeemina is the one who made it happen.
Dark Evocator / Domina
Annarose's favorite court wizard. She may look little and cute on the outside, but she delights in the most horrible, disgusting of things. Her hobby is to summon and control monsters, or even create new ones from the depths of her imagination. Her closest servant is a monster called Gangandore.
Servant of Chaos / Gangadore
A man-made being created by Dark Evocator Domina. Its intelligence is low, but it's very obedient and has enough power to tear an armored knight in half. It obeys Domina's orders without fail. When Verlaat comes to the Duchy of Crest to negotiate peace, Gangadore is sent to hunt him down.
Deadly Scheme
This woman is an agent of the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi. She controls the Duchy of Crest from the shadows, and is the driving force behind the War of the Sun and Moon. But her cunning plans are not over yet...
Lycanthrope [Taurus]
Lyncanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. Taurus is a very ferocious strain that even resists the purifying effects of sunlight. Just one person with this disease can destroy a whole town.
Magic Doll -Cannon-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. Her basic abilities are no better than the average magic doll, but she has a special magic cannon installed in her that can annihilate an entire army.
Magic Doll -Mobility-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. This one is a mass-produced model, extremely popular all over the Duchy of Crest. Its efficiency and speed is among the best of all Magic Dolls.
Veteran Crest Slayer
Knights from the Duchy of Crest survive long enough to become veterans not because of their defensive abilities, but because they ignore their wounds and kill or cripple their enemies quickly and viciously.
Split Second Decision
There are a lot of situations where a split second decision can result in your life or your death. One of the innate strengths of the knights and assassins of the Duchy of Crest is the talent to react instantly.
Crest Gale Fencer
A specially-trained swordswoman from the Duchy of Crest. Annarose designed a special type of sword to be given to the troops that increases their speed. However, at midnight the sword's power can go out of control.
Crest Greatsword Soldier
A swordsman from the Duchy of Crest who easily swings around a huge sword as big as he is. It's been said that it's too big to be called a sword, and is more like a slab of iron. When he swings it at cavalry, even the horses are cut in half.
Crest Ranger
A scout from the Duchy of Crest, and one of the few who has been trained to survive in the wilderness. She's able to brew paralyzing poison from mushrooms, but she's likely to use it on her superior so she can sneak off and go exploring.
Wounding Sword
This sword gained consciousness by absorbing the evil energy of the graveyard it was buried in. It sees the value in its existence by killing people.
Creeping Hands
The hands of dead may try to drag living beings into the other world. The living often return, as they have no place there, but they are never the same again.
Dragoneye / Ainhazard
The king of a small nation near the Solar Kingdom. His eyes house an inhuman power to see the truth, earning him the name 'Dragoneye,' or 'the Dragon Eyed King.' He realizes the truth behind the war and believes that even defeating Elgandi is not enough. Then he sees the making of a civil war in the Wizard Kingdom, and decides to make his move.
Roar of the Flame Emperor
The battle cry of the Flame Emperor, Allind. The magic radiating just from his roar can cause the air to combust for miles around!
Heierrat Warchief / Delrare
The commander of the standing army of the Mercenary Nation. In battle he lost vision in both his eyes, but he can still swing a sword more accurately than any normal fighter. Like many of his fellows, he began as an ordinary mercenary.
Faerie Heroine / Mitzett
A swordswoman pixy who's portrayed as a hero among fey folk. She carries a magic Fey Blade that can cut apart enemies like the wind. Despite her tiny size, she chooses to fight against humans.
Herald of Ruin / Behemoth
A magical creature created by Galdirea, servant of the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi. It is the horrific combination of every savage creature Galdirea could find, given powerful regenerative abilities just so it could keep from tearing itself apart.
Pixy Assassin
An assassin who fits in the palm of a human, but can fight with deadly accuracy and numbing poisons. Even a full grown adult won't be able to survive their deadly strikes.
Giant Arthropleurid
An ancient insect and ancestor to both armored arthropods and many-legged millipedes. This one has been sleeping underground for thousands of years. It was awakened by a sudden earthquake and rose from the ground, destroying everything in its path.
Colossal Beetle
A giant insect that grew large in the deep woods of Lavato where humans dare not venture. It uses the horns on its body to attack, which can be deadly. However, the monster is strong but brittle. A good attack can cripple it or break its horns.
Light Heierrat Fighter
The Mercenary Nation relies on highly mobile light swordswomen in battle. Their power is average, but they are very agile so they're always one step ahead of the enemy.
Earth Wyvern
A large wyvern that lives in the same dense jungles where earth dragons live. It cannot fly, but it can run at high speed and devour anything. Because of its strange ferocity, tribal legends claim it is a soulless creature.
Heierrat Dual Gunslinger
A skilled gunslinger from the Mercenary Nation who fights with two revolvers. He's so fast, his bullets hit the enemy before they even see him draw.
Pixy Greatswordswoman
A swordswoman who fits in the palm of a human, but uses ancient faerie magic to make up for her small size. She defeats enemy spell casters by locking their magic, then attacking with a sword that gets stronger with each swing.
Pixy Healer
A healer who fits in the palm of a human. They use their powers to heal the wounds of children and honest people. They may be small, but their ancient magic can heal injuries that no other spells can. Many healers wish to study them and learn their secret.
Ant Swarm
A large type of ant that lives in the deep woods. They're carnivorous and they have been known to swarm a human and take it home as their meal.
Gaia Fang
The magic of the earth. It sends a powerful attack through the ground, and will not fail to hit the target... as long as it can't fly, of course.
Paladin of Sin / Durendal
One of the six paladins who protect the Wizard Kingdom. He is tempted by Abyssal Strategist Galdirea's offer and decides to betray the other paladins. However, to someone like him who has attained true immortality, both protecting the Wizard Kingdom and brutally betraying it are just ways to kill time.
Prototype Form / Noze
A magic doll who was created by Abyssal Strategist Galdirea using the data of Esria, Astaforse and one other. Her purpose is to reach the Magic Archive in the center of the Wizard Kingdom.
Mage Knight Lancer / Marduk
A knight of Regus who has the power to control light. Together with her partner, Urgrant, she's been assigned to investigate the mysterious enemy who has been trying to infiltrate the Wizard Kingdom. However, her spirit is broken when she learns that one of her close friends is the one who betrayed them.
Mage Knight Fencer / Urgrant
A knight of Regus who can control darkness. Together with his partner, Marduk, he's been assigned to investigate the mysterious enemy who has been trying to infiltrate the Wizard Kingdom. He detests the betrayer for breaking Marduk's spirit.
Wrath of the Sea Lord
The magic aura of the Sea Lord, Vonderam. Its power can banish even the most powerful of wizards.
Mirror Shield Soldier of Regus
In a kingdom where magic is a way of life, no one understands better how important it is to defend against enemy spells. These specialized soldiers wield ancient magic shields and are trained in disrupting spell casters.
Cursed Runesword Fighter
A division of Regus soldiers who fight with rune-covered greatswords they create themselves. During Galdirea and Durendal's infiltration of the Regus army their magic swords were corrupted and filled with evil power.
Strike Wyvern
A Wyvern that spots its prey from far above in the sky, and rapidly descends to catch it. Its flying speed, altitude, and diving power are much greater than any other wyvern's.
Forbidden Key
A magic key which is overflowing with ominous power. No one has yet figured out how to handle it, but the wizards of Regus believe it could be a great benefit to their magic.
Frozen Cage
A spell that is simple in concept, but big in raw power. It traps the target accurately in a huge ice crystal.
Winged Scout
The Wizard Kingdom employs dozens of kinds of scouts. This type specializes in long-distance missions and can cover more range accurately than any other.
Carrier [Singer of Peace]
One of the types of corrupted mermaids. Those who hoped only for peace were transformed into horrible monsters that get stronger and stronger as they keep fighting. If there is no enemy, they can always fight with themselves.
Giant Manta Ray
A giant ray that lives in the waters around the Wizard Kingdom. Its stealth is a perfect defense. And if you do manage to spear it, its barbed stinger will slash at you, delivering a poison strong enough to cripple a dragon.
Regus Patroler
A civilian volunteer that patrols the coasts near the Wizard Kingdom. Regus is threatened by attacks from the countries around it, and their vigilance could allow them to repel even a superior force. However, the kingdom is vulnerable to attacks from within.
Total Failure
That's the funny thing about total failure, you get pretty good at cleaning up the mess.
Fall of Wizard Kingdom
Lion General / Zagar
The high commander of the regular armies of Folrart and the Royal Guard, the Folrart Guardians, and the Shrine Knights. He works to protect the Solar Prince both from foreign enemies, and also from dangerous members of the True God Church. When Verlaat set out to negotiate with Crest, Zagar waited in the royal capital, but his intuition warned him something was wrong...
Archer Captain / Fistara
An assistant captain of the Royal Knights of Folrart. She's one of Lavato's feline kin and an expert archer. She's also in command of the Light Magic Archers, and can nail an enemy with one shot even from a great distance. Her magic bow in particular, the Wings of Olivia, inspires considerable fear. She acted as Verlaat's guard by order of Zagar.
Honored Spirit / Ashbars
One of the great generals of the Solar Kingdom when it was founded. With his spirit blade Ophelean he cut down those who opposed Folrart, instilling fear in neighboring countries. Ultimately he lost his life, betrayed by comrades in the midst of battle. Lawtia noticed his martial exploits and made him the kingdom's guardian spirit. He appears when Verlaat is in trouble.
High Acolyte / Bopors
Leader of the acolytes in the Solar Kingdom's Royal Knights. At a glance, anybody would say he looks like a brigand or a hooligan, but he's a genuine high cleric. However, as his appearance suggests, he's indeed rowdy and tries to settle everything his way.
Prayer for Safety
Aliria prays for Verlaat's safety as he journeys through enemy territory. But this prayer tragically goes unanswered, as sad news is delivered to Folrart...
Church Paladin
Paladin knights who were ordained by the Church of the True God, and thus are not under direct Solar Kingdom authority. Unlike Folrart's knights, they freely wield the power of miracles as they fight. Cardinal Gilensa dispatched them when he heard about the predicament facing Verlaat's party.
Sun Worshiper
There are sparsely populated regions of Lavato, remote by even its standards, where some groups worship monsters as gods. They revere coatls as divine envoys. There are reportedly cases where they offer sacrifices and give them even greater power.
Mammoth Brigade
A unit made up of mammoths trained as soldiers. Weaponizing the overwhelming power of mammoths makes them a force to be reckoned with. But because they must be trained, they are a bit docile and lacking in attack power compared to their wild cousins.
Inquisition Night Raider
A priest who executes penal regulations according to the doctrine of the world's most widespread religion, the True God Church. By day he serves as a priest, but as the dark of night is the time of evil, that's when he begins his punishment of the wicked.
Miracle Bind
One of the miracles wielded by priests in battle, it traps the enemy with holy power.
Folrart Mage
A member of the Solar Kingdom's mage corps. They convert the energy of their own soul into magic power, and specialize in attack magic. They also carry with them special items that boost the power of such spells.
Priests of the Royal Guard
Priests who accompany Solar Kingdom royalty. A group accompanied Verlaat on his visit to Crest, but were attacked by the Augments. The priests are duty-bound to protect Verlaat, but get separated from him thanks to Annarose's tactics.
Woman of Purity
A pious lady who Aliria often visits. Because of her natural goodness, her prayers for peace and safety for the children are purer and stronger than those of any priest.
Refugee Citizens
Citizens trying to escape the irrational wars and conflicts happening around all them. Conflict engulfs the powerless as it spreads destruction all over Lavato.
A miracle that returns a person's consciousness to its original state when it's been lost to magic or some wicked curse.
Last Resort / Gaieshart
The leader of the Augments. He was formed from restructured humans and created by Annarose, servant of the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi. His strength is unlimited because he is able to eat people to gain their powers. Under Annarose's orders, he attacks Verlaat's party and casts Verlaat down into a ravine.
Matchless Combatant / Yug
One of the three commanders of the armies of the Duchy of Crest under Dical's command. Yug is a veteran soldier who excels at horsemanship. Dical ordered him to keep an eye on Annarose's activities, and while doing so he witnesses the sudden attack of the Augments on Verlaat.
Six Armed Man / Alvein
A member of the Augments, a force of restructured humans assembled by Annarose, servant of the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi. Usually he looks like a regular young man, but six arms can grow out of his back. The arms also vary in length, allowing him to attack his victims from all sides.
Fog of Death / Seria
A member of the Augments, a force of restructured humans assembled by Annarose, servant of the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi. Her face looks like a young girl's, but her body is completely artificial like a mannequin's. Seria was originally made from a famous assassin.
Triad of Chaos Meets
The three servants of Elgandi, the Envoy of Chaos. They work in secret to change Lavato into the world of war Elgandi desires.
Black Hound Master
A man who works as a thief and uses wild dogs to do his bidding. His skills are so great, he and his dogs are enough to take down an entire village.
Nightmare Given Form
A monster living on the frontier. It's said that it can eat souls, and if this monster kills you, you depart for the world of the dead with the memory of the pain intact.
Lycanthrope [Nue]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. This specific type is said to be easy to spot because the appetite sharply increases before it manifests.
Magic Doll -Exorcist-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. Her body is loaded with magic charms in order to counter spirit enemies. She can use the soul energy she absorbs and generate a powerful shield.
Bitter Destiny
A deadly attack is launched by the leader of the Augments. Solar Prince Verlaat falls into a dark ravine with no visible bottom. As a result, the war progresses into a new phase with no end in sight...
Ghoul Mage
An undead creature that was once a mage, and is now twisted by a wicked power. It possesses intelligence and culture, and is extremely difficult to handle. But as its only goal is to kill the living, there's no mistaking how warped it is.
Shadow Hound
A large monster, said to have been generated by an evil miasma, that lurks in shadows. It wanders from shadow to shadow, hunting its prey.
Augmented Sorcerer
A test subject used by Annarose when she created the Augments. He's controlled by a special hypnotism spell, and follows Annarose's orders above all others.
Angry Mob
Ordinary people who live in and around the Duchy of Crest. Getting pulled into the conflict has left them nervous and suspicious. Their fear has become hate for what they don't understand, and now they're hostile towards strangers.
Word of Dalos
Dalos, said to be a guest of Annarose, gets ready to fight alongside the Augments. It seems he was just looking for an excuse to exercise his destructive power, and Annarose was happy to oblige him.
The Nullifier / Vol Agni
A former Crest officer with a demonically transformed body. Annarose used him as a test subject and fused him with Flame Demon Dortnail. Afterward he was regarded as a failure and discarded, but he survived and now awaits his chance for revenge against Annarose. He's currently hiding out in the Mercenary Nation.
Raging Brawler / Olvaus
A martial artist with monstrous strength, and the catchphrase 'You gotta have guts, you gotta be smart, and you gotta... uh, have guts!' Though he's known as a martial artist, he's actually low on technique and relies on raw power to settle things.
Price of Knowledge / Liz
Along with Black Cat Fellana and Doll Master Sumer, she researched the laws of cause and effect, until the day she encountered the Mazoku Extension. As a result, fear turned her hair white as snow and she was left with the power to see Lavato's future. In order to protect her friends, she found service with the Mercenary Nation.
Fairy Knight / Torte
A pixy girl who was enlarged to the size of human. Torte travels the world to learn its languages and hopes to save it from evil. She has a magic cloak named Lumilarin's Drop that lets her turn invisible and protects her. Mermaid Princess Emana rescued her during her travels, so now she accompanies Emana to repay the debt.
Brave Strike
When you are truly brave, you can strike with unbeatable power. If your entire army is truly brave, then nothing can stop you!
Samurai Lady
A swordswoman from a land far to the east. Her unique sword skills allow her to inflict tremendous wounds with her eastern weapon, a type of sword known as a 'katana.'
Elite Beltorat Knight
Elite knights of Beltorat, under the command of the king Dragoneye Ainhazard. Legend has it that for good luck, their armor is made to look like the red scales of the dragon Beltorat, for whom the kingdom is named.
Anti Magic Swordsman
A mercenary swordsman affiliated with Heierrat. He wears a suit of armor acquired long ago in the Wizard Kingdom, and when he's equipped with it, no magic spell can affect him.
Wyvern Swarm
This type of wyvern lives in forests and operates in large packs. When they find prey, one wyvern will bite it, and then the rest of them will swoop down. Even a full-grown man doesn't last long when several dozen latch onto him.
Heierrat Flame Magician
A magician affiliated with the Mercenary Nation. He uses special flame spells he developed personally. These spells change his body into flame and attack several targets at once. However, he can burn up a lot of magic energy.
Beltorat Spearman
Spearmen of Beltorat, under the command of the king Dragoneye Aihazard. Spears are the primary weapon used by the Red Dragon Kingdom's troops. They were headed for the Wizard Kingdom, but suddenly the weather changed, instilling them with fear.
Treasure Hunter
A treasure hunter who sneaks into dungeons and ruins all over the world in search of valuables. The thrill she feels discovering treasure can't be put into words, but she's terribly disappointed when she comes up empty.
Pixy Dual Wielder
Pixy sword fighters who fit in the palm of a grown man's hand. Armed with a sword in each hand, they form groups and swoop down to stab at their enemies all at once. Even an armored warrior can't withstand their blitz.
Smart Ork
A monster that looks like a humanoid pig. It achieved a near-human level of intelligence, and in addition to satisfying its appetite, it's learned how to raid and lead with efficiency. Orks' strength surpasses that of humans, so they're extremely dangerous when they form groups.
Burning Air
In a town ablaze with fire, the flames raise the temperature of the air so high that nearby people begin to spontaneously catch on fire.
Complete Form / Noze
Elgandi's servant Galdirea created the prototype magic doll Noze, and this is her evolved form once she absorbed the Wizard Kingdom's Magic Archive. There's now no trace of her former appearance, and her destructive ability is far higher than before. Galdirea is trying to use Noze to destroy the world.
Paladin of Truth / Inzaghi
The artifact known as the Magic Archive in the Wizard Kingdom can manipulate people, and created the kingdom to protect itself. Inzaghi is the Archive's final guardian, and one of the six paladins linked to it who can use its power. However, he is murdered by Durendal.
White Tiger - West / Rozari
Leader of the Branches of the Tree of Wisdom, the Wizard Kingdom's council on strategic warfare. She's a woman, but she inherited the knowledge, techniques, and will of her father, the former leader of the Branches. Undefeated in battle, her insight surpasses even his.. She survives the downfall of her kingdom and fights on to preserve what she can.
Crab General / Vosrot
The general of the barbarians raiding the Wizard Kingdom. He knows how to train the monstrous Sea Hunters and has them do his bidding. His right hand is artificial, made of scrap. He lost the hand when it was cut off by a deep sea mermaid, but he conceals this fact, perhaps out of embarrassment.
The Truth of Regus
Dilate, running to Cassandra's aid as she pursues Galdirea, lays eyes on a surprising truth in the heart of the Wizard Kingdom's Magic Library. The king of Regus is not a human, but in fact a magical artifact.
Lightning Wyvern
A wyvern living in thunder clouds and known as also the king of storms. Usually it lives high in the sky and doesn't go near the ground, but occasionally one that's lost its sense of direction will do so. It's a formidable enemy, as humans have few ways of defeating it.
Elite Mage Knight of Regus
A high-ranking knight of the Wizard Kingdom, who excels at defense and defending important sorcerers. However, the power of his anti magic armor somewhat suppresses his attack power.
Mermaid Spear Fighter [Human]
Mermaids live in the depths of Lavato's seas. Furious over the sea floor's devastation and the near loss of his own life, Sea Lord Vonderam transformed the mermaids so they could operate on dry land. They've been ordered to recover Mermaid Princess Emana, who's gone missing somewhere on land.
Thunder Drop
High order thunder magic conjured by the archmage Rubia. Its effect is usually to stun the enemy, but when a wielder with strong magic power uses it, it will rain down destructive lightning.
Eldritch Hands
A strange magic artifact that uses the power of some otherworldly demon. Any creature grasped by these hands is torn apart.
Talisman Mystic
A woman with a talisman possessing a special magic power. It has the ability to seal off spells.
Mermaid Sorceress [Human]
Mermaids rule the depths of Lavato's seas. Their lord, Vonderam, has sent them to the surface to put a stop to Galdirea's wicked designs. However, this added conflict is just what Galdirea wanted.
Mermaid Soldier [Human]
The mermaid fighters are masters of Lavato's seas. They're taking part in surface conflicts after being transformed into human forms by their lord, Vonderam. His orders are twofold. One is to defeat the evil manipulator Galdirea. The other is to locate their missing princess, Emana.
Carrier [Singer of Justice]
One of the savage types of corrupted Mermaids. An evil manipulator put a curse on her, completely altering her form. Her terrible cries strengthen her comrades.
Wizard's Gale
Wind magic that can only be controlled by the most experienced wizards. If wielded by a caster with great power, it will blow its target very far away.
Keepers of Chaos
The Impregnable / Rubens
The leader of the Solar Kingdom's Royal Guardian Knights, he's from the family responsible for protecting the Solar Kingdom's secrets. His younger sister is the Realm Guardian, Mayleen. Thanks to his nonchalant demeanor and sarcastic attitude, Lapierre doesn't get along with him. Rubens deliberates with the Shrine Knights to resolve the crisis.
Lion Adjunct / Ermitage
Lion General Zagar's personal adjutant, who keeps a close eye on all the general's affairs. She was originally second-in-command of the Guardian Knights, but her commander made her Zagar's aide when he saw how inundated Zagar was with work. It's said she can be a scary woman, but not by Zagar.
4th Shrine Leader / Elaice
The leader of the 4th unit of Folrart's Shrine Knights. Shrine Knight leaders are known for having their share of quirks, but she's the most ordinary of them in terms of personality. She often operates as Lapierre's adjutant, and is therefore also known as the 'shadow leader' of the Shrine Knights.
Right Hand Man / Aivault
Second-in-command of the Solar Kingdom's Royal Guardian Knights, he's also known as the Right Hand of the knights. As a friend of Rubens, the group's leader, he speaks his mind openly to him. As adjutant to Rubens, he keeps tabs on the kingdom's royalty. In fact, he uses personal connections to keep an eye on the royalty of multiple lands.
The General's Order
The order to march was issued to all forces by General Zagar. This proves to be the harbinger of a major series of battles.
Jade Carbuncle
A gem beast with a green stone in its brow. There's another, very friendly gem beast that also sports a green stone, but this one has an aggressive personality. Confusing the two could be dangerous.
Folrart Heavy Knight
A division of heavily armored soldiers affiliated with the Solar Kingdom's Royal Knights and trained to defend against any attack, physical or magical. They set forth to protect Prince Verlaat, but then were separated from him in the battle with the Augments. They returned home with Fistara and her troops.
Knight of the 4th Shrine
Shrine Knights are knights who also receive training as priestesses. They excel at evading enemy attacks and inflicting fatal strikes to their enemy's vital points. They aren't as tough as regular knights, but they can use divine powers that become stronger if they work as a team. Knights of the 4th Shrine specialize in reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.
Inquisitor Acolyte
An acolyte of the True God Church, the world's most widespread religion, who defeats evil in accordance with its doctrine. During the day he works as a priest, and when the townspeople request it, he fights as a warrior against wickedness and evil spirits.
Folrart Rear Guard
Members of the Solar Kingdom's Royal Knights. They took part in Prince Verlaat's mission, but found themselves cornered when the Augments attacked. Spotting an opening in the enemy ranks, they somehow managed to successfully retreat.
Sun Bow Archer
Members of the Sun Bow Archers, a division of the Solar Kingdom's Royal Knights. They're able to harness the magic energy that flows throughout Lavato, unaware that it's the remnants of the energy of the four sleeping gods of old.
Folrart Scout
A scout dispatched by the Solar Kingdom's Guardian Knights. Each division of Folrart's forces has its own scouting unit. Intelligence gathered by them is delivered to their respective leaders.
Legendary Kirin
Supernatural creatures said to live in nigh-uninhabited mountains. They're quite aggressive toward humans. It's also said that wherever these monsters are found, you'll often find other rare creatures of all kinds.
Talisman of Disruption
An anti-undead magic item made by priests, through the use of components such as holy water. It extinguishes any undead with a single strike.
Unclean One / Yudit
The lich queen of what's known as the land of the undead. Zugateroza, king of the undead, orders her to take part in the attack on Crest. She wields sorcery that allows her to remake any corpse into a unique and formidable zombie. When she was alive, she sought a spell for eternal life and youth, but an experiment went wrong and killed her, turning into an undead.
Gray Wolf / Metis
One of the Duchy of Crest's three captains, he's mastered Far East sword fighting techniques to the point that he can even cut through steel. General Dical had ordered him to observe Annarose's actions. Her latest exploits have finally led him to the headquarters of the Abyssal Forces.
Ultimate Analyst / Fran
The intelligence expert of the Augments, a group of restructured humans produced by Chaoslady Annarose. She also manages the physical and psychological information on her comrades. She originally worked in a Crest library, until Annarose took an interest in her and reformed her. She lives a life of fear amongst the band of sub-humans.
Death Dragonknight / Langbart
Until recently he fought to hold back the undead army as a knight captain of Crest, but he was assassinated via Annarose's plot. Zugateroza ordered the Unclean One to reanimate his corpse as an undead. He had great strength when he was alive, and now wields a sword too large for any two humans to handle. His personality hasn't gotten any less ferocious, either.
Dire Straits
Cassandra challenged Abyssal Strategist Galdirea to battle, but she was unable to stand up to the warlock's power alone. Is there any hope left of defeating him?
Magic Doll -Covert-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. The Covert type is made to strongly resemble a human, so she can approach her target in disguise and function as both a spy and assassin.
Crest Lady Paladin
A lady knight of Crest who answers directly to Princess Eskatia and has taken special vows of loyalty. If given the order, she will fight enemies on Eskatia's behalf, and bravely volunteer to bodily shield her from danger.
Lycanthrope [Belphegor]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. With this strain, a deep chill emanates from the body, numbing everything around it. It only spreads at night, but can gestate during the day.
Stronghold of Chaos
The stronghold of the Abyssal Forces, it was hidden in the Gondfore Mountain range, which separates the Duchy of Crest from a neighboring country.
Shadow Assassin
An assassin who creeps through the dark of night to kill his enemies. He'll do anything it takes to murder his target, wearing a red mask that indicates his willingness to draw blood.
Marching Death
A soldier made by the Cursed Legions by joining together a variety of dead bodies too broken to be animated alone. It strengthens itself by harvesting additional corpses.
Magic Doll -Mini-
Golems created by the twisted witch Sumer. The Mini is said to be a type marketed for, among others, elderly couples not blessed with children. The truth is, they're an experiment in cost-reduction.
Haste Sorceress
A spellcaster with Annarose's Augments. She's controlled by a special magic spell, and follows Annarose's orders above all others. Also, under Fran's control she uses all manner of spells to attack her enemies.
Dark Confederation
A cursed contract that is sealed to give undead further powers. It requires the ability of a high level spellcaster.
Awakened Magic Doll / Esria
Esria was the prototype for Noze, and this is her form after awakening to new powers thanks to Noze's attack. At the same time, her memories returned and she became aware of her true identity. However, this power is steadily undermining Esria's body, leading eventually to her collapse.
Shooting Star Sword / Lei Sei
A swordswoman who mastered sword techniques in an area of Lavato called the Far East. Her skills are expert level, and she attacks with a speed no typical warrior can follow. That speed and the name of the sword she wields, Ryuuseimaru, result in her being called the Shooting Star. Her personality is hearty, but her tastes and diet are feminine.
Staff Master / Mureria
A martial artist from the mainland, not far from the Far East, who fights with an energy called qi and a two-handed staff. She's quite a formidable fighter, and at the moment nobody can withstand her. She always speaks condescendingly and aggressively to men, but she has a weak spot when she is smitten.
Nine Ball Assassin / Jerry
A mysterious mercenary assassin. When his wife and daughter were killed, he found himself with a special power that allows him send his enemies flying exactly where he wants them. He works as a mercenary to put his power to good use, and to locate the man who killed his wife and daughter.
Final Showdown
In a balanced fight, it's luck that finally decides the outcome.
Mage Knight Mercenary
This man was once a high-ranking knight in the Wizard Kingdom. He escaped just before its destruction by a fiend's attack, and made for the allied Mercenary Kingdom. Now he joins in the fight against the evil forces as a mercenary to restore his kingdom. Wielding both magic and a sword, he's a knight who can cope with any situation.
Beltorat Assault Knight
Stormtroopers of Beltorat, under the command of Dragon Eyed King Ainhazard. Legend has it that the red of their armor is based for good luck on the red scales of the dragon Beltorat, for whom the kingdom is named. They charge onto the battlefield in preemptive strikes.
Ork Commander
A monster that looks like a humanoid pig. It achieved a near-human level of intelligence, and in addition to satisfying its appetite, it's learned how to seize land and issue orders. Furthermore, it deludes its fellow giant orks into invading human territory.
Fireball Breath
A ball of flame spat out by a Fire Dragon. Fire Dragon flames will burn anything manmade to ashes. Its special properties can melt anything down to its component elements, and many alchemists wish they could harness it.
Dash Pixy
Faeries who excel at controlling wind and haste magic. They can use their powers in creative ways, or just rush into battle at blinding speed for a simultaneous attack.
Giant Dragonfly
A gigantic dragonfly monster. It's carnivorous, and will even attack and eat humans. It acts almost mindlessly, striking out at anything that moves. The only way to survive is to stand still.
Ork Bombardier
A monster that looks like a humanoid pig. It learned how to use tools, and started raiding villages. It lifts giant rocks with its characteristic strength, and attacks with them. This type of Ork has such a bottomless hunger, it's known to be cannibalistic.
Mage Soldier Mercenary Girl
A swordswoman of the Wizard Kingdom, which lost its king to the schemes of Abyssal Strategist Galdirea and the betrayal of the paladin Durendal. She was quite a high level wizard soldier, freely using all types of magic and magic items to fight her enemies. Those from Regus now use their powers in different lands as they try to restore their kingdom.
Fire Snake Whip
A whip of flame used by spellcasters. It moves according to the caster's will, making it hard to evade.
Chaos Form / Galdirea
The true form of Abyssal Strategist Galdirea, of the Triad of Chaos. Dilate and Ibert came running to help Cassandra in her time of trouble, and Galdirea unleashed his true form in order to put an end to the three once and for all. Thus does this battle become the beacon of humanity's counterattack.
Princess of Regus / Bernet
Bernet was just a girl who loved books. The musty old book she found one day in the Magic Library was an artifact. It dragged her into war, and she watched as her home was destroyed by a fiend and a magic doll. When she learned her book could determine the fate of the world to come, she chose to stop being a crybaby, and follow the path of a mage princess.
Mermaid Sword Capt / Shufas
Mermaids live in the depths of Lavato's seas. Furious over the sea floor's devastation and the near loss of his own life, Sea Lord Vonderam transformed the mermaids so they could operate on dry land. Shufas adapted very well to human form. She brandishes a huge sword with both hands, overpowering her human opponents.
Battle Magician / Al Tauc
The leader of Regus' Battle Mage forces. His offensive magic power surpasses that of other master level spellcasters. He lost heart when he learned the truth about his kingdom just as it was being destroyed. But, he knew the people devoted to him were no illusion, so he musters the last of his power to do battle with the fiend's forces.
Magic that generates such speed that nothing else can keep up. It's often used on small fighting forces so they can ambush armies in an instant.
Carrier [Singer of Faith]
A Mermaid corrupted by a curse. This is the result of it happening to a Mermaid who had left for the surface. Its characteristics include walking on all fours and a gaping mouth with countless dog-like teeth. It rushes to attack indiscriminately once it sees its prey.
Plundering Girl Pirate
A female pirate who leads the pirates rampaging around the coastal waters. Their defense is so good because they skillfully use armor made from the shells of sea floor monsters called Sea Hunters.
Mermaid Archer [Human]
Mermaids live in the depths of Lavato's seas. Sea Lord Vonderam changed her and sent her to the surface along with mermaid soldiers and sorceresses in order to stop Galdirea the fiend. Now that she's grown legs, she can move around nimbly on dry land too.
Ice Storm
A magic spell. It's a wide-area attack spell that artificially generates hail, and those hit with it are frozen on the spot.
Refugee Flying Apprenctice
The Wizard Kingdom is perishing. When the royal army decided to evacuate, the flying mage division chose to take to the air as their rear guard.
Pirate Crewman
Crew members of a pirate ship. They band together at sea to plunder, and they have a reputation for coordinated maritime attacks.
Giant Sea Hunter
A type of giant crab living on the ocean floor. It's sometimes called the Knight of the Sea because of the carapace covering its body and its left arm, which has evolved into a shield-like shape. It usually hides in the sand, but when it's time to catch prey, it stabs it with its pincer and tears it apart.
Blade Wyvern
A wyvern that lives on high mountains and in gorges. It has a slim physique for a wyvern, but it's a ferocious creature that flies around at high speed and high altitudes, searching for prey and kicking up wind. It can scatter an army with wind blasts, or suddenly dive and create an unstoppable blade of air.
Withdrawal Strategy
These are the tactics used by Wizard Kingdom forces when they were evacuating. They made it look like they were running away, to lure enemy forces into a trap, then dealt a heavy blow to them. It requires the use of a decoy, so it's most effective when there are large numbers of friendly forces.
Verlaat & Eskatia
Duchy of Crest Field Commander Yug was leading the battle at the moment Verlaat was thrown down. He extricated Verlaat from danger before anyone else could, and brought him to Eskatia. However...
Esria & Astaforse
The fighting rages between Esria, the magic doll who's been travelling with Dilate, and Astaforse, the magic doll who pursued Esria on a mission to kill her. Their even match is about to be spoiled by their little sister, Noze.
Dilate & Ibert
Cassandra pursued Complete Form Noze, who had been awakened in the heart of the Wizard Kingdom, and her master, the Abyssal Strategist Galdirea. Dilate and Ibert hurried after her when she launched her lone assault. However, Galdirea's familiars were waiting to stand in their way.
Sumer & Fellana
Fellana was 'escorted' out of the collapsing Wizard Kingdom. This was Annarose's doing, so she could get her hands on Fellana's special research on causality. Then as she was held prisoner in Annarose's laboratory, Sumer appeared before her. What could she be up to?
Final Confrontation
Pretender to the Sun / Alphonce
Alphonce is Verlaat's older brother and a man known as the Solar Eclipse. He returns in disguise to take Verlaat's place after receiving a message from Safiria. Alphonce immediately takes command of the offensive against the Envoy of Chaos' castle. However, what is his real objective?
Unknown Warrior / Justice
A masked swordswoman who goes by the name 'Justice'. She wanders the Solar Kingdom at night, wielding her swords against gangs of criminals. She darts away before those she saves can thank her, so nobody knows her identity. Rumor has it she knows a lot about the Shrine Knights and the Church of the True God, so maybe she's somehow involved with them...
5th Shrine Leader / Judie
The leader of the 5th unit of Folrart's Shrine Knights. As the youngest of the current Shrine leaders, the others treat her like a little sister. However, her personality is not so cute, and she's obsessed with combat. Her preferred weapon is a strangely large magic lance. Her subordinates are just like her, so people call the 5th a 'bunch of crazies'.
Inquisitor Sergeant / Gravan
A knight commander of the True God Church. A zealous adherent, he always bases his actions on its doctrine. He wears an asymmetrical suit of armor, resists attacks with a shield on his right arm, and destroys enemies with a sword in his left hand, just as the True God is said to have done. With True God rituals he heals as he fights, making him seem invincible.
Sometimes, a quick idea occurs to soldiers when they're faced with crisis on the battlefield. Excellent ability is important for survival, but so is a flexible mind.
Opal Carbuncle
A gem beast with a white stone in its brow. Its stone is a size smaller than that of the diamond carbuncle, and its body is smaller as well. They live in packs, in forests uninhabited by humans. When attacked by an enemy, they emit a dazzling light from the stone in their brow, and run away at full speed.
Folrart Greatsword Soldier
A squad leader within the Folrart Swordsmen. She relies on her dance-like irregular movements to get in range of an enemy, and slays them with a single stroke of the giant scimitar she wields. If they get to close, she can knock them back with a double-fisted hilt punch.
Expert Martial Artist
A martial artist who underwent especially rigorous training, even by the Church of the True God's standards. His body, disciplined to its limit, exhibits its power in the midst of adversity. Also, it's said that the energy of his body is so well trained, he can use it to execute powerful chi strikes.
Folrart Griffin Knight
Griffins are known for their ferocity, but if tamed at an early age, they take on an obedient personality. The Solar Kingdom has been training griffins to serve as mounts for knights in the coming great war.
Beast Statue
A grotesque stone statue with a magic trap set in it. Its eyes shine ominously when it detects an intruder, and being struck by the emitted beams results in paralysis.
Assault Battering Ram
Various weapons have been developed by the Solar Kingdom for the coming great war. The battering ram is one of them, and it's said to be very successful at penetrating enemy strongholds.
Meeting of Kings
Verlaat, his memory still missing, goes with Duchy of Crest forces to the land of the undead and meets with Zugateroza, king of the dead. When Zugateroza sees Verlaat, he kneels out of respect. He then says 'I've been waiting for you, King of Mankind.'
Chaos Form / Zalzagul
The unveiled true nature of Zalzagul, Hellspawn of the Triad of Chaos. He appears before the Solar Kingdom army led by the Pretender to the Sun and reveals his true form while doing battle with Zagar and Ernst. The gold armor he wears brushes aside most physical and magical attacks.
Command Unit / Scarlet Lily
Both the command unit magic dolls White Lily and Scarlet Rose were heavily damaged in the previous war. This doll is Lily revived in Rose's body. As this process was forced, her thought patterns are unstable and her personality has become severely masochistic.
Command Unit / Dear Cattleya
She was a magic doll who bravely saved Eskatia when the Augments fiercely attacked her. She fights according what she calls her own 'will', but what's etched onto her shoulder is beyond a doubt the serial number of Belfyna's doll army...
False Mother / Rasthiria
A lich queen known as the 'False Mother' in the land of the undead, where the dead are said to walk. Rasthiria carries the spirit of a boy with her wherever she goes, and he whispers into her ear before she speaks. Her forte is sorcery, and it's said it always becomes night wherever she appears.
Crest War Conference
The Duchy of Crest's three top commanders are summoned by Dical when Eskatia goes marching forth. They each follow their own strategies, but when war comes they prove that they can work together well.
Lycanthrope [Janus]
Lycanthropy is a mysterious contagion that is spreading throughout the world. With this strain, a woman's body grows out of the infected's shoulder and indiscriminately lashes out at anyone who approaches. No matter how much you attack the host, it will continue to function unless you also destroy the parasite.
Magic Doll -Lycanthrope-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. She's a specialized combat type like -Fencer- and -Grappler-, and at night a special enhancement System activates. This makes her very popular as a nighttime VIP bodyguard.
Order to Sortie
In response to the King of Mankind Verlaat's memory loss, the Duchy of Crest began preparing to dispatch a large army to the land of the undead. Taking command of the force is Eskatia, the ruler of Crest, herself.
Skeleton Archer
A skeleton warrior animated by magic. These are more sluggish than regular skeleton warriors, but they'll regenerate over and over until reduced to little pieces, so evil mages commonly use them as guards.
Crest Igniter
A Crest soldier upon whom Annarose performed augmentation surgery. He was brought under a mind-control spell at the same time, and now he obeys her will. These soldiers have had their brain waves enhanced, and have the ability to make a target ignite by focusing on it.
Soul Eater
An unidentified monster lurking in the depths of the mountains. It usually does its lurking underground, but it reacts to the sound of footsteps of creatures walking overhead, suddenly lashing out at them.
Song of the Night Singer
A magic song sung by the Night Singer, Miandela. Despite it's sad, soulful sound, it is said to give send those in the midst of battle into a frenzy.
Brave Hero / Dilate
Despite a terrible cost, Dilate defeated Galdirea of the Triad of Chaos. Esria lost her life in the battle, but Dilate learned from her that the girl he failed to protect when he was a boy is still alive. To fulfill his childhood promise, he sets out for the stronghold of the Envoy of Chaos to save her. He now has gauntlets and a cloak from the Wizard Kingdom that protect him.
Beast Soldier / Rasfel
A boy with brown skin and wild golden hair. In truth he's the reincarnation of Scarrion. The birthmark on his forehead in the shape of Scarrion's scar is proof. He was travelling around as a mercenary, but the call of Beast King Rivera awakens him as a beast soldier. He specializes in moving around like a wild animal, causing confusion for his opponent.
King's Right Hand / Baldern
One of Beltorat's generals, also known as the 'God of War'. He lost an eye in an accident, but ever since he's been able to predict the future, and he wins every battle in which he participates. A magic gauntlet allows him to control a ferocious earth dragon, galloping around wherever he wishes on the battlefield.
Explosion Artist / Mesrag
An apprentice of the magician Primrose. He joins the Mercenary Nation and fights against the Abyssal Forces. Mesrag uses incredibly destructive explosion magic, but its might changes depending on his mood, so Primrose has scorned him for being a 'washout'.
Inferno of Anger
This is Vol Agni, a former Crest officer remodeled by Annarose, once he can no longer fully control the powers of Flame Demon Dortnail, with whom he was fused. It's said that those touched by the flames that shoot out of him are instantly burnt to a crisp and blown away.
Beltorat Wyvern Rider
One of Beltorat's dragonrider corp. They ride flying dragons and attack from the sky. It's only a select elite, even for Beltorat, who receive this special training. The combined attack of lance and dragon flame is astounding.
A brutal one-eyed giant, it lives in wild forests and hill country. It has a strong sense of territory, and will mercilessly attack those who come near. It's not very intelligent, but its superhuman strength is astounding.
The Fate of Esria
This is the fate of the Lost Magic Doll Esria, who bodily shielded Dilate and the others from an attack by Noze, after Noze had become a member of the Triad of Chaos. Her hopes and dreams, however, were inherited by Astaforse.
Beltorat Light Cavalry
A proud member of Beltorat's dragonrider corp. The corp is split into two groups, the airborne riders and the surface combat light cavalry. The light cavalry learns to ride land-based dragons and raptors, overwhelming enemies by attacking in waves.
Beltorat Shaman
Shamans who serve the gods of Beltorat. In Beltorat they believe in dragon gods, and in these shamans dwells the power to tame dragons. It's said their very presence improves the activity of the dragon mounts Beltorat utilizes.
Heierrat Musketeer
Musketeers affiliated with the Mercenary Nation. They never miss their intended target, even when shooting from horseback. They also undergo systematic training, and can attack while falling back to the rear when danger threatens.
Bonds of Friendship
Noze's attack didn't just destroy Esria, it also put Dilate and the others in danger. The surprise attack nearly knocked Flash Paladin Ibert off a cliff. But it was the hand of Dilate, who Ibert disliked, that saved him from falling.
Princess of the Key / Emana
This is Mermaid Princess Emana, armed for battle. She set out on a journey to hold an audience with the Solar King concerning the struggle with the Envoy of Chaos, but she met many people along the way and learned just how close to peril the world actually is. She stands up now to fight, with magic armor made for her ease of movement.
Slave of Chaos / Shecas
A girl who used to be a Wizard Kingdom aristocrat. She once had a kind personality, but the curse of Triad of Chaos Noze reduced her to an evil vanguard soldier who casually toys with the lives of her victims. It's said that those who become targets of her magic bow, Venguss, are guaranteed to lose their lives.
Dragon Summoner / Ruuca
A former Wizard Kingdom sorceress who is known for strange dragon summoning magic. She calls them her 'Summons' and they come down from the sky and replace her on the battlefield for a short time. After the Wizard Kingdom fell, she wandered various countries, cleaning out their monsters. Little is known for sure, but her name always comes up in adventure stories.
Silver Fencer / Ascarat
A woman who used to be a knight captain in the Wizard Kingdom. She escaped with the strategists to a foreign land, but hearing news of a mermaid princess raising an army leads her back into war. When the magic shield she deploys to protect herself is neutralized, she falls back on the silver sword she wields.
Aquamantic Bubbles
Magic bubbles conjured by a spellcaster. It's used to carry away injured allies, and protect the ones still standing from attacks.
The Kraken
A giant ocean beast that appears by night, rising up from the deepest, darkest depths. It's said its mere arrival causes a storm to start, and it attacks ships laden with treasure. It also possesses an unexpectedly high level of intelligence, and they say it can understand human speech.
Vengeful Mage Swordsman
A wizard soldier who survived the war-torn death of the Wizard Kingdom. He lost an arm in the great battle, but he continues to train with the sword. He takes part in the war to defeat the Envoy of Chaos in order to avenge himself on the enemy who destroyed his kingdom, targeting those enemies who've made a name for themselves.
Gigantic Illusion
A type of illusion spell. It makes its target momentarily grow to giant size, fooling the enemy. However, it only works for a short time.
Regus Engineer
A scholar familiar with ancient weaponry. In Regus, she avidly researched ancient cultures, and gradually discovered techniques for handling ancient weapons. Most research was lost when the kingdom fell, but the scholars tried to use their knowledge in other lands. Her techniques for repairing ancient weapons are better than her skills at using them.
Storm Wizardess
A magician who was researching wind-control spells in the Wizard Kingdom. After the kingdom fell, a lot of the superb talents who fled were installed in important positions in other lands, and she's one of them. In battle she creates blasts of air among the enemy ranks to keep them from moving.
Carrier [Lost One]
A cursed mermaid who turned into a monster. Something is different about this strain of the carrier curse, and she changed entirely, into an ugly form that one might call a lizard person. The curse emanating from her also gradually weakens nearby living creatures, and she might be the key to the research that created the carriers in the first place.
This spell puts a hex on all nearby, inducing vertigo. It's simple magic, but effective at making it impossible for spellcasters and archers to aim properly.
Envoy of Chaos / Elgandi
The man behind the Triad of Chaos and the War of the Sun and Moon. His powers are shrouded in mystery, but it's said he's capable of knowing about and influencing every event that happens in the world. He talks as if he's from a place outside Lavato, as he plots to become its absolute ruler.
Chaos Form / Noze
Noze absorbed Galdirea after he was defeated by Dilate, and attained this new form. She's so evil, she's also known as the Goddess of Darkness. She destroys the awakened Esria, and spreads the curse created by Galdirea and cultivated by her around the world. The effects of her curse can now effect humans, and it begins to distort the world itself.
Sword of the East / Toromea
One of the Solar Kingdom's assistant knight leaders. She was born in the Far East, and in addition to her katana 'Hououmaru', she conceals numerous weapons inside the coat she wears. Her uncooperative personality is part of why, even though she's a leader, she often works alone.
Reborn Magic Doll / Astaforse
Astaforse inherited the hopes and dreams of her sister, who was destroyed protecting Dilate from Triad of Chaos Noze's attack. Astaforce then joined Dilate's team. She lost the right half of her body as a result of Noze's attack, but she used the remains of Esria's body to repair herself. Reborn, her goals are to rescue the singer and destroy Noze.
Mage Knight Officer / Torife
A former captain of the Wizard Kingdom. She led assault troops and fought heroically in the kingdom's battles. Nothing was heard from her immediately after the conflict, but she returned to fight in the war between the Envoy of Chaos and the Solar Kingdom. Her magic sword techniques are unworldly, allowing her to put any target to death...for a short time.
Wizard Knight / Mizarria
A swordsman from the Wizard Kingdom. After surviving the conflict there, he hid out in the Mercenary Nation, and began to forget his training as a wizard soldier. But soon, his mercenaries joined the fight against the Envoy of Chaos. He wields the sword, Sokomaru, in one hand, while casting spells with the other for double effectiveness.
Folrart Flame Swordsman
After the downfall of the Wizard Kingdom, some refugee magic swordsmen came to Folrart and trained their troops. In battle, these troops use long swords and fire magic to defeat their foes. It's said they fought bravely against the Envoy of Chaos, and made great gains in battle.
Exiled Military Aide
Young refugees from the Wizard Kingdom. Before the kingdom fell, they were aides to the strategists, and afterwards they made use of their knowledge while in other lands in an effort to defeat the enemies who destroyed their homeland.
Pixy Aquamancer
Faeries who live near bodies of water, such as lakes. They have calm personalities and like peace, and usually don't reveal themselves to humans, but they'll fight hard if the wicked seek to harm their way of life. They excel in water-control magic, and utilize various spells in battle.
Summoned Hound
A monster shaped like a dog, summoned from another world via wicked arts. Their bodies are always wrapped in thick smoke, and they zip around with magic swiftness and slash their enemies. While extremely ferocious, they're loyal to the mage who summons them.
Mediator of Sun and Moon
Priestesses of the Church of the True God who were sent to negotiate with the royalty of Crest. They perform rituals unlike any other True God divine magic with the scales they carry. It's said when they place a weight on the scale and chant an incantation, they can influence anyone's decision.
Crest Saboteur Knight
Specialists of espionage, even compared to other knights of Crest. Within the duchy, they're referred to as 'Shadows'. They're masters of disguise, and their orders include setting deadly traps, the assassination of prominent figures and infiltration of important facilities.
Mermaid Observer
Mermaids with deep knowledge of nature and weather are referred to as 'observers'. They literally 'observe' the weather, which it's said allows them to predict the near future.
Wandering Bard
A bard's official occupation is to walk along the highway, earning money by playing and singing songs. However, some of them are also informants by trade, who pick up information in bars and tell it to people of importance in various lands. While self-taught, some also learn how to sword fight, and their prowess should not be taken lightly.
Advent of the Sun
King of Mankind / Verlaat
This is Verlaat, awakened as the King of Mankind by his meeting with Zugateroza. His missing memory isn't completely restored, but he's appeared on the battlefield with the Duchy of Crest to fight Elgandi, the enemy of Lavato. With the other rulers he turns the tide against Elgandi, and challenges him to the final battle.
Moon Child / Miffyre
Miffyre, who had information pertaining to the Abyssal Forces, participated with Beast King Rivera in this battle that was to become the final showdown. She unleashes her true power, which even she did not know about, and seeks to find in this battle the meaning of her own destiny.
Knight of Frailty / Etoile
A member of the Solar Kingdom's Royal Knights. She was originally a knight of the True God Church, but there were 'orders from above' that she join the Royal Knights. Her reticence and blank expression make her seem docile, but her impatient personality has caused many incidents that have resulted in injury. She's apparently receiving orders from Gilensa.
6th Shrine Leader / Lumira
Leader of the 6th unit of Folrart's Shrine Knights. Her gentle personality contrasts with the idiosyncrasies of the other Shrine leaders, making her the object of their teasing. Her hobbies are eating and studying military strategy. Her plans have saved the army many times. Her nickname is the 'Giant Sun Over Folrart,' but she's sensitive about the word 'giant.'
Knight of the 5th Shrine
Shrine Knights belonging to the unit led by 5th Shrine Leader Judie. They're made up of the Shrine Knights with the wildest temperaments. They specialize in frontal assault, and try to resolve every situation with brute strength, so they only see action during wartime, but they plainly demonstrate their true worth in this conflict with the Forces of Chaos.
Knight of the 6th Shrine
The Shrine Knights led by Lumira. Their ranks are more skilled in magic than swordplay. Their primary role is logistical support and healing. Many of them normally work as nuns at their shrine, and rarely see combat, but they also have the courage to sacrifice themselves when war comes.
Bond With the Fallen
The armies of Folrart made many sacrifices in their conflict with the Envoy of Chaos. It's said its members would clad themselves in equipment of the fallen, as mementos or charms. This custom that spontaneously came about was known in posterity as the 'Bond With the Fallen'.
Folrart Unicorn Knight
A knight who rides unicorns. A unicorn's wild temperament naturally makes it avoid people, and it only allows women who've undergone sacred rituals to sit upon its back. It's said the holy powers awaken the abilities she has hidden within her.
Spined Armadillo
The Spined Armadillo is an animal with an unusual name that's sold for a high price amongst Solar Kingdom aristocracy. They were originally wild animals inhabiting the southern jungles. Now they wear collars, imbued with magic power by True God Church priests that make them obey their owners. They're submissive to the owner and her family, but they'll mercilessly attack anyone else.
Obsidian Carbuncle
A gem beast with a black stone in its brow. They were originally friendly with humans, but thanks to carbuncle persecution in the Solar Kingdom the past few years, they've been driven out of towns, and now live huddled together in forests. There's restorative magic power in their gems, but they don't often use it as it costs their own life in return.
Phoenix Chick
Phoenix chicks. The phoenixes of Lavato evolved from birds, and they build nests high in the mountains. The chicks that hatch are no different from regular birds, but the stories say that, like their parents, they resurrect if they're killed, and they're sold as extremely precious commodities on the urban black market.
Chaos Form / Annarose
The true form of Chaoslady Annarose. Because she herself scornfully calls this form 'the ugliest in the world,' nobody had ever seen it but Elgandi. She'd been working as a manipulator, but her true form is so strong, no ordinary creature can cope with her. She stands on the battlefield as the final member of the Triad, so she can fulfill Elgandi's purpose.
Dark Princess / Gaiessoul
The new form of Gaieshart, who was the leader of the Augments. He became jealous of Annarose's creation, Narevez, and used his power to absorb other Augments, thus evolving. Merging with Fran resulted in this new form and release from Annarose's control. He ignores the battle against the Solar Kingdom in order to fight Narevez for the title of the strongest.
False Hero / Mordmarc
One of the Augments produced by Chaoslady Annarose. He was originally a man who wished to be heroic, so after his restructuring he refers to himself as 'The Hero'. Despite this, he has the personality of a coward, and he's a narrow-minded man who can't stand for anyone to be more prominent than him.
Retired Loyalist / Graymas
A prominent figure who long served the Duchy of Crest alongside Dical. He used to serve as the Captain of the Guard, but he's retired from that post, and his daughter currently fills it. He's no longer on the front lines, but continues to train physically. In the conflict with the Envoy of Chaos, he volunteered to return to battle for his ruler, Eskatia.
Knight of the Abyss
A type of Augment produced by Annarose. This one was originally a royal knight. His agility has been drastically enhanced, and he can fly about the battlefield at will even while wearing steel armor. He no longer has any sense of self, and won't hesitate to kill his former comrades.
Magic Doll -Augmented-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. She was remodeled by the wicked magic power of Chaos Form Noze. She has a special booster system that is completely self-sustaining and unleashes corrupt energy on her attacker.
An augmentation experiment Annarose carries out in absolute secrecy. New chemicals are administered to human specimens whenever the situation calls for it. Successful cases are uncommon, and many lose their lives during surgery.
Augmented Soldier Girl
One of the soldiers augmented by Annarose. She was originally a girl attending military school in order to become a royal knight. Her power has been drastically enhanced, and she has deadly combat reflexes. As a side effect, she loses control of her urge to destroy, and winds up attacking everything she can see, friend or foe.
Magic Doll -Undead-
A golem created by the twisted witch Sumer. Hers is the resurrected body of a magic doll destroyed on the battlefield. There are rumors that curses animate her, or that the residual negative energy of soldiers killed on the battlefield are her source of power, butit is not clear.
Augmented Soldier
One of the soldiers augmented by Annarose. He was originally a royal soldier. The augmentation procedure abnormally increased his physical strength, and he easily wields a massive club that a normal large adult couldn't even get off the ground. But his ability to think deteriorated, and now he can only understand simple orders.
Demon Eye
Magic beings dwelling in the land of the undead. They move under the power of the lich queens who reside there, and said queens can perceive the images these creatures see. These beings can also use magic to temporarily paralyze those with whom they make eye contact.
Beast Emperor / Rivera
When Rivera, one of the Four Kings of prophecy, fights, she clads herself in her 'Beast Emperor' battle gear. This gear is actually the transformation of Belus and Orthos, so her sword cuts an enemy's soul, and her armor retaliates against attacks with a paralyzing roar. She's operating independently of the Allied Army of Mankind, searching for Elgandi.
New Hunter / Alisa
Another survivor from Cassandra's tribe of hunters. Since escaping that tragedy, she's been living in a community of women of valor. She joined in the conflict upon learning it was to defeat the one who'd been controlling Galdirea.
Feline Kin Kenshi / Litho
A master of the Reformed Asada School, one of the Far East's so-called great sword styles. Her style has seven secret principles, and only one is taught to each master. Should the current head of the school retire or die, the masters choose a new one. There are currently 11 masters. Litho is younger sister to Fistara, an assistant captain of knights in Folrart.
Ruin Explorer / Russell
A world-famous adventurer. He's still in the prime of his life, but he's already acquired treasures from ruins in every land. He had nothing to do with the battle on which rests the fate of the world, but a certain treasure that had been sleeping in a ruin led to his assisting the Allied Army of Mankind.
Feline Kin Knight
One of Lavato's rare feline kin. Feline kin love freedom so not many of them serve just one land. But Heierrat was formed by mercenaries, so many of them there go from being mercenaries to knights who exclusively serve that kingdom. Combat makes good use of their physical prowess, and they fight using bows and arrows along with their swords.
Heierrat Field Commander
An individual working as a field officer in her Mercenary Nation unit. She also serves as the adjutant of the unit, works as the assistant to the commander. Field commanders have an abundance of combat experience and skill, even for a mercenary, and are able to coordinate their units on the ground perfectly.
Song for a Hero
A prayer of the captive singer. The prayer receives voice and makes its way to the hero.
Plants that grow in the primeval forest sometimes take on human form and attack people. Myconida are mushrooms that have turned into monsters. They take on the form of adorable girls to make people lower their guard, then assault them with toxic spores when they come near.
Guardian of Beltorat
A small dragon that's kept as a pet. In Beltorat, where dragons are revered as divine and live alongside humans, small dragons domesticated as pets are a common sight. They're only about the size of cats, but the power of the flames they breathe is enough to drive away hooligans.
Exploder Wizard
A magician who deals with explosion spells. Explosion spells originally came about as an application of elemental magic such as flame and ice spells, but they're currently undergoing a proprietary evolution at the hands of Primrose and other Mercenary Nation mages. These sorcerers produce explosive flames in a cross shape to disrupt enemy formations.
Pixy Messenger
Faeries exist all over Lavato, and these particular ones act as messengers. They're always a team of two, and when they unroll their message, the words on it emerge by magic. This made them excellent messengers during the fight with the Envoy of Chaos, where they supported the human army by alerting them to traps.
Orphan of the Archive / Nereis
A knight who appeared from Bernet's book once she became princess of Regus. She's loyal to Bernet's orders, and constantly works to protect her. She's actually a magic being the Archive produced to protect itself. It modeled her appearance based on its possessor's state of mind. This is the image it chose, since it thought Bernet needed a friend her own age.
Mage Knight Fighter / Ryu
A former student of Durendal, who was behind the fall of Regus. His sword, Goumaken, fights with the power of a bound fire demon. Ryu was training away from the Wizard Kingdom when it collapsed. He escaped that hardship, but regrets being unable to stop his former teacher, or help his two colleagues. He's tall and attractive, but has a sharp tongue.
Slave of Chaos / Ebreenu
A girl who made a name for herself as a martial artist in the Wizard Kingdom. She originally had a strong-willed personality, but Noze's curse reduced her to an evil shock trooper who carelessly toys with the lives of others. She stands in the path of Dilate and friends as they chase after Noze.
Pirate Princess / Purple Reia
A lady pirate notorious for launching raids on pirate ships. The money and goods she seizes go toward supporting her family, who were driven from their home by war. She's actually the daughter of a small country's nobility, but a certain incident led her into the pirating trade.
Brood Wyvern
A wyvern leader that governs the wyverns living amongst the Gondfore Mountains. It sends out special signals, delivering commands to other wyverns. They mercilessly attack those who trespass within their territory, which hinders the Solar Kingdom's march through Gondfore.
Excavated Steel Archer
An ancient weapon excavated from some ruins. It didn't function at all at the time of excavation, but military machinists since restored it. Apparently modeled after a horse, it gallops around the battlefield on four legs, bringing down a merciless rain of arrows on enemy soldiers.
Reinforcements from the Sky
Soldiers of the old Wizard Kingdom showed up as reinforcements for the Solar Kingdom's forces, who were being gradually overpowered in their battle with the Forces of Chaos. Their addition marked the start of the Solar Kingdom's counteroffensive.
Mermaid Harpist
Mermaid musicians. The timbre of the harps they play steals their enemy's will to fight, and their singing boosts their allies' fighting spirit.
Dolphin Rider
There's a tribe on the continental archipelago that lives with dolphins. Normally they live as fishermen, but after the Wizard Kingdom fell, they joined forces with Wizard Kingdom mages who drifted there to fight the Forces of Chaos. They're good at communicating their intent to the dolphins they ride, which allows them to move about freely at sea.
Jewel of the Deep Sea
Jellyfish-like creatures that inhabit the sea. Details of their ecology are shrouded in mystery. What's known is that they react to trouble by emitting electric shocks around them, sometimes causing unexpected injury.
Carrier [Singer of Dreams]
Mermaids who were warped by a curse. As these were mermaid clergy, the staves that were their sacred symbols likewise took on sinister shapes. They cast evil spells, and mercilessly attack their former sisters.
Perfect Augment / Narevez
One of the Augments produced by Annarose. Annarose calls him 'the strongest'. By this time, she had experimented on every type of human and living thing. According to Annarose, he needs no weapons and will never betray orders. He was supposed to herald a major shift in the war, but the appearance of Gaiessoul causes that objective to fall wide of its mark.
Keeper of Grace / Lucia
A priestess with inborn healing powers, and some say she's the reincarnation of a goddess. She has no memory of her childhood, and for as long as she can recall she's been raised with care to be a priestess of the True God Church. Until now she's never been far from her shrine, but she's worried about the soldiers dying in the war, and volunteered to join the campaign.
Game Over
A forbidden spell unleashed by Envoy of Chaos Elgandi. The only reason he can wield this overwhelming power is that he exists beyond Lavato. In his words, 'I guess it means every opponent around Elgandi loses.'
Flash Pixy / Chamail
One of the seven faerie heroines, she controls the ultimate striking speed of flash magic. She excels in valor even for one of the heroines, and her combat abilities are arguably the best amongst all faeries. The armor she wears allows her to dart around in flashes of light. She's cautious in battle, but she led her people and fought alongside the Army of Mankind.
Flames of Judgment
One of the miracles of True God Church priests. They cast sacred flames at evil enemies, which burn away their very existence.
Refugee Spear Master / Aria
A refugee knight from Regus. She wields the Star Lance 'Seisou,' one of Regus' magic treasures, and she wandered with it through various lands to keep it from enemy hands. She can speak to birds, and used them to gather information on the Forces of Chaos. Now, she takes command of refugees from Regus, and they join the army of Folrart.
Chaos Absorption
One of Chaos Form Noze's curses. She focuses magic power into both of her palms, and then grabs somebody. Whoever she grabs ends up degrading and degenerating, vanishing or turning into an evil being.
Elemental Soldier / Balmoa
An old man who was once known as a great wizard. He could use every elemental spell, and was an expert magic swordsman. He was also virtuous and many adored him, but one day he suddenly vanished. His intent was to live out the rest of his life as a hermit, but upon learning about the world's current crisis, he joins in the fight against the Envoy of Chaos.
Faerie Blessing
A secret art passed down amongst faeries. It's an incantation that allows a soldier to move and fight freely, even when bound or trapped underwater.
Curse on the World
A life form created by Elgandi. Its entire body emits wicked magic power, and its stare alone can produce paralysis. Also, its magic power lets it naturally recover from the wounds it sustains.
Colossal Ork
An ork whose body grew and mutated, as a result of a drug used in augmentation procedures. It's been altered at the genetic level, and although it's hardly mobile anymore, it grabs and eats everything it can with the tentacles growing from its body.
Simulacrum of Annarose
A familiar of Chaoslady Annarose, who does her bidding as she maneuvers secretly from within the Duchy of Crest. It takes the form of Annarose, and works secretly as her body double in various lands. It can copy an opponent's abilities, and then can take their place once it's defeated them.
Breath of the Dead
Yudit, one of the lich queens of the land of the undead. When she inhales somebody's breath, she sucks out their vitality, and those who inhale her breath become envenomed.
Mermaid Priestess
Mermaid priestesses. They're shrine maidens for Sea Lord Vonderam, and are opposing the curses Chaos Form Noze has sent swirling into the sea. Their prayers protect their comrades, and cast aside those hostile to them.
Heierrat Assassin
A mercenary who uses a strange sword style. There are many swordsmen from the Far East in the Mercenary Nation, and it's popular to develop original techniques that borrow from their styles. This mercenary did just that, focusing on killing the enemy in one strike no matter what it took. Unfortunately, for that he was cast into the role of an assassin.
Elemental Burst
A spell that scatters sparks, increasing speed and power and burning those nearby. Generating the sparks requires the collision of opposing elements, so it demands the skill to handle multiple incantations.
War Heroes
One True God / Unknown
When Alphonce and Verlaat fight Elgandi, the brothers' powers combine and materialize into the advent of this being of light. He is the very being who Abel, founder of the True God Church, was seeking. As the culmination of the True God Church's Living God Project, he uses his overwhelming power to return Elgandi to another world.
Solar General / Zagar
The Solar Kingdom's high general. He was victorious against the Abyssal Forces, and the marriage of Verlaat and Eskatia signified the end of the War of the Sun and Moon. However, Zagar harbored a small, unseen doubt in his heart. That doubt manifests twenty years later in the worst form imaginable.
Holy Commander / Lapierre
Commander of Folrart's Shrine Knights. During the War of the Sun and Moon, she took part in the fight against Annarose, and finally won. At a banquet for end of the war, she drinks her favorite wine and makes a big decision about her career. Lapierre leaves the front lines and 20 years later she retires, passing Lantylit to a young Shrine Knight.
Cardinal / Messala
One of the True God Church's cardinals. She's feared within the church for her Eyes of Ice. The true mistress of the magic doll Violet X2, she's been working with Gilensa to advance the Living God Project. She learns from Violet's report of the advent of the 'mysterious being,' and begins to advance the project.
Miraculous Victory
High General Zagar and Ernst, leader of the Royal Knights, were fighting Chaos Form Zalzagul. After a long battle, they unleased a miraculous combined attack, and they defeated him. But, the war against the Abyssal Forces still isn't over yet.
Veteran Shrine Knight
A shrine paladin who serves the Solar Kingdom. A year after the destruction of the Abyssal Forces, the end of the protracted War of the Sun and Moon was formally announced at a ceremony held in Folrart's royal capital. At this time the marriage of Verlaat and Eskatia was also announced. Everyone thought it marked the start of a long peace.
Heavy Folrart Guardian
A soldier who protects the Solar Kingdom. He's a member of the Folrart Guardians, who came to symbolize the peace of the kingdom. The system for enforcing the peace developed by Rubens, leader of the Royal Guard, and his close aide Aivault, stays in place for twenty years, and confers even more power upon the Solar Kingdom.
Folrart Psycho Soldier
A unit formed at the end of the War of the Sun and Moon. The skill known as Psychokinetics, brought about by the True God Church, is a system different from both the holy miracles invoked by priests and the magic used by wizards, and it derives power from mental focus. This becomes the main force of Folrart's military during the 20 years after the war.
Holy Protection
A mysterious power brought about by divine protection. After the War of the Sun and Moon, the number of people who could use these power, among those who were not priests or even beleivers in the True God Church, grew and grew. As a result, many people became fanatical followers of the True God.
High Priestess
A priestess who embraces the True God Church. Divine messengers, whose numbers grew after the War of the Sun and Moon, often worked with devote beleivers such as her. However, the passage of twenty years saw a slow deterioration in their relationship due to prejudice amongst priests toward the divine messengers.
Priest of the Holy Weapon
A soldier who adheres to the True God Church. After the War of the Sun and Moon ended, the church dispatched evangelists in order to gain adherents from other nations. The evangelists brought along several acolytes to protect them, but unnecessary quarrels also ended up breaking out as a result of the attitudes of said church soldiers. However, these missions did result in an increase of new believers.
Folrart Archer
Solar Kingdom archers took part in the final showdown of the War of the Sun and Moon. When the two fiends of overwhelming power were defeated, the enemy forces began to collapse. When Elgandi vanished, the enemy lost any ability to remain deployed as a cohesive force. It then became a mop up detail, signifying victory for the alliance of mankind.
Folrart Swordswoman
A swordswoman belonging to the Solar Kingdom. The soldiers who took part in the War of the Sun and Moon went through hell during that fierce conflict, but they were able to believe the world would be at peace once the war ended.
Brothers in Arms
With help from all their allies, the solar siblings stand in Elgandi's path. Elgandi's power defies human understanding, though, and it comes crashing down on the brothers like a nightmare.
Moonlight Princess / Eskatia
The woman who ruled the Duchy of Crest. A year after the final battle, she announces to the entire world the end of the war and her marriage to the Solar King. Formerly dressed in black armor, Eskatia now walks the path of world peace while wearing a white veil. However, her intent will be betrayed in twenty years.
Lunar General / Dical
A general in Crest's army, and a remnant of the centaurs. Long ago, Elgandi attacked their village and slaughtered nearly all of them. Dical survived, and with a witch's incantation prolonging his life, he sought his revenge. When Elgandi vanished, the incantation begain to unravel, and Dical in turn quietly vanished from this world.
War Torn Dragonrider / Millia
The dragon knight who working alongside Alphonce. She takes part in the battle with and helps secure victory against Annarose, who appears during the War of the Sun and Moon. After the war ended she and Alphonce left the battlefield and took to the sky. She never appeared on the stage of history again.
Crest Adjutant / Famille
A civil official who distinguished himself after the War of the Sun and Moon. As a subordinate of Guard Captain Afeemina, he assertively established alliances with other nations to rally the Duchy of Crest when it was starting to collapse from within.
Tears of Blood
Dilate's party's mission to rescue Miandela turned into a showdown with their fated enemy, Goddess of Darkness, Noze. Noze possessed overwhelming power, but she wasn't unbeatable for Dilate's party, who had been through all kinds of hardships. And so, the vengeful attack of the swordswoman Cassandra made an end of it.
Grand Duke's Private Guard
A unit formed of handpicked knights of Crest. They work as bodyguards, and keep their faces and identities a mystery. Even internally, members refer to each other in code. Under the terms of peace, the Duchy of Crest could no longer maintain a strong standing army, but it compensated by allowing individual soldiers to perfect their skills.
Grand Duke's Shock Trooper
A security force formed after the War of the Sun and Moon to pull the ruined Duchy of Crest back together. Afeemina designed them to be an extralegal force to deal with the unwanted individuals who gathered in Crest from all over the world after the war ended.
Death Calling
Assassins don't disclose their true identities, even when they are working in tandem. They generally call each other by codenames, unaware of one another's actual names. This assassin's codename is Lady, due to her movement-restricting clothing and how she conceals weapons.
The infighting between Narevez and Gaiessoul, the Abyssal Forces' two mightiest soldiers, saw Gaiessoul losing the battle to Narevez's strength. However, the power of vindictiveness pushed Gaiessoul to bite out Narevez's windpipe. This battle between the two who both wanted the title of 'strongest' ended in their mutual deaths.
Knight of the Second Death
A high-ranking knight from an obscure, little-known nation who died in the war, whose wicked intent made him become an undead. Being undead means having an 'incomplete death', and doesn't signify eternal existence. However, such a being is nearly immortal when it is cut off from the transmigration of souls.
Noble Spectre
An aristocratic girl who died in an accident, and whose regret made her undead. After the War of the Sun and Moon, she followed the final order of Zugateroza, king of the Cursed Legions, and returned to the land of the dead. However, this land comes under the rule of True Immortal Durendal, becoming the enemy of all mankind.
Spirit Witch
A witch who researched sorcery for controlling spirits of the dead. Her spells give the dead the power they most enjoy. Humans such as her, who sided with the dead, could also be found within the offensive against all mankind, begun by Durendal after the conclusion of the War of the Sun and Moon.
Crest Samurai
After the War of the Sun and Moon, the Duchy of Crest made proactive attempts to adopt cultural aspects of other nations. This had an influence on the military, and sword fighters who had learned the supremely clever techniques of the Far East were also recruited.
Crest Blitz Swordswoman
A swordswoman recruited from a nomadic tribe near the Grand Surface. Her overwhelming physical abilities and dauntless loyalty to her comrades make for a new kind of soldier the Duchy of Crest aggressively sought to recruit.
Mercenary Princess / Yuni
The woman known as Heierrat's 'Princess Without a King.' She is the symbol of the kingdom she and her fellows founded. They won the war against the Envoy of Chaos, in which people all over the world took part. Her kingdom raised its voices in delight, and at this point she could not imagine the crisis of destruction they'd face in twenty years...
Crimson Hero / Dilate
The one who defeated the Goddess of Darkness, Noze, and changed the course of the battle for the fate of the world. If Noze reached Elgandi, the battle would've been lost. In the legends he's called the Crimson Hero, but after the fight he disappears from the stage of history. It's said he lived out his days in peace, deep in the mountains with a girl he rescued.
Gun God / Ben MacLachlan
The man who raised Heierrat's Princess Yuni and Prime Minister Fierte. It's said he died fighting a bounty, but actually he was dragged into the intrigue surrounding a legendary gun. He had been living in the underworld, but when he heard the girls were involved in a war for the future of humanity, he challenged the Abyssal Forces himself.
Heroic Faerie / Torte
As one of the seven faerie heroines, Torte took part in the battle to protect the world alongside Emana, but it was so gruesome it tormented her. During the conflict, the faeries sensed an evil greater than Elgandi. Shortly after the battle, she slips away from her human friends in order to prepare for the true evil to come. And come it does, 20 years later...
Fire Demon's Blaze
Vol Agni, who had sworn revenge against Annarose of the Triad of Chaos, finally managed to unleash the flame demon sealed within him, and used it to finish her off. However, he senses the rampage the unleashed demon will proceed to engage in, and he takes his own life to prevent it.
Heierrat Knight
A knight affiliated with the Mercenary Kingdom. The War of the Sun and Moon ends, and this kingdom that took part in it gains a large voice in world affairs. Originally there was no concept there of a 'knight' of Heierrat, but it was decided after the war that such a position would be established.
Mercenary Fencer
After peace was announced, major disputes no longer broke out between the nations of Lavato. But the Cursed Legions, led by Durendal, appear as the enemy of all mankind. Heierrat fights the Cursed Legions on behalf of the nations impoverished by the war, and becomes renowned as the nation that defends nations.
Three-Headed Dragon
A mutation of the Dragon Kin, the most powerful type of creatures on Lavato. It looks like it has three heads, but two of them have no minds of their own. They're like hands that move and prey upon enemies under direction of the center head. It lives in woodlands near a volcanoes, and the Dragons living in there seem to explain its origins.
Cry of Anger
Igina was fighting Annarose, but then was rescued by Vol Agni. Because this ultimately resulted in his death, Igina experienced deep regret and anger directed at herself. When Mordmarc appears before her at the moment of her despair, she kills him instantly with a single wrathful strike.
Heierrat Sniper
A gunner affiliated with the Mercenary Kingdom. After the war ends, the Mercenary Kingdom initiates the conflict against the Cursed Legions, who become the enemy of all mankind. The Mercenary Kingdom boosts its military might even higher in the face of the overwhelming power of the dead.
Ronin Girl
A lady swordfighter who's come from an island nation called the Far East. The 'iaijutsu' attack she unleashes while unsheathing her sword is formidable. Until now the Far East has been shrouded in mystery, but the activities of its forces during the War of the Sun and Moon has resulted in more of its swordsmen coming to the mainland.
Frontier Mage Swordswoman
Mage swordsman is a title for a soldiers versed both in magic and swordplay, and who uses magic power to enhance their arms. She originally worked for a nation called the Wizard Kingdom, but it was destroyed in the war, so now she makes her living as a mercenary. She excels at summoning swords and armor via magic, and she's able to instantly augment her fighting strength.
Explosive Wyvern
A type of wyvern that lives in volcanic regions. They fly high in the sky and set off a series of firey explosions, raining destruction far down below.
Dragon Fire
The breath true Dragons emit is extremely hot, which makes it clearly visible, but humans who see it rarely get to discribe it's beauty, because they generally burn to death immediately.
Wizard Princess / Ariete
The new princess of Regus. She obtained a tome of seals called the Book of Record, which controls all magic, and now it's now the new Archive. She's awakened to her role as a princess, and she and her prime minister are now pouring all their energies into rebuilding the kingdom. She abandons her original name, and adopts a new name as its princess.
Goddess of Darkness / Noze
Noze absorbed Galdirea and become the goddess of darkness. She used her power to make servants to defeat the hero Dilate, but they were defeated and she was forced into a corner. Before she could reach her master Elgandi, she was stopped by the Crimson Hero and his companions. She was to be used by Elgandi as a device to manipulate fate.
Regus Paladin / Ibert
A man who fought the Goddess of Darkness as Dilate's friend, rival, and ally. After the battle, he parts ways with Dilate, and devotes himself to restoring Regus. He used to dislike serving his kingdom, but after winning the war he decided willingly to use his powers for his native land. However, he meets with a tragic fate 20 years from now.
Paladin Captain / Mirelia
Leader of the new Wizard Kingdom's knights. She assumes this office to watch over Bernet, who surmounted the collapse of Regus, became its princess, and changed her name. Of the paladins besides Mirelia and Ibert, Larut and Inzaghi died in battle, Durendal became the world's enemy, and Distrier embarked on a journey in pursuit of Durendal.
Black Storm
A storm of magic power evoked by the Goddess of Darkness, Noze. Its area of effect drags in enemies and allies alike. Even the one invoking this poer is not immune to its destructive effects.
Mage Knight Vanguard
A knight affiliated with the reborn Wizard Kingdom. With her eye on rebuilding the kingdom, the Paladin Captain makes it possible for her knights to pursue a combination of swordplay and magic.
Regus Combat Sorcerer
A wizard of the reborn Wizard Kingdom. As the most trusted unit in Regus, they excel in techniques to support their sparse warrior units. The Wizard Kingdom begins to rebuild in the name of its new princess, then plays an important role twenty years hence.
Elite Mage Soldier
A soldier affiliated with the reborn Wizard Kingdom. Her unit is equipped with special magic-based attack and defense technology, and it's difficult to find flames aside from Dragon breath that can penetrate their magic cloaks. As Regus rebuilds, it takes to vigorously applying magical technology. This cloak goes on to see widespread use in fire prevention.
Sweet Dreams
Magic that uses an incantation technique for inducing an extended period of sleep. It lengthens its time of effectiveness by relaxing the target's mental state.
Mermaid Soldier of Regus
A former mermaid soldier who joined the Wizard Kingdom. After the War ends, Vonderam lifts the ban on cultural exchange between the mermaids and the surface. At first he declares the reason for this is to learn the intentions of humanity, but his real objective is revealed during the War of the Emperor of the Silver Sun.
Ocean Wyvern
A wyvern that lives in the sea. It's active both in the sky and underwater, in that it hunts its prey beneath the waves, then flies through the air to search for new hunting grounds.
Flying Sorcerer of Regus
A survivor of the flying apprentices who fled outside the country when the Wizard Kingdom collapsed. She came back when she heard the call put out by the new princess and Mirelia. Back then she was an absentminded girl, but now she's reached the point where she can offer distinguished service as an airborne soldier.
Sorcerer Acolyte
A warrior who serves the reborn Wizard Kingdom. Because the True God Church began also proselytizing in other nations after the War of the Sun and Moon, its adherents increased within the Wizard Kingdom, giving rise to warriors who study how to utilize both holy miracles and sorcery in battle.
Acid Rain
A magic spell that creates highly acidic rain. All equipment made of iron this rain falls on becomes useless.
New God of Evil / Elgandi
Elgandi is banished by the power of a being of light. What kinds of evil deeds will he commit in this world he's been banished to? His final words are 'Even with me gone, this world won't be at peace. In fact, you'd probably have been happier if I'd become your god. Not that you know what I mean... yet.' The meaning of this becomes clear 20 years later.
Guide of Causality / Fellana
Fellana was abducted and taken to Elgandi when the Wizard Kingdom collapsed. Together with Sumer, she opened the gate of causality for Elgandi. Why she did this for him is unknown, but it seems something Sumer said to her had some influence.
Keeper of Causality / Sumer
Sumer was researching the laws of cause and effect under Elgandi. As Fellana cooperates with her in this, they succeed in opening the door to causuality. However, the Sumer who was helping Elgandi turned out to be a fake, a body double made by the real her. She said to Fellana 'I'm waiting in the arms of fate', and then she vanished.
Manipulator Priest
Priests of the religion called the True God Church. However, some of them had a hidden agenda in addition to providing people with tranquility and sufficiency. When the king of the Solar Kingdom awakened to true power, their ancient agenda was set in motion...
Silver Dawn
Silver Sun Emperor / Verlaat
King of the Solar Kingdom, and the hero who ended the War of the Sun and Moon. Since then, he's been working toward peace for Lavato. He took the title 'Silver Sun Emperor,' and fought the enemy of all life, the Cursed Legions. His title means he will provide everlasting peace as an 'eternal sun.' But historians would say his intentions lay elsewhere.
Traitor to God / Leicester
After the War of the Sun and Moon, the True God Church initiated an unprecidented religious suppression, and smaller religions were snuffed out. Many priests spoke out against this change to the order, but they were named traitors. Leicester is uniting those working to restore the Church. However, he's unaware of the depth of its darkness.
Guardian Captain / Darias
The new leader of the Folrart Guardians, the vanguard in the fight against the Cursed Legions. He was a rookie at the end of the War of the Sun and Moon. The purpose of the Guardians was to defend the capital, but with the provincial towns in trouble, Guardians have taken to the front, and the capital has been left to the Royal Guard.
Final Traveler / Arius
A swordsman who joined the Royal Guard recently. He uses a mysterious sword--a memento of his father--and fights like a master. The truth is he's traveled the world since a young age with nothing but this sword, and knows many secret techniques. He seems to know more than he should, and the other Royal Knights are wary of him.
Divine Impact
A technique used by the Psycho Soldiers, manmade Psychokinetic troops. It was part of the the curriculum co-authored by the True God Church and the Divine Power Institute. It delivers a shock wave at a target in visual range through a simple focusing of awareness. Its might increases in proportion to the user's powers of concentration.
Folrart Tower Shield Soldier
A force newly expanded by Darias, leader of the Solar Kingdom's Guardian Knights. They are masters of utilizing the heaviest armors and shields, and are trained to protect all manner of important people and positions on the field of battle. Their impregnable defense has successfully saved countless lives.
Folrart Psycho Shield Soldier
One of the current Solar Kingdom's military divisions that uses Psychokinetics. They're a collaboration between the True God Church and the Divine Power Institute -- currently under the guidance of a strategist known as the Light of the Silver Sun. Psychokinetics is easy for war orphans to master. These soldiers generate an invisible wall that intercepts attacks.
Lion Greatsword Wielder
A member of the Barbarians, a mighty force in the deep south of the central continent, on which the Solar Kingdom and the Duchy of Crest are located to the north. The Barbarians are made up of tribes of subhumans -- half man and half beast. This tribe boasts huge physiques, and they handle large weapons with ease. They also act with dauntless courage at all times.
Forced Conversion
After the War of the Sun and Moon, the True God Church began proselytizing in the small nations under the protection of the Solar Kingdom. However, soon its proselytization activities came to border on invasion. As a result of this conversion, many relics and sacred places of precious cultural value were destroyed.
Church Nun
A nun of the True God Church, who prays to the True God. After the War of the Sun and Moon ended, some of the church's clergy extended their influence akin to the aristocracy, thereby harassing their own adherents. Most of the nuns who wanted to help the needy were said to be troubled by such faithlessness.
Knight of the Church
The True God Church began to maintain its own forces after the War of the Sun and Moon ended. It's said the knights of the church would follow the bands of priests who proselytized in neighboring countries, and carry out enlightenment campaigns.
Folrart Psycho Teleporter
One of the current Solar Kingdom's military divisions, the Psycho Soldiers, who manipulate Psychokinetics. She developed her powers by following the Divine Power Institute's curriculum. Many things are unkown about Psychokinetics, but the powers acquired differs according to gender. Only women can learn to compress space for teleportation.
Light of the True God
One of the magic spells used by priests of the True God Church. Its light gives vitality to those who believe in the True God.
Grand Duke / Myuland
The current grand duke of Crest. He was Eskatia's spymaster. When she married into the Solar Kingdom, Eskatia recommended Myuland to replace her because of his grasp of politics. He's been dealing with restoration of order and information warfare with other nations. But when he learns via personal channels about a new threat, even he is surprised...
General of Crest / Yug
The present high commander of Crest's army, now that Dical is dead. Along with the position, he inherited Dical's alias, the Dark Centaur. He's on a friendly basis with Verlaat, with whom he fought in the War of the Sun and Moon. When Folrart entered into combat against the Cursed Legions, Grand Duke Myuland granted him permission to go with the reinforcements.
Keeper of Filth / Garyis
One of the high-ranking dead called the Seven Leaders. Those who see her with the naked eye have their souls drawn out. She didn't participate in the War of the Sun and Moon, not because she disobeyed Zugateroza, but because she personally refused to work with the living. The number of soldiers who've lost their lives to her has climbed into the thousands.
Combat Ogre / Gandar
A member of Lavato's rare Oni race. With an exceedingly violent personality, his favorite things are fighting, conflict, and war. When he learned a major war had broken out between the Solar Kingdom and the Cursed Legions, he initially fought as a mercenary against the Cursed Legions.
Vision of Horror
One of the black arts used by Nephtem, member of the Seven Lords. Once someone's attention is focused on the mouth on her hand, she searches their mind, then inserts an image of whatever it is they dread most. It doesn't take long for those ensnared by the spell to go irrivocably insane.
Crest Agent
An assassin from the Duchy of Crest's intelligence agency. Assassins trained by the agency killed many important people during the War of the Sun and Moon, plunging the world into chaos. Now they function as a secret police, protecting world peace by covertly disposing of individuals such as crime syndicate leaders and rabble rousers.
Crest Shadowmage
A mage who uses spells with a shadow as a medium. She can change her own shadow into a living creature and make it fight, or contain her opponent by rendering his shadow immobile.
Horseman of Pain
A dead knight who appears on the battlefield night after night. Riding a headless horse, he's been feared as a symbol of death since ancient times. When night falls, he appears at a specific point, heralded by the sound of hooves, then sets about taking the lives of any present, and vanishes into the darkness once every human is dead.
Neglected Soul
One of the dark spells used by necromancers. It animates all dead bodies nearby by temporarily possessing them with wandering spirits.
Magic Doll -Adjutant-
A doll in use all over the continent. She's a model made from plans left behind by the Magic Doll creator Sumer, who disappeared after the War of the Sun and Moon. She can analyze information at high speed, and performs well as a basic military adviser. Unfortunately she doesn't adapt, so if an opponent knows he's facing a doll, he can easily counter her.
Shambling Corpse
A corpse animated by wicked magic from the land of death. It can only understand simple orders, but it will never stop moving unless you destroy the entire body.
Toad Shaman
One of the Barbarians, group of tribes of half men, half beasts living in the south. The term that best describes him is 'toad man'. His tribe is endowed with high intelligence and magic power, and they hate the humans who consider them ugly. It's also said that all who hear their dying croak are doomed to misfortune.
Dark Revelation
A spell for speaking the to ancient souls lurking in darkness. Further, it's a spell that Yudit, one of the Seven Lords of the Cursed Legions, devised before she became an undead. Before she was undead, she was a famous practitioner of black magic, and it's said that no one was her equal.
Pixy of Fate / Tierie
One of the seven Faerie Heroines, and the most noble of all faeries. She has the duty of conveying the words of the seven Faerie Sages to the rest of the heroines. A great war has been foretold since the ancient past, and now that the day has come, she's gone to find the one who will become the key to the prophecy and provide her wisdom.
New Shield Coat / Halmira
The Mercenary Kingdom's #2 strategist. She's the top student of Fierte, known for being Yuni's close associate and the most taciturn and cynical person in Heierrat. She uses the protective cloak Calkul, which was given to her by Fierte. On Yuni's orders, she and the mercenaries provide reinforcements for the Solar Kingdom in their war against the Cursed Legions.
Sword Sucessor / Rozly
A student of Mizalio, Yuni's frivolous associate. He's currently second in command of Heierrat's royal guard. However, he's even more happy-go-lucky than his teacher, and is often spotted playing around with his old buddies in the castle town. He uses his acrobat-like agility and ability to attack with the sword from any direction to his advantage in battle.
Sworn Avenger / Henrietta
A famous wandering lady mercenary. She's also feared as the Red-haired Demon. The reason she became a mercenary is to get revenge on whoever killed her adoptive father. The big sword she carries is a memento of him. She heard a rumor that the man she seeks has appeared in the Solar Kingdom, and she sets out for the boarder.
Purging Flame
A spell used by mages. It causes a large fire by focusing magical power. The flames feed on the life of their target, spreading to one after the next.
Eastern Blade Master
Warriors dispatched from the heroic land of Nabari in the Far East. They wear eccentric armor and helmets, and fight with katanas--Far East swords. They don't falter at all in the face of strong enemies, and fell every foe in their path with a single stroke.
Heierrat Speargunner
A soldier who handles a gun lance, a new weapon developed in the Mercenary Kingdom since the War of the Sun and Moon. There was a range of trial and error leading up to its implementation as a weapon. It was eventually redeveloped as a gun, making the shaft a gun barrel.
Eastern Assassin
An assassin from the heroic land of Nabari in the Far East. Unique assassination arts are developed there, and assassin educational institutions are popular in some areas. The essence of Nabari assassination arts is the preparedness to sacrifice one's life for a great cause.
A tactic used by the mercenaries of the Mercenary Kingdom. They use the terrain to hide themselves, and set a trap for their opponent.
Goblin Soldier
One of the Barbarians, tibes of half men, half beasts living in the south. Each tribe of the Barbarians falls within a system of ranking, and the Goblin Tribe is at the very bottom. They are extremely numerous and are used for manual labor, but they also serve as soldiers. They're just not very smart, so they seldom follow their commander's orders.
Heierrat Rapidshot Gunner
A Mercenary Nation soldier equipped with a new type of gun developed by the kingdom. The new gun can fire bullets rapidly, and it has the weakness of soon running out of ammo, but it packs more destructive power than a regular gun.
Eastern Gear Soldier
An artificial soldier developed by the heroic land of Nabari in the Far East. Those from Nabari call it a gadget soldier. It can only comprehend simple behavior, but it will faithfully carry out its orders until it ceases functioning, making it optimal for guard duty.
Belief in Victory
A battle cry uttered when mercenaries in an inferior position have a chance to counterattack. Many of the Mercenary Nation's mercenaries fought in the final showdown of the War of the Sun and Moon, and now no predicament will ever make them give up.
Steel Paladin / Rijia
One of the paladins of the reborn Wizard Kingdom. For some reason he only speaks haltingly, and it's difficult for his men to comprehend his orders. The Solar Kingdom and the Cursed Legions started the war, but he perceived a suspicious atmosphere and ordered his own men to prepare for combat.
Magic Detective / Daniel
A mage who does detective work in Regus. From the whereabouts of a lost keepsake to the secrets of True God Church cardinals, if you can pay his fee, he'll solve the case. However, he often demands rare candy that money can't buy. Usually he takes it easy, but when he takes on a job from a certain girl, he ends up challenging the mystery of this world.
Rainbow Dragon / Luteum
A dragon said to appear before the wise and predict future events, prior to great upheavals affecting all of Lavato. Legends say it takes a different form each time it appears, but its scales are rainbow-colored in every form, so it's called the Rainbow Dragon. It appeared before Princess Ariete of Regus, and informed her of the impending outbreak of a great war.
Child of Destiny / Lamia
A girl born in the new Wizard Kingdom. She's studying to become a strategist under Rozari, who survived the War of the Sun and Moon. Lamia was a student at the Wizard's Academy, and a dunce who always messed up the chants. Invited to be a guest lecturer, Rozari perceived her potential, and persuaded her parents to let her become an apprentice.
Strategist's Intuition
A stratagem thought up on the spur of the moment by a legendary strategist. In an even battle, the advantage is known to shift completely thanks to a strategist's wits.
Young Scholar
A boy who goes to the wizard's academy. He loves books, and can memorize any strategy about which he reads. The historic strategies he finds especially helpful are those written by Vordore, the genius strategist of the Wizard Kingdom during the era of the War of the Sun and Moon. The books he left behind have become the foundation of strategy instruction.
Spell Blader
A swordswoman who's mastered enchanting spells. Originally it was an magic form for injecting magic power into the runes etched into weapons, but this swordswoman applies the enchanted seals to her own body, enhancing her physical abilities. However, this usage can't be described as practical, since severe pain accompanies the unleashing of the seals.
Crocodile Knight
One of the Barbarians, a confederation of tribes from the south made up of races of half men, half beasts. The term that best describes this one is 'crocodile man'. He's called a 'knight of the south.' His tough scales and jaws, enormous tail, and skillful use of spear and shield give him a fighting strength not far removed from that of a fully armed knight.
Compass of Deception
One of the spells used by Regus mages. It makes its targets move in the wrong direction. As the name literally suggests, this magic uses an enchanted compass. Hardly limited to this spell, there are many magic spells that use special devices, and mages store a range of implements inside their clothes.
Falconer of Regus
A variety of Wizard Kingdom beast master. She can control birds. There are many falconers who call their birds by name once they've worked together long enough to develop mutual trust. For some reason the most common name is 'Ibert,' who's one of the paladins. The reasons given for this are 'Because it's cool.' and 'It's easy to call out.'
Mechanical Bat
A mech soldier developed specifically by the Wizard Kingdom. The mech soldiers excavated since the final days of the War of the Sun and Moon brought about a technological revolution in Regus, and after twenty years of research, the Kingdom finally succeeded in developing its own. This is the first of them developed, but its functionality is high.
Regus Aeromancer
A spirit summoner of the Wizard Kingdom. To summon sylphs, the contract holder creates a special magic symbol. Those with limited experience can only summon using pre-prepared symbols on the floor, but with ample experience, it becomes possible for a caster to draw the symbol in midair quickly enough to summon during combat.
Magician's Utopia
A type of spell used by mages. It brings forth a magic fog that supports them while chanting incantations. Its name comes from a legend of an ancient Lavato empire where magic fog constantly hung in the air, and where the magic arts were developed.
Inferno Storm / Bander
A man called the 'fire storm', who can manipulate flames. Since the War of the Sun and Moon, he'd been after revenge on the mercenary who killed his family. He realized his own cursed fate upon achieving it, and descended into darkness. He made a contract with an evil flame demon, and lost himself to its power. He was last spotted in the Solar Kingdom.
Cursed Future / Hou Sen
One of the four generals of Nabari. Nabari is actually a group that consolidated the Far East archipelago via military might after the War of the Sun and Moon. She was sent to help the Solar Kingdom fight the undead. She's a master of the Far East sword style Aiki, as well as magic based on amulets. She's said to be older than she appears, but the truth is unknown.
Arm of Derision / Nephtem
One of the high-ranking dead spirits calling themselves the Seven Lords. She swore obedience to True Immortal Durendal, became a commander of the Cursed Legions, and launched an undead invasion of Lavato. Apparently Durendal has informed her of a secret plan, but the particulars are unknown.
Great Missionary / Osray
A man who calls himself the True God Church's great missionary. He led priests and knights to neighboring nations, proselytizing by force. He constantly looks down upon those of low social status despite his own lack of importance. Nevertheless, he has powers like the Psycho Soldiers, and can read the thoughts of others.
Folrart Pyrokinetic
One of the new Psycho Soldiers, who wield Psychokinetics. Like the others, he was produced by the Divine Power Institute. He has the power to manipulate friction, and can set fire to an object at will. The True God Church declares that there's no direct link between Psycho Soldiers and loss of emotion, although many of them seem heartless.
Goblin Mage
A member of the Barbarians, a confederation of tribes made up of races of half men, half beasts living in the south. Each tribe of the Barbarians falls within a system of ranking, and the Goblin Tribe is at the very bottom. However, some of the Goblin Tribe can use hedge magic. Their intelligence is high, and they unify the Goblins as leaders of sorts.
Aquamarine Carbuncle
A gem beast with a light blue stone in its forehead. They live in packs, in thickets near swampy areas. Their pelts and gems go for lots of money, so their numbers have fallen remarkably due to over-hunting. But even so, you can still catch sight Aquamarine Carbuncles living near swamplands, away from human habitations.
Firespawn Merman
One of the Barbarians, a confederation of tribes made up of races of half men, half beasts living in the south. The term that best describes this one is 'fish man'. He lurks in the water, then leaps at his enemies. Also, he attacks by spitting burning saliva from his mouth. In the south, he's known and feared as the 'underwater hunter'.
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