Basic Set
Solar Prince / Verlaat
The most renowned leader in the history of the Solar Kingdom. A pure boy who wished to bring peace to the world, he was said to radiate light and have the divine protection of the sun. When fate turned against him, he became known as the Fallen Sun.
Light Chaser / Advent
'What is light? Is darkness evil?'
Dragonrider / Wasseir
'Sorry to wake you, Sfida, but we have a mission. Can you fly?'
High Priest / Abel
'I can hear the voice of God. Come! Let us pray!'
Lion Baron / Zagar
'My prince will lead the world to peace! That's why I fight on!'
Saber Saint / Lapierre
'My, my... How unlucky you are to have come across me!'
Holy Light
'Our wounds are healed by miracles, and again we sally forth to battle.'
'Base magic can be driven away by a divine miracle.'
Folrart Paladin
'For king and country!'
Folrart Shield Knight
'Can your attacks challenge my shield?'
Rapidshot Magic Archer
'Not only do I not need arrows, but would you believe I fire two shots at once?'
Light Spearwoman
'You can't stop this spear.'
Cassowary King
'That king's selfishness is beyond compare.'
Guardian Sphinx
'If I were protected by that, my sleep would never be disturbed.'
Defensive Maneuvers
'A knight protects the weak at all times.'
Ancient Spear Knight
'I wonder what kind of power this spear holds...'
Boy Combat Priest
'Abominable thing! Begone!'
Brutal Inquisitor
'Let us wipe away the evil in your heart.'
Blessed Acolyte
'This war is the will of God!'
Ruby Carbuncle
'I'm not hurt! Could it be protecting me?'
Will o' the Wisp
'This is the power of order.'
Kesaran Pasaran
'Little monsters that bring good luck? I don't think they exist.'
'Some things don't die even if you kill them.'
Raise Shield
'How do you escape fear?'
'Is not this the greatest miracle of all?'
Death Incarnate / Proposition
'He'll teach you the true meaning of death.'
Ruler of Crest / Eskatia
'The world will be controlled by the Duchy of Crest!'
Abyss Centaur / Dical
'A warrior's battle is a warrior's joy.'
Chaoslady / Annarose
'Now... shall we consider our next move?'
Zombie Lord / Zugateroza
'I have no fear of death... or at least, of dying.'
Killing Machine / LeBeau
'...Fifteen minutes until completion. Three targets.'
Soul Bind
'These black chains are even heavier and stronger than you think.'
Merciless Death
'For birth, a ritual is necessary, but death requires nothing.'
'Her fee is exorbitant, but her skills are unquestionable.'
Elite Crest Knight
'Fight! Destroy! Show no mercy!'
Mad Priest
'Come, now. It is time for the ceremony.'
Lycanthrope [Leonardo]
'Mother...where are you?'
Lycanthrope [Lilith]
' I?'
Castle Wight
'Come, little girl. Come this way...'
'The enemy is more vicious with his back to the wall.'
Moonlight Warrior
'Iron is not my only armor.'
Magic Doll
'Target detected. Commencing attack...'
Skeleton Master
'Is the body merely the vessel of the soul, or is the soul merely energy for bodies?'
Crest Regenerator Knight
'It's useless. I can't die if all you do is cut me.'
Invisible Druid
'You can't see me, can you? I can't see me either.'
Girl Spectre
'You can see me?'
Animated Dead
'When you were little, didn't anyone tell you that graveyards were dangerous at night?'
'Shades live in the shadows.'
Flesh Recycle
'Do what you have to, get me back on my feet. All that matters is that I'll be able to fight.'
Turn to Dust
'If you don't know the value of treasure, it might as well be dust.'
Strike Samurai / Thunderbolt
'Damn that old bum. He's run off again.'
Bounty Hunter / Elena
'There were a few more enemies than I'd planned on. Oh, well...'
Roaming Predator / Asuet
'The path I've trodden is marked only by the bodies of my foes.'
Wise Swordsman / Steel
'My oh my, making an old man like me do this sort of work...'
The Red Mantle / DeFau
'You don't deserve to have a fine treasure like this.'
Bellydancer / Kurina
'I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am.'
Panther Soul
'Animal spirits can unleash our instincts.'
Fire Tornado
'The roaring flames and the shrieking wind become a living being.'
Magic Sword Dual-Wielder
'I inherited my techniques from my father!'
Brave Soldier
'I'll handle this. Stand back, miss.'
Archer Scout
'Oh? Maybe this place will do.'
Revolver Knight
'I may not look it, but I'm a knight.'
'I hail from the world of flame.'
Fire Storm Wyvern
'When they soar above, they burn everything to the ground.'
'Assault without fear is what brings victory.'
Blitz Soldier
'In battle, only the victors are righteous!'
Bear-Killing Axeman
'After all, I can no longer test my strength against human opponents.'
Combat Monk
'You should keep in mind where you are, and what you're up against.'
Lightning Archer
'Nothing is more terrifying than an accurate bow.'
Exploding Spores
'Some living things have no instinct to preserve their own lives.'
'They're here to protect the forest.'
'These are the most ferocious of all spirits.'
'He becomes a monster when he loses control.'
Magic Weapon
'If the weapon is sharp enough, even a novice can kill.'
Fire Arrow
'Burn it all down!'
Peregrine Paladin / Larut
'If I can't protect the world, I'll at least protect those around me without fail!'
Witch Queen / Catherina
'Big brother, why ever would you come to this mansion?'
Lightning Girl / Rubia
'Thunder is the roar of the gods.'
Black Cat / Fellana
'Nothing good comes of getting close to me, you know.'
Azure Dragon - East / Vordore
'Hmm... If things keep moving in this direction, then I have the perfect plan.'
Aqua Sorcerer / Mystere
'Water is my friend.'
Spell Lock
'If a wizard is unable to chant spells? Well then, he's useless.'
'Forget sea monsters. If you meet this on the ocean, it's over.'
Magic Scythe Soldier
'Why a scythe, you ask? Because it is the tool of Death.'
Swan Cavalier
'Now, we must attack in unison!'
Expert Sorcerer
'You have some business with me?'
'This demon's trouble. His winds can blow anything apart.'
Sea Hunter
'They're known as hunters of the sea, but now they're making dry land their hunting ground.'
Deep Squid
'That's quite the nasty monster, and twelve for the price of one.'
'The arrival of the cyclone changes everything.'
Eagle Soldier
'In battle, you must know how to soar like the wind.'
Sorcerer Guard
'Shield! Protect me!'
Haste Soldier
'It won't be long now.'
Song Sorceress
'Her song is one of battle. It instills in us bravery.'
'I'll be a great witch someday!'
'What? The spell summoned...this?'
'I'll bring forth the storm!'
'The spirit of water is serenity incarnate.'
'Yowie! It worked!'
'With this spell, you'll be safe in times of peril, no matter how dire!'
Dragon Emperors Revive
Holy Emperor / Retear
One of the Dragon Emperors told of in the Legend of Lavato; the mightiest of all beings created by the gods. Retear was born to supervise the other Emperors, and doesn't fight on his own. Living among humans, he's revered as a blessed creature. However, once he begins to move, the terrible might of the strongest Dragon Emperor will be revived.
Knight of Luminance / Ernst
'Break through their defenses! The true threat lies beyond!'
Judge of Heretics / Bardia
'Fool who believeth not in our God! This is Judgment Day.'
Realm Guardian / Mayleen
'You may not pass without my authorization. Might you possess that qualification?'
Time Reader / Lavende
'I want to know the colors of the world...'
Fountain Knight / Elneith
'With this sword I will protect the prince.'
'The blessings of the gods come in many forms.'
Judgement Hammer
'Even a god can lose its temper.'
Folrart Shrine Knight
'Shrine Knights, ready to move out!'
Lycanthrope [Seraph]
'Angel Lycanthropes have stages. In time they'll ascend and become seraphs.'
Holy Dragon
'These people worship a dragon of all things. That can't be a good idea.'
Priestess of the Holy Weapon
'They left for the battlefield with blessed weapons in hand.'
Amethyst Carbuncle
'The Amethyst loves solitude.'
'This atrocious thing is the solar envoy? The sun god must not be very discriminating.'
Burning Sun
'The sun smote its anger upon the ground.'
Priest of the Holy Word
'It's a terrible thing to hearken their words. They're not words of welcome. They're curses.'
Lycanthrope [Angel]
'An angel? Hah! Its reputation is the only decent thing about it. It's an abomination.'
Inquisition Raid Leader
'You people are traitors who defied the teachings of our doctrine! You can run but you can't hide!'
'That creature is a mystery to me. I don't know how it came to be born... or made.'
Folrart Spear Knight
'Spear Knights are the very first to meet the enemy on the battlefield.'
Folrart Spiked Shield Knight
'Now we know that even knights will resort to trick weapons.'
Armed Citizens
'Even the common people have the will to fight.'
Legendary Unicorn
'They're savage and feel threatened by all who approach except the most serene of maidens.'
Magic Bolt
'The power of a Magic Bolt depends entirely on its wielder.'
Recovery Powder
'This simple application could sway the course of the war.'
Dark Emperor / Zu-jyuva
'It reared up from the inky shadows, as if to celebrate the revival of all the Dragon Emperors.'
The Solar Eclipse / Alphonce
'So Verlaat is the Solar Prince... Why not? He has his path, I have mine.'
Black Dragonrider / Millia
'Yes, let's go... into the sky you call home, Gladeel.'
Soul Keeper / Phimilliar
'Souls can only be managed by a god whose virtues include a true understanding of right and wrong.'
Chaos Ogre / Dalos
'Humans are so fragile. I wonder how much longer before they're completely wiped out? Guh hya hya hya hya!'
Broken Iron Soldier / XXXX
'Once it starts, it won't stop. No, it can't be stopped...'
'Life is a succession of fair exchanges, but it rarely seems that way.'
Pure Terror
'All I see around me is madness.'
Magic Doll -Melee-
'All invaders confirmed as silenced. Rescinding warning protocols.'
Lycanthrope [Scylla]
'Withstanding the pain is meaningless. She'll lose herself to it sooner or later.'
Ancient Zombie Lord
'How long can a king keep the souls of his subjects?'
Dragon of the Mercurial Night
'It's like a natural disaster. You never know where it will strike.'
Magic Doll -Support-
'Magic chant program load. Five seconds until execution.'
Lycanthrope [Fenrir]
'Lycanthropy or not, he had a choice. He could've just gone on his way.'
'People fall so easily. So very, very, easily.'
Lycanthrope [Legion]
'It's the most prolific of lycanthropes. That's all there is to Legion, and that's enough.'
Cutter of the Cord
'Giving the gift of death is too easy.'
Skeleton Warrior
It's quite convenient when your soldiers need nothing to sustain them but a little magic.'
Crest Mindsoldier
'The armies of Crest have modified their soldiers again... After seeing this, nothing they do will surprise me.'
Elder Druid
'Maybe a long life is the greatest curse of all.'
'The only thing I know for sure about ghosts is that I don't like them.'
Black Hound
'They always travel in packs.'
'Now, it's our time.'
Life Conversion
'So, shall we drink from some lively child?'
Soul Pact
'The sinful can be cast down to hell, regardless of age.'
Flame Emperor / Allind
'Flames roared like lions, the volcano shrieked and trembled, and the Emperor descended.'
The Crusher / Extension
'Now, teacher. Speak with me today. Ahh, fear not. There is plenty of time.'
Fire Storm / Bander
'Who said fire can't be cool?'
Gunner Girl / Yuni
'You might need a few more people if you want to take me down.'
God Lance / Estoma
'I'm interested to see how long you last against me.'
Steel Bladesman / Bazgar
'Even after talking with the man, it's hard to see him as a person. He's more like a beast.'
Fairy Dance
'Come on, everyone! A festival!'
'Your soul's power will explode!'
Fire Dragon
'These are the ones everyone has heard tales of. They're the reason people fear dragons.'
Earth Dragon
'This particular dragon is ferocious, dangerous, and just plan nasty.'
Monk of the Single Strike
'The strength of my foot has long years of kung fu training behind it.'
Volcano Giant
'Unlucky fool, you're trapped up here, with no room to move!'
Salamander Soldier
'Hark, Salamanders. Obey my command and purge everything with fire!'
Dryad Soldier
'Let me introduce my adorable servant.'
Rapid Growth
'Helpful or hurtful, one can't distinguish between the marvels of nature.'
Lethal Archer
'Until the target appears, I will remain as still as a statue.'
Highland-born Hunter
'I polished my skills in the mountains, and there I can outfight any man.'
Unwilling Hero
'Pshaw, I can't do nothin' like this!'
Dragonscale Sword Warrior
'Huh? You got business with me?'
'Fancy techniques can't stand up to pure strength.'
Giant Ork
'These things bring trouble wherever they go.'
Rifleman Knight
'To incite chaos in the ranks, just attack the leader.'
Devouring Lizard
'No way around it, that's a big lizard.'
'This special gas can stop anyone in their tracks.'
Gravitational Sphere
'Gravity can restrain anything, even the heavens and the earth.'
Water Emperor / Legrye
'Then the final Dragon Emperor rose from the lightless ocean depths.'
Guard Leader / Renally
'You poor soul, trying something like this on my watch.'
Mage Paladin / Distrier
'To me! Rambaaaar!'
Swan Swordswoman / Alna
'Even if the enemy has the advantage, when we show up it turns around.'
Pirate King / Dub Rido
'Ahoy! It be smooth sailing today, maties!'
Wind Sorceress / Femiel
'The will of the wind is my will.'
Wrath of the Constellations
'Sometimes the heavens themselves grow angry.'
Shear Winds
'The sudden gust of wind caught even our quickest by surprise and blew them off their feet.'
Azure Beastmaster
'All living creatures heed my will.'
Wizard Soldier of Regus
'Regus guards have perfect defense; their swordsmen are masters of offense. Think that's fair? Wait till you see them move.'
Water Dragon
'So the depths of the seas are filled with dragons, too? Great...'
Sylph Sorceress
'Now, wind of mine. Dance!'
Undine Soldier
'Come forth, Undines. I ask you to confine my enemies.'
Owl Sage
'Hoho, you seek something of me?'
'Awful magic... With this storm bearing down, we won't make any headway.'
Silvern Wing
'I don't know when they appeared. I'm just happy I'm still alive after seeing them.'
Wizard Archer of Regus
'If we increase their attack power with magic, everyone will take notice of the results.'
'Look at the size of it! If it sees you, you're finished.'
Swallow Scout
'As long as the sky is here, I'll have a friend to keep me in good spirits!'
Wizard Soldier Apprentice
'It's natural to be scared of your first battle.'
'Oh weapon, bring forth your true power...'
Rapidly Flying Apprentice
'Whoaaa, wait, waaait!'
Sea Claw
'If you can see its claws, you're already too close.'
Invisibility Edge
'If you trust your eyes, it will get you in trouble. Be careful.'
Meaning of Failure
'These things happen.'
Wrath of the Four Gods
Proxy of Light / Limier
This is the entity of Refess that appeared when the world's balance of magical power collapsed. It is able to draw pure light even from the deepest darkness.
Right-hand Shield / Garfath
'My other half must be stopped. That is my indiscretion.'
Blessed Knight / Orfen
'Can you defeat me and my divine power?'
Final One / Arius
'Boys grow up to menace the world.'
'Dawn arrived swiftly that day.'
Will o' the Wisp Soldier
'My darling children... Let us fight the evil, together.'
Star Dragon
'That dragon comes from beyond the boundaries of Lavato's sky.'
Folrart Knight Captain
'Yes! My army is superior! Charge!'
Emerald Carbuncle
'The color green is naturally playful, don't you think?'
Instant Revival
'It's a miracle from the heavens.'
Folrart Guardian
'Identify yourself!'
Healing Priest
'The wounded receive the protection of the clergy.'
Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier
'Strength is one thing, but it's technique that wins battles.'
'Why did the gods create magical animals?'
Holy Shield
'A shield spell is only as good as the power of the magic behind it.'
Proxy of Soul / Animus
'When the Proxy of Light appeared, the inherent balance of all things spontaneously summoned the Proxy of Soul in response.'
Left-hand Shield / Kafhar
'My shield is not to protect others. I live only to fight.'
Darkness Mirror / Aegis
'Only I can master Aegis, for it is an artifact of pure magic.'
Nightwalker / Riza
'The nighttime is the right time, for me.'
Punishment Hole
'It's a hole for your soul.'
Magic Shade Soldier
'Can you overcome my techniques? I can control the darkness in all things.'
Crest Paladin
'Crest paladins obtain a power that comes with evil strings attached.'
Dragon Zombie
'They say it was a Holy Dragon. If that was true... it's not anymore.'
Lycanthrope [Dagon]
'Once the disease takes hold, you'll be desperate to get back to the water.'
Warning Knife
'Ahh, you mean THAT knife. I'd stay away from it if I were you.'
Crest Halberd Soldier
'Get them before they get you. That's the motto of our squad.'
Cemetery Rats
'Ain't much use to a dead man. But when they swarm, they'll get something out of him.'
Girl Druid
'Heee... Heh, heh, heeee.'
Novice Assassin
'My skills are already good enough to do the job.'
Criminal Edge
'People can never escape their own crimes.'
Proxy of Flame / Pullermia
'He appeared to burn away what was left behind from the battle between the Proxy of Light and the Proxy of Soul.'
Shield Coat / Fierte
'You'll have to cut through my cloak before you reach me. But I'll warn you, it's no easy task.'
Mad Beast / Dandan
'What's the matter, huh? Weren't you gonna get me?'
The Magician / Primrose
'Oh? Do you want something of me?'
Falkow Pike
'This magic was a big hit in the Wizard Kingdom.'
Quick Draw
'The quick draw's faster than a sword, and the range advantage ain't bad, either.'
'Nobody knows any details about them, but they're good in a fight. That's for sure.'
Der Freischutz
'No target can evade the power of my Freikugel!'
Gaia Anaconda
'It just blasted up through the earth under my feet.'
Sword of Mysteries
'When burning fire radiates a holy light, it becomes the flame of purification.'
'I only do what I'm paid to. No more, no less, got it?'
Knight Apprentice
'Someday, I'll be a respected knight, too... Dad.'
Samurai Girl
'Can you keep up with my Iaijutsu sword draw?'
Blitz Beetles
'When they're flying, it's impossible to spot them with the naked eye.'
Ball of Flame
'The ball of flame explodes and does widespread damage.'
Proxy of Sea / Oseon
'The last Proxy arrived to resuscitate the world.'
Evangelical Hymn / Gospel
'My hymn will break you...'
Fire Sorceress / Addition
'Using fire magic isn't considered good in the Wizard Kingdom. Why? Well, because it burns things!'
Red Phoenix - South / Snaf
'Can't you do anything right?'
'It was an irregular surge of power, generated by equal magic forces crashing into each other.'
Mage Knight of Regus
'Even the Knights of the Wizard Kingdom are experts with magic.'
Spell Lancer
'Be careful, their lances are forged of magic and steel, so they can impale anything.'
'Looking for the demon of the deep? I think I found it.'
Sea Wyvern
'Land, sea or air. There's nowhere to run.'
'This magic is quite complicated and powerful. I just make it look easy.'
Rapier Fencer of Regus
'This is as far as you go.'
Magic Musician
'The timbre of the instrument fills the soldiers with righteous power.'
Battle Mage of Regus
'Their tactical advantage comes from the direct application of magical force.'
Giant Ancient Tortoise
'It's huge, slow, and in the way.'
'Let's just consider ourselves lucky if we manage to get away.'
Beasts on Sacred Ground
Fallen Moon Child / Miffyre
She betrayed the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi, who controls the Duchy of Crest from the shadows. Now, she's come to spread the truth about him along with three Beasts who protect her. After being taken into custody in Folrart, she was hidden in an ancient shrine called the Holy Realm.
Beast Soldier / Orthos
'Great. Even Orthos showed up...' -Belfyna
Inquisition Nun / Cynthia
'It's to safeguard the Holy Realm? Of course I'll help you.'
2nd Shrine Leader / Shathia
'Knights of the Second Shrine, prepare to move out. Your enemies are the Duchy of Crest and Lady Belfyna.'
Mirror of Light
'This mirror reflects more than just what looks into it.'
Folrart Charge Knight
'Don't hold back just because the enemy's full of women! Let's go!'
Sunlight Knight
'Follow us! We have the protection of Refess! Don't let the enemy close to the Holy Realm!'
Light Magic Archer
'Second wave of enemy troops in range. Fire!'
Diamond Carbuncle
'A Carbuncle stands in our way? This should be cute.' - Belfyna
Sunbeam Cage
'You'll use rays of light to capture us? Good luck with that.'
Blessed Armor Knight
'Our armor has been blessed by the oracles!'
Folrart Flying Cavalry
'We've got to find the enemy before they find us! Keep looking!'
Shadow Spirit
'Light creates many things, including shadows!'
Folrart Slash Knight
'We cannot afford to lose this battle!'
Shield the Weak
'Now, run! Run, my boy!'
Beast King / Scarrion
'I will serve you until the day I die. But, I welcome the chance to face the one who pursues me.'
Beast Soldier / Belus
'The appearance of Belus can make the enemy lay down his arms.'
Dance Macabre / Lelein
'It wasn't easy to get this information, you know... Oh don’t worry about the informant. He’s been taken good care of...'
Lady of the Megiddo / Belfyna
'Get ready, girls. It's a direct order from Mistress Annarose. Kill the traitors hiding in the so-called 'Holy Realm' in Folrart.'
Soul Return
'A lost soul is a terrible thing, unless you know how to use it.'
Moonlight Assassin
'We must be able to kill with one strike, that's what makes us assassins.'
Magic Doll -Fencer-
'Target confirmed. Permission to activate acceleration device.'
Magic Doll -Heavy Shield-
'Please hide, Miss Belfyna. We will take care of this.'
Magic Doll -Grappler-
'The damage is superficial. Continue to attack.'
Night Wing Wyvern
'H-How the heck did a wyvern get in here!?'
Soulblade Swordswoman
'I can't let those Magic Dolls show me up.'
Living Armor
'The armor is just a diversion! The spirit is somewhere else.'
Crest Cursed Swordsman
'He's even killing people on our side!'
Magic Doll -Defective-
'That Sumer... She sold me a defective product.'
Curse Spell
'The Word will bring you curses.'
Beast Hunter / Rivera
'That evil beast... The beast that took my family isn't far now!'
Gun Princess' Sword / Mizalio
'Ooh, looks like a big battle. Princess! Fierte! Aren't you coming?'
Brave Mercenary / Dilate
'I'll fight, but I don't like hurting girls...'
God Hand / Diosaur
'Defending against my fist with armor? You have much to learn of kung fu.'
Forest Child / Athira
'I see... Mother Nature herself must protect this child from the other world.'
Heierrat Army
'This new sword gives me a purpose to fight.'
Soldier of Gaia
'Gowen will protect me.'
Fighter Pixy
'We can't sit by anymore... Guide that child to the shrine of the Holy Realm!'
Tree Giant
'Tree Giants have begun to move. The balance of nature must be under threat.'
Miracle Fruit
'This fruit is the ambrosia of the gods.'
Gaia Gem Monk
'This gem gives me the power of my ancestors.'
Girl Mercenary
'Hey, people like us are human too, you know.'
Giant Forest Snake
'Oh, no! It's enormous!'
Magma Golem
'I hope it doesn't eat humans.'
River of Fire
'You can't aim a lava flow. It goes where it wants.'
Chase Wing / Volfied
'Rivera, my mission is to guide you. Even if it costs me my life.'
Sea Lord / Vonderam
'Vonderam, I would be reassured if I could get your help.' - Volfied
Mage Librarian / Bernet
'This book... It's leading me to her.'
Forest Sorceress / Anttila
'The forest is unhappy. I'm counting on you, Athira.'
'That's enough out of you. Back where you came from.'
Sorcerer Monk of Regus
'I'll show you the results of my training!'
Mermaid Aquamancer
'I don't approve of interfering in human affairs, however...'
Mermaid Spear Fighter
'The humans can't move freely underwater, we'll finish them there.'
Absolute Wall
'At least we're safe for now.'
Sweeping Tidalwave
'The waters can rise in an instant, washing anything away.'
Sky Staff Sorceress
'The staff... it's too difficult to control!'
Mermaid Sorceress
'Let's do this, and get out of here.'
Enormous Frog
'What on earth is that? Please have mercy!'
Lost Tome
'Arrrgh! Where is that page? It was here a minute ago!'
Frozen Lance
'This is bad. It's raining lances!'
2nd Dragonrider / Resource
An apprentice of the Dragonriders Wasseir and Millia. After Millia went missing, he was taught to protect the peace of Lavato. However, he couldn't agree to sacrifice lives to preserve the peace. Finally, he ignored Wasseir's orders, and joined the battle for the Holy Realm.
Holy Realm Knight / Sergis
'So he's the last guardian of the gate Mayleen was talking about...' --Lapierre
3rd Shrine Leader / Ridrea
'Lapierre, Shathia, you two are so impatient!'
Servant of the Sun / Safiria
'No wonder we're always falling behind the other kingdoms... Look at this intelligence!'
Key to the Holy Realm
'I shall grant this to you, Lapierre.' - Mayleen
Knight of Shrine Zero
'Target confirmed. Commencing attack. Messages from the priests also said 'watch for the resurrection' but the meaning is unclear.'
Knight of the 1st Shrine
'The commander herself is leading us! We can't lose!'
Knight of the 2nd Shrine
'Don't let Captain Shathia down!'
Knight of the 3rd Shrine
'Third shrine knights, advance!'
Hero's Strike
'I'd never thought you'd come save me, Cynthia' 'Whatever. Just go, I'll hold them here!'
Elite Folrart Acolyte
'Let's show them what we're made of!'
Elite Folrart Dual Wielder
'I'll knock 'em down one after another... Here's another one!'
Pegasus Knights
'Let's go!' 'Careful! Don't throw me off, okay?'
Folrart Monk
'Use the power within to defeat the enemy without touching them.'
Over Soul
'The souls are returning from where they came...'
Hellspawn / Zalzagul
'It doesn't look like Annarose can handle this alone. No matter, all I care for is an opportunity to fight.'
Vile Swordsman / Afel
'Well, well. Mistress Annarose must be having a difficult time. Otherwise, she wouldn't have summoned me, right?'
Command Unit / Violet X2
'Come on, let me have some fun!'
Command Unit / Scarlet Rose
'Shrine Knights spotted. Let's play.'
Command Unit / White Lily
'I love the red color of blood. I wish I had Scarlet Rose's body.'
Crest Devil Knight
'The time of bloodshed is upon us.'
Death Knight
'It's been some time since Master Zugateroza last released me. I shall enjoy this.'
Hell Smoke
'If I kill the dead, they only become stronger... Now what?'
Priestess of Madness
'Hehehehe! This is it! I found it!'
Parts Recycle
'With this spell, the parts of the fallen will reunite, stronger than before.'
Magic Doll -Sniper-
'From here, all I need is one shot.'
Broken Priest
'Heh. Heh, hehee. Bwahahahahahahahaha! This is it! Gwe hehehehehehehe!'
Crest Veteran Swordswoman
'Is it time for our unit to attack yet?'
Night Soul
'What the hell is that!?'
Exchange of Souls
'Know the weight of your soul.'
Beast King / Rivera
'So I'm the real Beast King. You knew about this all along, Volfied.'
Forest Hero / Athira Shin
'The real Beast King has returned. I should be able to use my full power.'
Katana Dual Wielder / Sakura
'I'm here for the bounty on your head.'
God of Anger / Dista
'Come on, let me have some more fun!'
'The forest is restoring itself...'
'Hello, Mister. You're pretty handsome.'
Heierrat Broadsword Soldier
'Hey, what are these things? Some kind of deadly marionettes?'
Volcano Wyvern
'After you're dead it'll cremate you, too. Convenient, no?'
Heierrat Revolver Bladesman
'What is with this army of girls?'
Mage Pixy
'Come on, you can't hit me.'
Boulder Drop
'Oh, no! Falling rocks!'
Heierrat Mage
'As soon as you're in position, I'll let 'em have it!'
Boomerang Fighter
'An unusual weapon, isn't it? Have you seen anything like it before?'
Feline Kin Fighter
'There are so many enemies. This is gonna take all day.'
Vicious Raptor
'It found me! I'm done for...'
Lady Paladin / Mirelia
'I cannot let you go any further. If you insist, then I, Mirelia, will fight you.'
Mermaid Princess / Emana
'It's so much fun down here. I don't understand why there are wars on land.'
Mermaid Wizardess / Faytis
'Yes, sir. As you wish, Master Vonderam.'
Frost Sorceress / Rasam
'Yes? What can I do for you? Hee hee...'
Forbidden Book
'A book used as part of a ritual to seal something away long ago...'
Ice Sorceress
'Mmm... you're nice and cold.'
Teleportation Soldier
'I sense magic! Is it behind me?'
Magic Greatsword Soldier
'Hmph! I'll finish this with one strike!'
Bog Wyvern
'I heard that the wyverns were twisted by the magical radiation of this place...'
Time Stop
'Tick tock...'
Mermaid Soldier
'When will the war end?'
Mermaid Archer
'Those who live on land will never expect arrows coming from the water.'
Mermaid Girl Sorceress
'What? It's not over yet?'
Frost Bow Archer
'I'll hold off the entire brigade!'
'Now, if it only hits the right one, it'll be quite a rush!'
A Prelude to Battle
True Holy Emperor / Retear
This white dragon is the true form of the king of the legendary Dragon Emperors. He has returned to his true glory to fight against the Envoy of Chaos and his three servants.
Unknown Knight / Aano
'The target has begun to move. Please report to the masters. ...Why do those greasy raccoons want me to monitor them at all?'
Star Lord / Bastandorra
'Aren't they on our side?' 'The Dragon Emperors said they were just visitors.'
Wandering Priest / Raste
'Honest miracle of the gods, please save the people of Lavato.'
Like the Hand of God
'In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law?'
Sapphire Carbuncle
'The blue stone is a symbol of the hope for peace.'
Folrart Hammer Soldier
'I'll crush anything with one strike!'
Unwanted Charity
'Lady, hey lady! This will protect you from evil spirits!'
Folrart Lady Paladin
'What is going to happen now?'
Lycanthrope [Brahma]
'First corruption, then pain... and then madness.'
Folrart Standard Bearer
'We'll let the whole kingdom know that peace is coming.'
Lycanthrope [Hanuman]
'And I thought he was on the heavy side before.'
Girl Combat Priest
'Purify the corrupted ones!'
Novice Folrart Acolyte
'If it is the will of the One True God, we will fight!'
'If the weapons crumble, no one can fight.'
Doll Master / Sumer
'Oooh, you wanna new master?'
War Incarnate / Inside
'My sweet delicious prey... I hope you'll let me have a taste of you again tonight.'
New Magic Doll / Astaforse
'Sis, it seems I have to kill you now.'
Night Singer / Miandela
'Hey... I want to go outside too, Esria.'
'My feelings remain in eternal darkness'
'It's like the boss of all undead. If you happen to see one, you should just run.'
Cursed Armor Knight
'I had no idea Zugateroza had created such effective soldiers.'
Lycanthrope [Echidna]
'She's already an enemy to all living things... That's the power of this disease.'
Death's Embrace
'She'll be embraced by him only once in her life.'
Crest Orderly
'Princess Eskatia! An undead army approaches the capital!'
Haste Assassin
'Mission accomplished. I'm no longer needed.'
Consuming Grudge
'What? This is the power of their grudge? But it has a physical form!'
Magic Doll -Healer-
'Looks like she can still fight.'
Crest Spy
'I must report this to Mistress Annarose...'
'How can a zombie move so fast?!'
Dragon Slayer / Bringer
'You got a job for me? This better be good...'
Revolver King / Shelby
'Gunner knights, advance! We're coming, Princess Yuni!'
Attendant / Feria
'He drew his sword in a flash of light...'
Last Hunter / Cassandra
'Have you heard anything about him? He's like a curse on this world.'
Rain of Arrows
'Burning magic arrows raining from the clouds? This is going to be a short battle.'
Giant Gorilla
'He's considered to be a kind of guardian deity by the locals.'
Forest Rhino
'Run if you have to, just not in a straight line.'
Ancient Mage Pixy
'Finally, it's time for us to make our appearance.'
Heierrat Spy
'Seems like the security is pretty tight.'
The Forest of Hate
'Even nature can be evil if it grows in the wrong soil.'
Man-Eating Tiger
'It's a big one! It's huge!'
Dual Axe Wielder
Heierrat Horseman
'It's not over yet! Don't let your guard down!'
Archer Pixy
'Take aim... carefully!'
Dragon Breath
'By the time you notice the breath, you're already charred.'
Abyssal Strategist / Galdirea
'Now, now... just how far will the Mermaid Princess go?'
Spell Analyst / Diondora
'This formula... how dangerous!'
Cursed Siren / Metia
Black Tortoise - North / Ladol
'You don't understand my plan? This is why I don't like talking to imbeciles.'
Flanking Attack
'We're being attacked... From behind!!'
Strike Sorcerer of Regus
'A good soldier must not only master defense and offense, but speed and ranged attacking as well.'
Mermaid Transformation
'I want you to understand that transforming into a human shape is humiliating for a mermaid.'
Elite Fencer of Regus
'The power of my strike is so great, it'll form a vortex in the air and pull you in.'
Mermaid Dancer
'How about my dance? Did it make you feel better?'
'Whoaaaaaa... make it stop make it stop make it stop!!!'
Mermaid Shield Soldier
'I can't hold them back much longer!'
Deep Sleep
'Zzz… I can't...keep my'
Carrier [Singer of Friendship]
Carrier [Singer of Love]
'Gya va va va va va!'
Sea Serpent
'Wha- What the heck!?'
The Paladin's Sin
Solar Princess / Aliria
The princess of the Solar Kingdom and younger sister of Verlaat. Her smile shines warmly over the people of the Solar Kingdom, who all love her. Aliria has no training, but the sun has given her a gift of power that rivals a high priestess. She is like the bogeyman to sentient undead, who whisper of her as 'the other half of the sun.'
Aura of the Holy Emperor
'That's the true radiance of the Holy Emperor... The aura of purification.'
Twin Wing Knight / Bistya
'Fiea, don't do anything dangerous. Returning in one piece is also part of our duty.'
Twin Wing Knight / Glosfiea
'Bisty! Don't hide behind me, fight beside me!'
Peace Negotiations
-'Let us make peace. To defeat our true enemy.' -'I agree.'
Battle-Worn Lady Paladin
'Is this really it... is this going to be the place where we die?'
Veteran Folrart Paladin
'I wouldn't call this a crisis. You haven't seen anything yet.'
Agate Carbuncle
'You think that Carbuncles are peaceful and no good in a fight? You haven't seen one of these yet.'
Cait Sith
'Meow meow meow meow-meow. Meow meow meow-meow♪'
Light Flash
'It happened so fast! There was a bright flash and the enemies were knocked flat!'
Beneficent Priestess
'Oh my, what's wrong dear ones?'
Brutal Mammoth
'Once it starts running wild, nothing can stop it.'
Folrart Lady Monk
'Let's take the the gloves off.'
Folrart Berserker
'My sword's gone dull, I can't kill them in one strike...just break all their bones and leave them on the battlefield.'
Cure Light
'Stop complaining, I healed you enough. You can hold out for a while!'
'Mistress Annarose will not see you now... No one ever gets past me.'
Guard Captain / Afeemina
'Very well. Give the messenger a polite response, but don't let any of Annarose's men see you go.'
Dark Evocator / Domina
'What is this giant floating eyeball? Wah! It's... It's so... It's so... cuuuuuuuuute!!!'
Servant of Chaos / Gangadore
'Gan-chan! Kill them all!'
Deadly Scheme
'Do you really think you can outsmart me?'
Lycanthrope [Taurus]
'This creature tears through humans like they were trash.'
Magic Doll -Cannon-
'Intruders detected. Distance 100. All targets within range.'
Magic Doll -Mobility-
'Analyzing enemy fighting strength. Releasing all combat locks.'
Veteran Crest Slayer
'There's only one of me. Don't be afraid. Go on, stab me.'
Split Second Decision
'Whoever makes the best decision in that instant wins.'
Crest Gale Fencer
'Oops, I went past him.'
Crest Greatsword Soldier
'All I know is how to swing my sword in battle.'
Crest Ranger
'No one would notice if I spent some time exploring before I head back...'
Wounding Sword
'Many dangerous things look completely harmless. This is not one of those things.'
Creeping Hands
'Those hands are the regrets of the dead given form.'
Dragoneye / Ainhazard
'There are plans within plans. The true enemy... is beyond even him.'
Roar of the Flame Emperor
-'So, this is the power of justice that wiped out the Empire of Gabilab in a single night?' -'No... this is only a small fraction of it.'
Heierrat Warchief / Delrare
'Does it sound cool to say I've beaten all my enemies blindfolded?'
Faerie Heroine / Mitzett
'I will protect her!'
Herald of Ruin / Behemoth
-'Are we really supposed to fight this thing?' -'Looks like it.' Dilate and Cassandra, en route to Regus
Pixy Assassin
'It'll only sting for a second.'
Giant Arthropleurid
'W-What the heck is that!? I've never seen anything like it!'
Colossal Beetle
'Yep, she's a big one.'
Light Heierrat Fighter
'Once you master a skill, gender doesn't matter.'
Earth Wyvern
'If you hear loud thumping that gets faster and faster, start running. As if your life depends on it!'
Heierrat Dual Gunslinger
'All right. Come on. Let's have a right honest duel.'
Pixy Greatswordswoman
'I may be small, but my sword isn't!'
Pixy Healer
'Let me heal your wound.'
Ant Swarm
'Oh no... get 'em off! Getemoffgetemoffgetemoff!!!!'
Gaia Fang
'The magic of the earth takes different shapes depending on who uses it.'
Paladin of Sin / Durendal
'I'm bored. Isn't that a good enough reason, Larut?'
Prototype Form / Noze
'Oh, are those two sisters still going at it?'
Mage Knight Lancer / Marduk
'It can't be true! He couldn't have betrayed us!?'
Mage Knight Fencer / Urgrant
'Come back to me, Mar! He was your friend, but if we can't fight him together, he'll kill us both!'
Wrath of the Sea Lord
'What power... so this is what the magicians of Regus based their spells on.'
Mirror Shield Soldier of Regus
'The shield deflects even the strongest spells.'
Cursed Runesword Fighter
'My runes give my sword its power. But lately, it feels like they've gotten even stronger.'
Strike Wyvern
'By the time you see it descending from above, it's already too late.'
Forbidden Key
'It's a very dangerous key. It'll eat away your mind just from holding it.'
Frozen Cage
'You'll feel cold just for a second.'
Winged Scout
'That's the enemy's line all right...'
Carrier [Singer of Peace]
'Ghvveah? Ghberaah!'
Giant Manta Ray
'There's not much you can do about these things. They swim so silently you'll never notice one before it's too late.'
Regus Patroler
'Huh? What ever could this be?'
Total Failure
'Hmm... That could have gone better.'
Fall of Wizard Kingdom
Lion General / Zagar
The high commander of the regular armies of Folrart and the Royal Guard, the Folrart Guardians, and the Shrine Knights. He works to protect the Solar Prince both from foreign enemies, and also from dangerous members of the True God Church. When Verlaat set out to negotiate with Crest, Zagar waited in the royal capital, but his intuition warned him something was wrong...
Archer Captain / Fistara
'Uh oh...these guys are trouble! Everybody protect the prince.'
Honored Spirit / Ashbars
'I am Ashbars, protector of Folrart.'
High Acolyte / Bopors
'Heh! Looks like it's my turn to move out!'
Prayer for Safety
'Please be safe, Verlaat...'
Church Paladin
'Forward! Rescue Prince Verlaat!'
Sun Worshiper
'Appear before me, solar envoy!'
Mammoth Brigade
'There aren't that many soldiers who can stand up to a mammoth... or under one.'
Inquisition Night Raider
'Punish them! This is a house of evil.'
Miracle Bind
'Curses can be made of light, just as they are made from darkness.'
Folrart Mage
'I will fight for the prince! But there are so many enemies...'
Priests of the Royal Guard
'Keep the youngest of the royal family out of harm's way!'
Woman of Purity
'Princess Aliria...I will pray with you.'
Refugee Citizens
'Come on, this way...'
'Uh, what...? How did I get here?'
Last Resort / Gaieshart
'I'm sorry, you two, but you're going to have to die for me.'
Matchless Combatant / Yug
'Damn you, Annarose... I had no idea you'd assembled a force like this one.'
Six Armed Man / Alvein
'You sure are a rough lady... But I like it that way.'
Fog of Death / Seria
'I am...a fog. No shape or form, just fog...'
Triad of Chaos Meets
'How shall we proceed from here?' 'Hmph...don't waste our time.' 'Please, you two. My plans are already in motion.'
Black Hound Master
'All right now. There goes some prey. Go get it, boys!'
Nightmare Given Form
'It's the nightmare of all those with souls, and it lives out there.'
Lycanthrope [Nue]
'There are cries... The cries of the Nue, the screams of the victim, and the weeping of those left at the scene of the murder.'
Magic Doll -Exorcist-
'Spirit response of 1000AP recorded... Expanding field.'
Bitter Destiny
'And with one dark turn, mankind is doomed to another great war.'
Ghoul Mage
'Well then, I shall punish you just for living!'
Shadow Hound
'It doesn't just appear from the shadows, it is the shadows.'
Augmented Sorcerer
'Now, perhaps I'll also throw in an animal test subject.'
Angry Mob
'Th-There he is! Burn him!'
Word of Dalos
'Who's gonna fight me!?'
The Nullifier / Vol Agni
'Don't assume you'll live to regret it if you mess with me...'
Raging Brawler / Olvaus
'You didn't bring enough people... Hah! You'll never win! Olvaus Backfist!!!'
Price of Knowledge / Liz
'Sumer... Will I ever be as important to you as your despair?'
Fairy Knight / Torte
'Let me handle this, Princess...'
Brave Strike
'Let me pass!' - Dilate
Samurai Lady
'You fought a swordsman like me before? Then you're not in luck. I won't go easy on you.'
Elite Beltorat Knight
'Now, follow the king! We're going to fight too!'
Anti Magic Swordsman
'You're a fool if you point that wand at me.'
Wyvern Swarm
'If you see one, there are dozens of them. Then, in the blink of an eye, you choke to death.'
Heierrat Flame Magician
'Magic flows, so does fire. Put them together and things get scary.'
Beltorat Spearman
'Wh-What? The sky went dark...'
Treasure Hunter
'Oh yeah! Jackpot! I wonder what's in here... Let's see.'
Pixy Dual Wielder
'Everybody attack on the count of three. Got it?' 'Roger!'
Smart Ork
'I guess it got tired of just eating, and figured out how to steal too.'
Burning Air
'Ah, ahhhhh, it burns!!!'
Complete Form / Noze
'I am the completed form of Noze, the harbinger of destruction given form by the power of the Archive.'
Paladin of Truth / Inzaghi
'I won't let you pass through this door. I protect the Magic Archive.'
White Tiger - West / Rozari
'The Wizard burning down. But that still doesn't mean we've lost.'
Crab General / Vosrot
'Ahoy there! You'll get blown away if you stand in my path!'
The Truth of Regus
'What? So that's what the Magic Archive really is...'
Lightning Wyvern
'Well, this sheds a whole new light on what a living thing really is.'
Elite Mage Knight of Regus
'Think you can handle this just because I'm surrounded? Don't underestimate me.'
Mermaid Spear Fighter [Human]
'It's Lord Vonderam's orders. You're all going to die here!'
Thunder Drop
'Fall, lightning of the gods!'
Eldritch Hands
'I don't know who was behind this...'
Talisman Mystic
'That talisman protects against all powers, and gives her the power to fight.'
Mermaid Sorceress [Human]
'Our magic shall scatter you!'
Mermaid Soldier [Human]
'Yeah! Now that mermaids are on the surface, there's no way we can lose!'
Carrier [Singer of Justice]
'It's wicked. The most wickedly warped thing out there.'
Wizard's Gale
'That's a wall of air, but when manipulated by a powerful wizard it can swat a dragon out of the sky.'
Keepers of Chaos
The Impregnable / Rubens
The leader of the Solar Kingdom's Royal Guardian Knights, he's from the family responsible for protecting the Solar Kingdom's secrets. His younger sister is the Realm Guardian, Mayleen. Thanks to his nonchalant demeanor and sarcastic attitude, Lapierre doesn't get along with him. Rubens deliberates with the Shrine Knights to resolve the crisis.
Lion Adjunct / Ermitage
'General Zagar. I managed to muster the troops. All that remains is for you to issue your orders.'
4th Shrine Leader / Elaice
'I'm sure the prince is alive! Our mission is to find him and make sure he stays that way!'
Right Hand Man / Aivault
'Whew... I'm not sure if this news from my friend in Crest is good or bad...'
The General's Order
'Folrart forces, advance!'
Jade Carbuncle
'Its stone might be green, but I'm going to stand over here just to be safe.'
Folrart Heavy Knight
'The third heavy armor division has returned alive!'
Knight of the 4th Shrine
'So, they're looking for the prince too... We'll get the drop on them!'
Inquisitor Acolyte
'I'm going to destroy your wickedness.'
Folrart Rear Guard
'This looks like my chance to escape! I'm retreating!'
Sun Bow Archer
'Grant me power, magic that flows all around us...'
Folrart Scout
'So, that enemy hasn't been discovered within Crest...'
Legendary Kirin
'It looks like flashes of light burst under that horse's hooves when it gallops.'
Talisman of Disruption
'Back to the afterlife with you, evil dead!'
Unclean One / Yudit
'Zuggie gave the order himself, so what can you do...?'
Gray Wolf / Metis
'Augments? Whatever, I'll end this with a single strike.'
Ultimate Analyst / Fran
'Crest is completely surrounded by an undead army. ...Oh boy, I'm going to get it if I don't hurry and find the Solar Prince.'
Death Dragonknight / Langbart
'This means I can finally get even with that wench who killed me.'
Dire Straits
'Oh, you're just sooo adorable!'
Magic Doll -Covert-
'Modifying operation mode. Now disposing of target.'
Crest Lady Paladin
'No matter what happens, you will not see Lady Eskatia at this time.'
Lycanthrope [Belphegor]
'It's c-cold... I'm freezing!'
Stronghold of Chaos
'This place is so overflowing with evil, you can sense it from the outside.'
Shadow Assassin
'There's a lot of people... Guess I'll kill them all.'
Marching Death
'That misshapen soldier was formed from all manner of corpses.'
Magic Doll -Mini-
'Come play with us. Come play with us.'
Haste Sorceress
'My ears are killing me! I can't stand this noise!'
Dark Confederation
'Give this power to the dead.'
Awakened Magic Doll / Esria
'Noze... You and Galdirea must pay! I will defeat you even if it means my destruction.'
Shooting Star Sword / Lei Sei
'Can you keep up with my flash steps?'
Staff Master / Mureria
'You must have challenged me because you think you can beat a girl... You have a lot to learn.'
Nine Ball Assassin / Jerry
'Want to play a game with me? We'll wager our lives.'
Final Showdown
'Sometimes you have to let go with everything you have left.'
Mage Knight Mercenary
'That's enough of that. Grownups shouldn't gang up and bully people.'
Beltorat Assault Knight
'All right now, let's go kick them around!'
Ork Commander
'It's almost human, the way it commands its people to attack the enemy.'
Fireball Breath
'That's hotter than any human can endure.'
Dash Pixy
'Our quickness will help the others!'
Giant Dragonfly
'That thing is huuuuge! And is it ever gross!'
Ork Bombardier
'Holy cow, they learned how to throw rocks!'
Mage Soldier Mercenary Girl
'I swear we'll take back our home someday...'
Fire Snake Whip
'These flames won't let you escape.'
Chaos Form / Galdirea
'Now, my pretty boys. You're going to regret ever wounding me!'
Princess of Regus / Bernet
'I will protect this book. ...The new Archive.'
Mermaid Sword Capt / Shufas
'It's Lord Vonderam's orders. You're all going to be cut down!'
Battle Magician / Al Tauc
'Our king was a magic artifact, and we had a traitor. This kingdom has some terrible luck, but I won't let anything else happen to it!'
'Go! As fast as you can!'
Carrier [Singer of Faith]
'The fiend's curse has reached all the way to land.'
Plundering Girl Pirate
'Ahoy thar! it's high time we did a bit of swashbucklin'!'
Mermaid Archer [Human]
'At this rate...that fiend's corruption will reach all the way to the sea floor.'
Ice Storm
'Magic made the ice mean, mean enough to assault people.'
Refugee Flying Apprenctice
'Retreat at full speed! Let's all live long enough to meet again.'
Pirate Crewman
'There are now many pirates running rampant in the ruins of Regus, in search of the treasures that still slumber there.'
Giant Sea Hunter
'That knight conceals itself in the ocean depths. You'll never see it 'till it springs from the sand.'
Blade Wyvern
'Everyone Scatter! All it has to do is fly, to create an invisible blade that can cut through a mountainside.'
Withdrawal Strategy
'The kingdom is ruined, but that doesn't mean its soldiers are ruined.'
Verlaat & Eskatia
-'It's you!?' 'Who am I...? What am I doing here...?'
Esria & Astaforse
-'Let me through!' -'No, we're going to put an end to this here and now, Sister.'
Dilate & Ibert
-'Let's join forces and fight our way through here, Dilate!' -'You got it! I'm worried about Cassandra.'
Sumer & Fellana
'Well, Fellana... You've finally come all the way here and made it back to me...'
Final Confrontation
Pretender to the Sun / Alphonce
Alphonce is Verlaat's older brother and a man known as the Solar Eclipse. He returns in disguise to take Verlaat's place after receiving a message from Safiria. Alphonce immediately takes command of the offensive against the Envoy of Chaos' castle. However, what is his real objective?
Unknown Warrior / Justice
'You can call me Justice. But there's no reason for you to remember it. My name might as well be unknown.'
5th Shrine Leader / Judie
'Ladies. These are our first marching orders in some time. Let us put fire in our hearts as we now depart.'
Inquisitor Sergeant / Gravan
'Our decree comes from God! We'll purge every last one of you unclean devils and send you to Hades!'
'What does a warrior need to survive? Courage to stand against the enemy, and a moment of insight.'
Opal Carbuncle
'You don't often see this carbuncle. That's because just when you think you've spotted one, it's already gone.'
Folrart Greatsword Soldier
'Folrart Swordsmen, prepare to engage the enemy!'
Expert Martial Artist
'You stand in my way at your own peril!'
Folrart Griffin Knight
'Our enemy is the Forces of Chaos. Charge!'
Beast Statue
'Magic users set up all manner of traps to protect their dwellings from intruders. This Beast Statue is one of the most dangerous of them.'
Assault Battering Ram
'This is the start of our general offensive! Send forth the battering ram!'
Meeting of Kings
'As soon as he recognized him to be the King of Mankind himself, the king of the dead, Zugateroza, knelt on the spot.'
Chaos Form / Zalzagul
'For mere humans, you make this a good time. But don't underestimate the powers of the Triad of Chaos... I will get serious!'
Command Unit / Scarlet Lily
'Ahh, finally. Here comes someone who looks like fun. Please, come play rough with me...until I'm laying in pieces on the ground!'
Command Unit / Dear Cattleya
'It's because my 'will' was in accordance with your goal.'
False Mother / Rasthiria
'That does it for the land of the undead. Come, Dear, let's make our way to the next place.'
Crest War Conference
-'The general's summoned us! You two can't bicker forever.' -'I know, but I don't like this guy!' -'Nor I you, you little shrew.'
Lycanthrope [Janus]
'If you get to pass the time with a peerless beauty, maybe it's not so bad after all?'
Magic Doll -Lycanthrope-
'Three targets acquired, switching to combat mode. ...Master, please leave this to me.'
Order to Sortie
'Make for the land of the undead! And take care, men, for the fate of the world depends on your efforts!'
Skeleton Archer
'A soldier you can replace as many times as you like is a handy thing.'
Crest Igniter
'Can you believe I can make someone catch on fire just by pointing at them? Watch, I'll prove it!'
Soul Eater
'It comes out of nowhere, and crushes its poor surprised prey before it has a chance to react. Then it takes its time sucking the soul out of the remains.'
Song of the Night Singer
'The song resounded clearly on a moonlit night.'
Brave Hero / Dilate
'She's still alive... I swear I'll rescue her! And, Esria... watch over me.'
Beast Soldier / Rasfel
'As beasts and soldiers, it's our duty to answer the call of the beast king. Don't think that any mere human can beat me!'
King's Right Hand / Baldern
'There's no room for failure in strategy! Only the unseeing eye can see the truth of our victory!'
Explosion Artist / Mesrag
'Even if I can't use clever spells... I'll make up for it with unadulterated power!'
Inferno of Anger
'The flames of Nullifier Vol Agni's anger literally 'burned everything to cinders'. --Everyone the flames touched was burned black and blown away.'
Beltorat Wyvern Rider
'The Forces of Chaos won't get away with their schemes so long as we're here!'
'I guess you don't need to think, when you're that big.'
The Fate of Esria
'Dilate's party won its bitter fight against the Triad of Chaos member, but the price they paid was so high.'
Beltorat Light Cavalry
'Our enemy is the Forces of Chaos. They'll make for worthy opponents!'
Beltorat Shaman
'Beltorat shamans believe in dragon gods. They're excellent priestesses, and at the same time excellent dragon handlers.'
Heierrat Musketeer
'Don't move. You know what'll happen if you do...right?'
Bonds of Friendship
'When Ibert was knocked off the cliff and Dilate's hand immediately shot out, it was truly by a hair's breadth that he caught him.'
Princess of the Key / Emana
'Now let us stand against the fiend who means to plunge the world into chaos! We must put aside our differences and stand united!'
Slave of Chaos / Shecas
'Heroes, Mistress Noze has ordered me to come for your life. I shall now kill every single one of you.'
Dragon Summoner / Ruuca
'Come forth my Summons...repel the enemies who stand before me!'
Silver Fencer / Ascarat
'Our kingdom is gone, but we aren't dead. We'll take part in this fight so we can reclaim our native land!'
Aquamantic Bubbles
'Anyone those bubbles engulf is floated away to safety.'
The Kraken
'All manner of dangers lurk in the night sea. Storms and pirates that fall upon you like a whim, and then there's the kraken.'
Vengeful Mage Swordsman
'I'm not about to die here of all places, you see.'
Gigantic Illusion
'With this spell, even a weak old man can suddenly be a giant. ...But only in terms of appearance.'
Regus Engineer
'I've got to do my best until this war is over!'
Storm Wizardess
'I'll just go ahead and buy us a bit of time.'
Carrier [Lost One]
'I couldn't even tell you where it came from, at this point.'
'This magic just makes you feel dizzy for a second.'
Envoy of Chaos / Elgandi
'I'm going to own these guys. Wait, 'own'!? Heh, looks like the admins refuse to write the flavor text in leet.'
Chaos Form / Noze
'I am Noze, the malevolent god born to create the world Father desired. Humans...die as Father did! As my sister did! Ahahahaha!!'
Sword of the East / Toromea
'Don't stand between me and my work... One cut from my sword can split even the heavens.'
Reborn Magic Doll / Astaforse
'Sister, you weren't able to accomplish this, but I swear I'll take your hopes and dreams and see them through. Until then, protect me...'
Mage Knight Officer / Torife
'You thought you could see my sword? That's impossible. I'm the only one in the world who can keep up with its speed.'
Wizard Knight / Mizarria
'The time's come for me to use my unclean sword again... Get ready to die, fiends.'
Folrart Flame Swordsman
'Now you will feel my burning blade of vengeance, servants of evil!'
Exiled Military Aide
'With the fall of the Wizard Kingdom, the outstanding wisdom stored there was scattered to the winds.'
Pixy Aquamancer
'You shall proceed no further, evil beings.'
Summoned Hound
'These dogs are superb. They'll obey any command... except 'sit'.'
Mediator of Sun and Moon
'Ye two beings, moon and sun, listen to our call.'
Crest Saboteur Knight
'This security is really tight... What in the world do they have hidden here?'
Mermaid Observer
'What an ominous wind... What's about to happen?'
Wandering Bard
'I wonder if this number of opponents is enough to be a match for me?'
Advent of the Sun
King of Mankind / Verlaat
This is Verlaat, awakened as the King of Mankind by his meeting with Zugateroza. His missing memory isn't completely restored, but he's appeared on the battlefield with the Duchy of Crest to fight Elgandi, the enemy of Lavato. With the other rulers he turns the tide against Elgandi, and challenges him to the final battle.
Moon Child / Miffyre
'Annarose has finally revealed her true nature. But... what is this power? Be careful, everyone!'
Knight of Frailty / Etoile
'...You know, I'm sick of you and you're in the way. Why don't you just die?'
6th Shrine Leader / Lumira
'Hahh, hahh... Looks like we managed to make it here in time. Ladies, please get to work supporting the others!'
Knight of the 5th Shrine
'It's war, and that means it's our turn! Fifth Shrine Knights, charge!'
Knight of the 6th Shrine
'We'll set up our magic barrier and heal each of you as soon as we can!'
Bond With the Fallen
'Even if you're struck down, another will inherit your righteous intent.'
Folrart Unicorn Knight
'Only a pure maiden can handle a unicorn, and her voice can invigorate the weakened.'
Spined Armadillo
'His good manners are one of his better qualities.'
Obsidian Carbuncle
'A war to decide the fate of the world began. The powerless Obsidian Carbuncles simply hid, breathed quietly, and waited for the danger to pass.'
Phoenix Chick
'This chick, which sells for a high price to aristocrats, is a dream catch for hunters. However, it's hard to bring one back safely.'
Chaos Form / Annarose
'Heeheehee! I'm the one you all have to face. From now on, I can't waste any time.'
Dark Princess / Gaiessoul
'Now, now, Anna. Don't go leaving me out when you talk about who's the strongest. You made me, and I'll show you who owns that title!'
False Hero / Mordmarc
'Are there any men brave enough to fight The Hero!? Come and fight The Hero!'
Retired Loyalist / Graymas
'I would gladly sacrifice these old bones of mine, if it was for the future of Crest.'
Knight of the Abyss
'After the sun has set on the battlefield, Death appears, riding on the wind.'
Magic Doll -Augmented-
'Large number of intruders detected at 9 o'clock. Now commencing extermination procedures.'
'Oops, another failure.' -- Chaoslady Annarose
Augmented Soldier Girl
'Her world was full of light when she sought to become a knight. When she became more than a knight, her world sank into darkness.'
Magic Doll -Undead-
'Target...detected... Tik-tik-tik... Initiating... attack.'
Augmented Soldier
'They often say, 'Even an idiot has his uses,' right?' -- Chaoslady Annarose
Demon Eye
'The eyes are the windows to the soul.'
Beast Emperor / Rivera
'Now, how about you creeps tell me where your boss is?'
New Hunter / Alisa
'I'm taking part in this war. And I'm taking your boss's head so my tribe can rest in peace!'
Feline Kin Kenshi / Litho
'You pick a fight with Litho in broad daylight? You really are a fool.'
Ruin Explorer / Russell
'I'm just part of this because there's no other choice. Since the world will end if we lose, I kind of have to help out.'
Feline Kin Knight
'Not that I'm exactly what you'd call your average knight, though.'
Heierrat Field Commander
'In the Mercenary Nation, as long as you have skills, you can lead. Things like nobility and gender aren't important.'
Song for a Hero
'The hero came to a halt, certain he heard the voice of the girl he hadn't seen since they were young.'
'Mister, come help me! I'm lost and all alone.'
Guardian of Beltorat
'Dragons are objects of awe for people, but in Beltorat, they can be handy for backup.'
Exploder Wizard
'Explosions are an art form.'
Pixy Messenger
'This is an important message!'
Orphan of the Archive / Nereis
'I am Nereis. My princess, I will both live and die by your side.'
Mage Knight Fighter / Ryu
'A whole lot of them turned up, but it's still not even enough for a warm-up.'
Slave of Chaos / Ebreenu
'Welcome to my flower garden. You're Brave Hero Dilate, yes? From here on, you get to play with me.'
Pirate Princess / Purple Reia
'Heh heh, I've found more nasty-looking pirates today! Now to help myself to their treasure.'
Brood Wyvern
'It might not be human, but you still have to respect a leader. I bet those who trespass in their domain learn that at their own peril.'
Excavated Steel Archer
'An ancient legacy will defeat a future evil.'
Reinforcements from the Sky
'No matter how many of the Forces of Chaos were defeated, more appeared. It was the soldiers of a previously fallen kingdom who saved the day.'
Mermaid Harpist
'I will sing a song, for the sake of those on the surface...'
Dolphin Rider
'We've detected signs of the enemy! Everyone be on guard!'
Jewel of the Deep Sea
'They look like jewels from a distance, but you see how wrong you are, up close.'
Carrier [Singer of Dreams]
'Evil curses even warp holy powers.'
Perfect Augment / Narevez
'Lady Annarose gave me my orders. She said to kill everythiiiiing!'
Keeper of Grace / Lucia
'Many lives are being lost in this conflict. Is there nothing I can do but stand by and watch?'
Game Over
'They call this a super move.'
Flash Pixy / Chamail
'When it comes to this fight upon which rests the fate of the world, we faeries will gladly lend a hand.'
Flames of Judgment
'The flames of purification burn away evil, and eradicate its very existence.'
Refugee Spear Master / Aria
'I have word. It's finally our time to move out.'
Chaos Absorption
'Noze's curse undermines the nature of life itself, and warps it into something evil.'
Elemental Soldier / Balmoa
'I've already retired, but I guess that will never do!'
Faerie Blessing
'It allows you to evade any trap or magic binding. This is how faeries do battle.'
Curse on the World
'I'll prepare a crazy strong miniboss. That's something every good game needs!' -- Envoy of Chaos Elgandi
Colossal Ork
'It's lovely when a mere pig gets this fat.' -- Chaoslady Annarose
Simulacrum of Annarose
'Well, you don't make many mistakes when you send yourself. Not that I suppose it's usually possible.' -- Chaoslady Annarose
Breath of the Dead
'A lich queen obtains energy from the living and from the earth, and the air she breathes is filled with energy and evil.'
Mermaid Priestess
'May the Sea Lord protect everyone on the surface...'
Heierrat Assassin
'I was so intent on swinging my sword, at some point I picked up a role I'd rather not have.'
Elemental Burst
'This spell was just developed as a cantrip, but it's surprisingly intricate.'
War Heroes
One True God / Unknown
When Alphonce and Verlaat fight Elgandi, the brothers' powers combine and materialize into the advent of this being of light. He is the very being who Abel, founder of the True God Church, was seeking. As the culmination of the True God Church's Living God Project, he uses his overwhelming power to return Elgandi to another world.
Solar General / Zagar
'The fighting is over...but will we really be at peace in the future?'
Holy Commander / Lapierre
'Feels like we've reached a good stopping point. I might just have myself a nice long vacation.'
Cardinal / Messala
'Thank you for the report, Violet. The Envoy of Chaos did make a good 'villain', though. Now that the divine awakening has begun, let's move ahead with our purpose.'
Miraculous Victory
'Victory is ours!' 'All that's left to do is await the return of our king!'
Veteran Shrine Knight
'We are the Solar Kingdom! We're part of the allied army that vanquished the enemy of the world in the War of the Sun and Moon!'
Heavy Folrart Guardian
'Peace has come. But our job has only just begun!'
Folrart Psycho Soldier
'Our powers are a symbol for the new Solar Kingdom. Defeat is not an option.'
Holy Protection
'I don't know if this is a divine miracle or what, but must protect this person no matter what!'
High Priestess
'Dear God. Let there be eternal peace in this world!'
Priest of the Holy Weapon
'The Solar King believes in the True God Church, and it was the church's power that brought an end to the War of the Sun and Moon!'
Folrart Archer
'Our king is victorious! Now lets mop up the enemy's remaining forces!'
Folrart Swordswoman
'Still, though, these guys are out of control…'
Brothers in Arms
'I never thought he'd be this powerful…' 'Here he comes, Brother!' 'You guys are way too weak to be the Last Gatekeepers.'
Moonlight Princess / Eskatia
'May the world enjoy a long age of peace. Let us join hands to that end, Solar King.'
Lunar General / Dical
'That was such a long struggle... Now I can finally rest.'
War Torn Dragonrider / Millia
'…Let's go on Gladeel, and get rid of the corruption that exists in the world.'
Crest Adjutant / Famille
'A gruesome age has ended. Now each nation must join hands and govern for the good of the world.'
Tears of Blood
-'No way! I'm…invincible. Ahahahahah!' -'This will put an end to it all.'
Grand Duke's Private Guard
'Our nation may be like falcon that lost its wings, but its talons are still as powerful as ever.'
Grand Duke's Shock Trooper
'I won't show any mercy to corrupt people like you. I'll tear you apart.'
Death Calling
'I call death itself from the shadows.'
'Wha! …How could this happen to me?' 'Hahahah! I really am the strongest…!'
Knight of the Second Death
'The scent of blood, anger with no outlet… Heh heh heh. It could keep me entertained for eternity.'
Noble Spectre
'Hey, you look…warm. Could you warm me up?'
Spirit Witch
'Are you surprised by my magic, I wonder?'
Crest Samurai
'Looks like all you've learned how to do is fence. There's no way you'll keep up with my sword skills.'
Crest Blitz Swordswoman
We have the strength of wild warriors. Let's use it now, for the sake of this country!'
Mercenary Princess / Yuni
'The War of the Sun and Moon is over! But we too still have a lot of work to do towards world peace!'
Crimson Hero / Dilate
'I'm no hero. I'm just a guy who chased his dream.'
Gun God / Ben MacLachlan
'Yuni, Fierte. I'm sorry it looks like I ran away…but now that I have this gun I have to be on my own.'
Heroic Faerie / Torte
'I'm sorry to leave without saying anything… But we can't afford to celebrate this victory. There's someone who must be protected…'
Fire Demon's Blaze
'Farewell, Igina… My goal's already been achieved.'
Heierrat Knight
'Hey you guys, don't lose focus just because we're at peace now!'
Mercenary Fencer
'Our job is to maintain the peace through force of arms.'
Three-Headed Dragon
'Ahh! What's going on here? Three heads? No one ever said anything about three heads!'
Cry of Anger
'I'm going to take all the anger I feel inside out on you!'
Heierrat Sniper
'If you want to stir up chaos in the enemy ranks, sure enough, just attack their leader.'
Ronin Girl
'It's a bad idea to pick a fight with me just because I look weak, kiddo.'
Frontier Mage Swordswoman
'Ha-ha! You're pretty brave to still attack even though I'm here.'
Explosive Wyvern
'That thing sure lives up to its name.'
Dragon Fire
'You get to see breath of flame. Then once you see it, you die.'
Wizard Princess / Ariete
'I am... Ariete, princess of the Wizard Kingdom. Let us make an effort toward an ongoing world peace.'
Goddess of Darkness / Noze
'Okay, fine! I'll show you what happens when I get serious! So you better not expect to ever leave here alive!'
Regus Paladin / Ibert
'It's not too late to recover. That's what makes us human. We'll make this a peaceful world, even if that idiot isn't around.'
Paladin Captain / Mirelia
'Let's watch over Bernet until she can stand on her own.'
Black Storm
'Ahahahahah! Just blow everything away!'
Mage Knight Vanguard
'The Wizard Kingdom's knights, warriors, and whatnot still know all these spells. That's not fair.'
Regus Combat Sorcerer
'My magic is something you'd better not take lightly.'
Elite Mage Soldier
'You're going to learn that brazen attacks are meaningless against me.'
Sweet Dreams
'If it lasts forever, wouldn't you be happier with a fun dream than with a nightmare? Well, the only reason I don't recommend nightmares is that they're easy to wake up from.'
Mermaid Soldier of Regus
'I have a place where I belong on the surface now, and I'm going to defend it.'
Ocean Wyvern
'Just because you can see it doesn't mean you can beat it. Your attacks aren't going to hit it, at any rate…'
Flying Sorcerer of Regus
'Okay then, the restoration of the Wizard Kingdom starts here.'
Sorcerer Acolyte
'I bet you weren't expecting a combination of offensive attacks, holy invocations and magic spells, were you?'
Acid Rain
'That rain brings with it pain.'
New God of Evil / Elgandi
'Game over for me, huh…? …Well, looks like I'm not going to die, I'll have extra lives in the next world.'
Guide of Causality / Fellana
'This is the gate that takes you to the gods of the world. …Just one more step forward, and you can become a god.'
Keeper of Causality / Sumer
'Eeh-hehe, this is a crossroad of destinies. Now, the rest is a race against time.'
Manipulator Priest
'Hmm, our god has at last descended. All that remains is to gather all the sacred treasures, and make divine power ours!'
Silver Dawn
Silver Sun Emperor / Verlaat
King of the Solar Kingdom, and the hero who ended the War of the Sun and Moon. Since then, he's been working toward peace for Lavato. He took the title 'Silver Sun Emperor,' and fought the enemy of all life, the Cursed Legions. His title means he will provide everlasting peace as an 'eternal sun.' But historians would say his intentions lay elsewhere.
Traitor to God / Leicester
'I may have turned my back on your god, but I'm not alone.'
Guardian Captain / Darias
'All Guardian Knights! Give everything you have for King Verlaat, the bringer of peace to this world!'
Final Traveler / Arius
'Those old creeps in the True God Church are pushing too hard, making too many waves. But then, that makes things interesting for us...'
Divine Impact
'Begone, you who menace the world.'
Folrart Tower Shield Soldier
'Commander Darias' orders are to protect our charge to the last man! Give it your all!'
Folrart Psycho Shield Soldier
'If you want an endurance contest against my shield, I won't stop you…but it'll only wear you out.'
Lion Greatsword Wielder
'Lions are the noblest, and the most ferocious.'
Forced Conversion
'You ask what separates gods and demons? That's simple. Ours is the one absolute god, and all the rest are demons.'
Church Nun
'Even if the times have changed, and justice has been perverted, belief in the True God, at least, remains the same.'
Knight of the Church
'Perish in the name of the god of the True God Church, heathens!'
Folrart Psycho Teleporter
'I wonder if that attack will manage to hit me.'
Light of the True God
'Lord, I thank thee for imparting power unto me.'
Grand Duke / Myuland
'Ready a top intelligence operative immediately! I believe in Princess Eskatia, but if this information is true...'
General of Crest / Yug
'Come, come, come, foolish pitiful puppets! Let my attack send you straight to heaven!'
Keeper of Filth / Garyis
'Heheheh… So many souls…'
Combat Ogre / Gandar
'Weak! So friggin' weak! Come on, isn't there anybody left since the War of the Sun and Moon who can give me a thrill!?'
Vision of Horror
'There are things in this world you mustn't see. Gyah ha ha ha ha, but it's human nature to want to see them!' -- Nephtem
Crest Agent
'The Duchy of Crest once menaced the world, and those who think it's lost its power are fools. They've elected to work behind the scenes.'
Crest Shadowmage
'Hmhm… You're in for trouble if you don't take me seriously.'
Horseman of Pain
'If you hear a clip-clop sound, hide under some handy corpses and cover your mouth and nose. If you don't, you'll end up like me...'
Neglected Soul
'You don't need some lofty human soul to animate the dead. Dog, cat, chicken… Toss in some easy-to-handle animal spirit.'
Magic Doll -Adjutant-
'The enemy's current battle power is 8,860, and ours is 9,001. The battle is balanced, Master, but we have a slight advantage.'
Shambling Corpse
'Death wasn't the end.'
Toad Shaman
'Toads are vindictive, and even death won't make them forget the one who wounded them.'
Dark Revelation
'To us, the darkness is a friend, a teacher.'
Pixy of Fate / Tierie
'A great crisis will befall the world. Please lend me your power, for the protection of Lavato!'
New Shield Coat / Halmira
'The Cursed Legions are ravaging Lavato, and our Mercenary Kingdom forces will also take part in the fight against them.'
Sword Sucessor / Rozly
'I wonder if a sword attack will work on an opponent who's already died once. Oh well, guess I'll just cut them to pieces!'
Sworn Avenger / Henrietta
'The Solar Kingdom… The land governed by the Silver Sun Emperor. So, that's where I need to go to find my revenge.'
Purging Flame
Those flames that burned the army of the dead were just like the flames that once guarded the gates to their lands.'
Eastern Blade Master
'Undead who lack the resolve to die, I'll show you the true power of resolve!'
Heierrat Speargunner
'It was developed by the Mercenary Nation since the War. It has the firepower of a gun, and the utility of a lance.'
Eastern Assassin
'Cursed ones, I'll destroy your impurity with my sword!'
'That overly conspicuous armor was an ideal target for the mercenaries.'
Goblin Soldier
'Requirements for being a great commander, #1: The charisma to get lazy goblins to work according to orders.'
Heierrat Rapidshot Gunner
'Geh…! I never thought there'd be this many undead!'
Eastern Gear Soldier
'We of Nabari are proud of this, the gadget soldier. It'll prove much more useful than a human when it comes to guard duty.' -- Hou Sen
Belief in Victory
'Soldiers are only as strong as their commander's conviction.'
Steel Paladin / Rijia
'…Legions… …Resurrection… …Do-or-die resistance.'
Magic Detective / Daniel
'This stuff's only 20% cacao... Anyway, a spell locking the door in exactly five seconds doesn't make a room inaccessible!'
Rainbow Dragon / Luteum
'Such strange beings exist in the world. Nereis, it seems there are still things even I don't know.' -- Ariete
Child of Destiny / Lamia
'Augh, I got here late! I have to hurry and deliver this to the Mistress!'
Strategist's Intuition
'Vordore, genius strategist of Regus, used his cleverness to save the his forces from crushing defeat multiple times.'
Young Scholar
'…I am reading. Would you mind keeping the noise down?'
Spell Blader
'I'll give you a look at the power hidden within my body!'
Crocodile Knight
'Knights from the south don't know about reason, because there's no reason down south to begin with.'
Compass of Deception
'Just like making a sword out a pen, it's a simple thing for a skilled mage to mislead people with a compass.'
Falconer of Regus
'Not a single child in the Wizard Kingdom is bored. Because once you go outside, there are plenty of friends flying around in the sky.'
Mechanical Bat
'The mechanical bat is the first mech soldier manufactured in Regus. Subsequent work was based on the bat's mechanisms.'
Regus Aeromancer
'For me, the wind is near and dear to my heart.'
Magician's Utopia
'Magician's Utopia, huh?' murmured her partner, watching nearby. 'You could say it makes everything more favorable.'
Inferno Storm / Bander
'I'm the incarnation of savage flame! And I'm the one who should become the god who burns down this entire world!'
Cursed Future / Hou Sen
'Uhahahaha! I know you all just went to the trouble of returning, but I'm going to send you back to the netherworld!'
Arm of Derision / Nephtem
'The moon is lovely this evening. Gyah hahaha, I'm Nephtem of the Seven Lords! Utter screams befitting this moon!'
Great Missionary / Osray
'Heeheehee… Oh heavens, no. Gods outside the True God Church can be nothing other than heresy!'
Folrart Pyrokinetic
'Isn't it like a dream to just say 'Burn', and make everything catch fire?'
Goblin Mage
'Even mobs have their leaders.'
Aquamarine Carbuncle
'They're quick, but not only do their gems sell for a lot, so do their pelts.'
Firespawn Merman
'In the south, there's danger lurking just below the river's surface.'
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